Welcome to the AhaSlides Spinner Wheel!

This spinner wheel is the most colourful way to get a random output from a bunch of options. Simply add your entries and press the big button in the middle to spin the wheel.

Using AhaSlides spinner wheel as an audience member

Spin for your Audience.

On AhaSlides, players can join your spin, enter their own names into the wheel and watch the magic unfold live! Perfect for a quiz, lesson, meeting or workshop.

Take it for a (free) spin!

This wheel spinner uses advanced code and a random number generator to ensure the fairest possible result. Outcomes are 100% random and are influenced by nothing beyond the algorithm that runs it.

You can use this spinner wheel for absolutely anything you have in mind. The best uses for it are trivia, lessons, raffles, meetings, surveys and for making random decisions when you just don’t know the right path to take.

Looking for some examples? Click on the name to go straight to a pre-loaded wheel!

  1. Yes or No Wheel 👍👎
    A super simple wheel that simulates the flip of a coin. Contains 4 Yes and 4 No entries.
  2. Magic 8-Ball Wheel 🎱
    A more expansive way to make decisions. Comes with the standard responses in a magic 8-ball.
  3. Random Name Wheel 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️
    A random name generator for randomly selecting one of 30 names.
  4. Truth or Dare Wheel 😳😈
    A random wheel for playing Truth or Dare. Contains 4 Truth and 4 Dare entries.
  5. Letter Picker Wheel
    A random letter wheel for choosing participants with a certain name or naming a new project.
  6. Money Wheel 💰
    A random roulette wheel loaded with amounts of money between $100 and $2,000. Great for games or trivia questions.
  7. Number Picker Wheel 💯
    A random number wheel between 0 and 100. Awesome as a raffle generator or for running a bingo night.

How to Use this Spinner Wheel

While the spinner wheel can be used for many different purposes, the way you create your entries, spin the wheel and show the result is always the same.

Add a new entry to the spinner wheel

1. Create your Entries

You can add your own entries to the wheel above by typing them into the 'entry box' on the left-hand side of the wheel. Entries must contain fewer than 25 characters and can be uploaded to the wheel by pressing the Add button or by hitting Enter on your keyboard.

2. Review your List

When you're finished inputting all your entries, check them out in the list below the entry box. The most recent entry will be shown at the top of the list and the section above the list, labelled Entries, will show the number of entries you have inputted.

Review your list
Illustration for spinning the AhaSlides spinner wheel

3. Spin the Wheel!

With all entries uploaded to your wheel, it's time to spin! Simply click the button in the centre of the wheel to spin it, then wait for it to land on one of your entries.

4. Delete Entries

If you want to remove an entry after the spinner wheel has landed on it, hover over the name in the entry list and click the delete icon.

Delete your entry

Looking for some inspiration? 💡 Check out how to use this spinner wheel as a team meeting game, or even as an ice breaker for a social or work event.

More Stuff you can do with the Spinner Wheel

This spinner wheel is one of 18 slide types on AhaSlides, a piece of software that helps you create interactive presentations, lessons, seminars and live quizzes.

Using the spinner wheel on AhaSlides gives you so many more avenues for customisation, as well as the opportunity to up the engagement by having participants join the show directly!

1. Invite participants to join

You can create your own game show audience by inviting anyone to join your wheel spin for free. Once they enter your unique room code into their phones, they’ll be able to watch the picker wheel magic unfold right in front of them and will see the results displayed live on their phones.

2. Have participants fill in their names

Don’t have time to manually add the names of your participants? No problem. Once they join your room, they’ll be prompted to pick a name and an avatar that will be automatically uploaded to the wheel.

3. Add a heading

Write a heading just above the random wheel spinner to relay the point of the wheel. For example, if you’re using the wheel to pick participants to answer a question, you can write something quirky like ‘who knows their physics?’ or ‘tick tock it’s maths o’clock’.

4. Change the background and font

It’s all about the spectacle with the random picker wheel. AhaSlides lets you change the background behind your wheel to any image and colour you want, and also lets you select a different font. There’s an in-built image library to source your images from, and even a dark mode.

Need help with the spinner wheel? 💡 Check out this article in our knowledge base for more info.

customising the spinner wheel

Customise your Wheel…

And get your live audience on the edge of their seats.

Try AhaSlides for free!

Free Spinner Wheel Examples

Need an instant online spinner wheel to go? We’ve got some fabulous presets for use right here!

✅ Yes or No Wheel ❌

Some tough decisions just need to be made via the flip of a coin, or in this case, the spin of a wheel. The Yes or No Wheel is the perfect antidote to overthinking and a great way to make a decision efficiently.

💁‍♂️ Random Name Wheel 💁‍♀️

This random name generator is a list of 30 anglocentric names that can be used for characters, pen names or anything else.

😳 Truth or Dare Wheel 😈

Get your party guests nervous and excited at the same time! The Truth or Dare Wheel is the classic party game, this time with a colourful twist.

