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15 Popular Social Issue Examples that matter in 2024


Astrid Tran 22 April, 2024 12 min read

What are current Social Issue Examples? And, What is the most significant social issue that we are facing?

Social issues are common in today’s society; everyone is likely to be a victim of one kind. We’ve heard of many social and psychological phenomena that negatively impact human well-being. Quiet quitting, fake news, scams, social media addiction, drug abuse and more are just some common discipline examples of social problems. 

It is no longer a personal issue; the government, the community and everyone are responsible for fighting against current social issues and create a more just and equitable society for all. 

So, what are the major social issues that are getting the world’s attention? Check out the 15 most popular social issue examples that matter to all of us in 2023. 

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Social Issue Examples
Current world problems | Source: Shutterstock

Table of Contents

Academic Cheating – Social Issue Examples

One of the most common social issues in the education of all time is academic cheating among students of all ages. Cheating can take many forms, from plagiarism to copying homework to sharing test answers.

The rise of technology and the internet, especially ChatGPT and other ChatBots has made cheating even easier, with students able to access a wealth of information and resources at their fingertips. This has led to a growing concern about the integrity of the education system and the ability of students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.


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Hate Speech – Social Issue Examples

Hate speech has become a pressing issue in today’s society. Many individuals and groups face discrimination, harassment, and violence based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other factors. Hate speech is any form of speech or expression that promotes or incites hatred, discrimination, or violence against a particular group or individual.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) – Social Issue Examples

The trending issue is FOMO, or the fear of missing out, particularly among younger generations increasingly connected to social media and digital technologies.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made it easier than ever for individuals to stay connected to their friends and peers, and to see what they are doing and sharing in real-time. However, this constant exposure to other people’s lives can also lead to extreme feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and stress, as individuals compare themselves to others and worry that they are missing out on important experiences.


Social issue examples
Social Issue Examples

Online Bullying – Social Issue Examples

The rise of social media and online platforms has led to an increase in online harassment and cyberbullying, particularly targeting marginalized communities such as women, LGBTQ+ people, and people of color. This kind of social issue example has had serious impacts on mental health and well-being, as well as on freedom of expression and safety, and there have been more articles on this current issue. 

Urban Sprawl – Social Issue Examples

Urban sprawl, among many ongoing social issue examples, is a pattern of development in which cities and towns expand rapidly into surrounding rural areas, leading to a low-density, car-dependent built environment. One of the main problems with urban sprawl is the increased reliance on cars and the resulting traffic congestion, air pollution and noise pollution.

Same Sex Marriage – Social Issue Examples

In 69 countries, homosexuality is still illegal, and in many other countries, LGBTQ+ people face discrimination and violence, not to mention same-sex marriage issues. While same-sex marriage has become legal in many countries around the world, it remains illegal or unrecognized in others. This has led to ongoing controversies and debates around the issue, with some arguing that same-sex marriage is a fundamental human right, while others oppose it on religious or moral grounds.

Social Issue Examples
Women kiss as they take part in the Ljubljana Pride Parade in Ljubljana, on June 17, 2017. (Photo by Jure MAKOVEC / AFP)

Women Empowerment – Social Issue Examples

According to a recent survey, women make up just 24% of the world’s parliamentarians and hold only 7% of CEO positions at Fortune 500 companies.

Gender discrimination is not a new social issue example, and huge efforts are being made every day to promote gender equality and empower women and girls to fully participate in social, economic, and political life, for example, the #MeToo movement (initially started in social media in 2006), and HeforShe campaign, by the United Nations since 2014.


Homelessness – Social Issue Examples

Homelessness usually comes on top in the list of local issues as it has a strong impact on many people around the world. While homelessness has traditionally been associated with negative types of social impacts like poverty and social exclusion, and ongoing conflict, the issue is becoming more complex as economic, social, and demographic changes contribute to rising rates of homelessness in many developed countries.

Poor Mental Health – Social Issue Examples

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting over 300 million people. And the COVID-19 pandemic has brought mental health issues to the forefront, highlighting the need for greater awareness and support for people struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. 

Additionally, it is said that young adults are at high risk of experiencing mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. 


