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Create A Rainbow Wheel | 2024 Reveal | Online and Offline


Astrid Tran 25 March, 2024 7 min read

Learn how to make the best rainbow wheel by looking at this article and finding more interesting ideas! Have you ever watched Rainbow? Are you excited to see a rainbow appearing suddenly in the sky? If the answer is yes, you are among the lucky person.

Why? Because the Rainbow is a symbol of hope, good fortune and longing. And now you can create your own Rainbow with Rainbow Spinning Wheel to bring more fun, excitement, and bonding among your friends and family.

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What is Rainbow Wheel?

The spinner wheel is a kind of random generator, based on available entries; after spinning, they will release random outcomes. Of course, people expect the luckiest outcome so many Spinning Wheels follow the Rainbow idea, leading to using and design of the Rainbow Wheel becoming so popular.

How to Make Rainbow Spinner Wheel?

Step 1: Prepare materials and supplies

  • A plywood
  • Super Glue
  • Thumbtacks
  • Hex bolts
  • A Hammer
  • Brushes
  • Watercolour Pain trays/set
  • Dry erase Marker

Step 2: Prepare circle plywood

  • You can buy or make use of available plywood. It can make from cardboard, erase marker board, wood, etc.
  • Pole a hole in the centre of the Plywood

Step 3: Create a circle cover to lay on Plywood

  • If you don't want to draw directly into the plywood, you can use a cover instead.
  • Based on your need, you can create a cover with other materials such as cardboard, foam board, or erase marker board so they can easily to replace or reuse for other activities in the future.

Step 4: Divide the cover/plywood surface into as many triangle pattern as you need

Step 5: Decorate the Triangle part with different colours, focusing on the Rainbow colour range.

Step 6: Pole a hole in the centre of the cover and attach the cover and plywood through a bolt. Fix it with a nut.

Screw the nut loose enough to spin the wheel easily

Step 7: Hammer the thumbtacks or spin on triangle edges (optional)

Step 8: Prepare a flapper or an arrow.

You can attach it through the bolt altogether, or simply draw it on the stand base if you attach the wheel on it or on the wall where the wheel hanged.

Rainbow Wheel Prize

What do you want to use a rainbow wheel for, depending on your motives? One of the most popular items is Rainbow Wheel Prize. The motive is to using it to make the activity more engaging and stimulating.

For whatever the activities are, from in the classroom or family party, or company year-end party from small to large scale events, all participants love it. People love to spin and spin and wait in thrill for an expected result.

Rainbow Wheel - Wheel of Names

Spinning rainbow wheel! The Rainbow Wheel of Names is a good idea for your upcoming event. If you want to call a random name for the first idea speaking in the meeting, or an unexpected pick-up first performance, you can use the spinning wheel.

Or, if you are so confused about choosing a suitable name for your child when there are tons of beautiful and meaningful names, and his or her grandparents have different ideas of giving a word, you can leverage the Rainbow Wheel of Names to decide.

Put your entries and spin the wheel; let's miracle happen and bring the most beautiful name for your beloved kid.


Making a rainbow spin wheel is a fun activity that can help improve a positive mood. But if you want to use it in online, you can consider an online spinner wheel for more convenience.

AhaSlides offer a funky rainbow wheel, easy to create, share and use.

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