Ⓜ️ Letter Picker Wheel Ⓜ️

The Letter Picker Wheel (also known as the Alphabet Wheel) is a random letter generator that helps with the all-too-tricky task of naming something in an original, exciting way. It’s also great in the classroom as it helps teachers pick out students to answer, or helps choose topics for learning.

💰 Money Wheel 💰

This online Money Wheel generator is made of 7 segments, running from $100 up to $2,000. It works really well for quiz rounds and game shows like Wheel of Fortune, Spin the Wheel and The Price is Right.

💯 Number Picker Wheel 💯

Holding a raffle? Running a bingo night? The random Number Picker Wheel is all you need! Spin the wheel for the random number generator to give you a number between 1 and 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many entries can I add into this spinner wheel?

This randomiser wheel can support up to 10,000 entries (that’s more than any other spinner wheel on the web!) You may notice that if you have more than 60 entries, the words will disappear from the wheel and the segments will no longer grow thinner with each added entry. This is simply to save space on the wheel and allow for the huge number of entries to fit without issue.

Can I write foreign characters or use emojis in this spinner wheel?

Sure you can! We don’t discriminate at AhaSlides 😉 You can type any foreign character or paste any copied emoji into the random picker wheel. Be aware that foreign characters and emojis can look different on different devices.

Can I use an ad blocker when spinning the wheel?

Certainly. Using an ad blocker doesn’t affect the performance of the spinner wheel at all (because we don’t run adverts on AhaSlides!)

Is it possible to rig the wheel spinner?

Nope. There are no secret hacks for you or anyone else to make the wheel spinner show a result more than any other result. The whole operation from smart to finish is 100% random and cannot be influenced.

Is there any way to have two spinner wheels running at the same time?

The easiest way to do this is to have two separate windows side-by-side, both open to this page. You can press spin on both wheels at roughly the same time, though obviously the one you spin first will be slightly ahead of the other. Note that the wheel is mobile-friendly, so it’s possible to have synchronised spins if you spin a wheel on both your desktop and phone.

Does AhaSlides update this random generator wheel?

We’re always busy working on updates for the wheel. We have plans to add many more features and many more ways to customise the wheel in the future! All updates will be logged in our changelog below.

Does this spinner wheel have a dark mode version?

It does! The dark mode randomiser wheel isn’t available here, but you’re able to use it with a free account on AhaSlides. Simply start a new presentation, select the Spinner Wheel slide type, then change the background to a dark colour. Your spinner wheel will automatically update in dark mode, and will look something like this 👇

The AhaSlides spinner wheel in dark mode.

History of this Spinner Wheel

AhaSlides is all about making presentations of any kind fun, colourful and engaging. That’s why we decided in May 2021 to develop the AhaSlides Spinner Wheel 🎉

The idea actually started outside the company, at Abu Dhabi University. It started with the director of Al-Ain and Dubai campuses, Dr Hamad Odhabi, a long-term fan of AhaSlides for its ability to improve engagement amongst students under his care.

He put forward the suggestion of a random wheel spinner to give him the ability to select students by chance. We loved his idea and we immediately got to work. Here’s how it all played out…

  • 12th May 2021: Created the first draft of the spinner wheel, including the wheel and the play button.
  • 14th May 2021: Added the spinner pointer, entry box and the entry list.
  • 17th May 2021: Added the entry counter and the entry ‘window’.
  • 19th May 2021: Refined the final look of the wheel and added ending celebration pop-up.
  • 20th May 2021: Made the spinner wheel compatible with AhaSlides’ in-built profanity filter.
  • 26th May 2021: Refined the final version of the audience view of the wheel on mobile.
  • 27th May 2021: Added the ability for participants to add their name to the wheel.
  • 28th May 2021: Added the ticking sound and celebration fanfare.
  • 29th May 2021: Added the ‘update wheel’ feature to allow new participants to join the wheel.
  • 30th May 2021: Made final checks and released the spinner wheel as our 17th slide type.

We’ll keep all updates to the spinner wheel logged above. Check back here to see what’s new!

The Spinner Wheel in Game Shows

Randomiser wheels such as this have a long history of realising and dashing dreams across TV. They were especially popular amongst 70s American game shows, when viewers quickly got hooked on the intoxicating whirlpool of light and sound that could bring vast riches to ordinary people.

The spinner wheel spun into our hearts from the early days of the smash hit Wheel of Fortune. Its ability to enliven what was essentially a televisual game of Hangman, and retain viewer interest to the present day, really told of the power of random wheel spinners and ensured that gameshows with wheel gimmicks would continue to flood in throughout the 70s.

In that period, The Price is Right, Match Game and The Big Spin became masters in the art of spin, employing enormous picker wheels to select numbers, letters and amounts of money in a random fashion.

Though most wheel spinners spun their course in 70s-inspired TV shows, there are occasional examples of ones that have been thrust back into limelight. Mainly the short-lived Spin the Wheel, produced by Justin Timberlake in 2019, and a 40-foot wheel which is by far the most ostentatious in TV history.

Want to read more? 💡 John Teti’s excellent and brief history of TV wheel spinners is certainly worth a read.

👉 Spin the Wheel!