Social Issue Examples
Poor mental health as a Social Issue Example | Source: Shutterstock

Obesity – Social Issue Examples

Obesity is a serious health problem that has been on the rise in recent years, not just in developed countries but in many parts of the world. North America, and Pacific island nations, are among the countries have the highest rates of overweight or obesity. Poor diet, lack of physical activity, and sedentary behaviors, and more are major contributors to the obesity epidemic.


Peer Pressure – Social Issue Examples

Peer pressure has affected many young people, as well as individuals of all ages. It is the influence that peers can have on an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior, often leading to conforming to the social norms and values of the group.

While peer pressure can have positive and negative effects, it can often lead to risky or unhealthy behavior, such as drug and alcohol use, smoking, or other dangerous activities. 


Unemployment – Social Issue Examples

Young adults may struggle to find stable employment, especially in today’s highly competitive job market. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated that global unemployment will remain high in the coming years, with the number of unemployed people increasing by 2.5 million in 2022. 

The advancement and success of Artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to significantly impact the job market, with some predicting that it will lead to unemployment in certain industries, some concerns about the potential for job displacement, and the need for retraining and upskilling workers.


Social issue examples – Skills to thrive in a competitive labor market

Student Debt – Social Issue Examples

Student debt refers to the amount of money that students borrow to pay for their education, which must be repaid with interest. It is a growing concern globally, with many students facing financial challenges and limited opportunities after graduation. 

Besides, the rising cost of tuition and other expenses associated with higher education has led to an increase in the amount of student debt being taken on by students.

TikTok Addiction – Social Issue Examples

What Makes TikTok So Addictive? Plenty of current topics for the article are about TikTok, and its explosive growth in recent years with over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide (2021). 

It soon became a growing concern worldwide as many users spent hours scrolling through the app and neglected other important aspects of their lives such as schoolwork, relationships, and self-care. Plus, it also has negative effects on mental health, including increased anxiety and depression, as well as feelings of social isolation and low self-esteem.

Climate Change – Social Issue Examples

Climate change is undoubtedly one of the biggest social concerns facing our world today, and always emerges on the top 10 global issues. It is affecting people and ecosystems around the world, and has the potential to cause serious harm to our planet and the future generations who will inherit it.

The impacts of climate change are not distributed evenly, with the most vulnerable populations, such as low-income communities and indigenous peoples, often bearing the brunt of its effects.

Social issue examples – Environmental Issues Survey by AhaSlides

Frequently Asked Questions

What are five examples of modern social issues?

Poverty, Discrimination and inequality, Mental health, Education access and quality, and Healthcare access and affordability are common social issue examples.

What is a social issue essay?

A social issue essay is a type of academic writing focusing on analyzing and discussing a specific social issue. A social issue essay aims to raise awareness about a particular problem or concern and provide insight and analysis on the root causes, impacts, and possible solutions to the issue.

How do social issues affect society?

Social issues can significantly impact society, affecting the well-being of individuals, families, communities, and even entire nations. They can lead to economic hardship, inequality, discrimination, health problems, and other negative consequences, and can also erode social cohesion and trust, leading to further societal problems.

How do you identify social problems?

We can define social issues through various methods, including research, data analysis, public opinion surveys, and community engagement. Some common indicators of social issues include disparities in income or access to resources, discrimination and inequality, high rates of crime or violence, and environmental degradation.

How to solve social issues?

Solving social issues right now requires a multifaceted approach that often involves a combination of strategies, including education and awareness-raising, policy and legislative reform, community mobilization and engagement, and partnerships between government, civil society, and other stakeholders. 

How and when an issue becomes a social problem?

When an issue is widely recognized and acknowledged as having negative impacts on individuals, communities, or society, it is considered a social problem. This recognition often occurs through public discourse and debate, media coverage, or political action and can be influenced by cultural norms, values, and beliefs. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these are just a few examples of numerous global social issues requiring immediate attention and action. It is not enough to acknowledge their existence; we must take concrete steps towards finding solutions to these challenges. Let us not shy away from these problems but face them head-on with determination, compassion, and a commitment to positive change. The future of our planet and our communities depends on it.

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