Best Tools For Educators in 2022

Ultimate Guide to Effective Classroom Management

Best Tools for Educators
Best Tools for Educators

Over the past decade, the rapid development of technology has completely changed the traditional way of education in the world. As a result, digital education solutions are gradually appearing to help improve teaching efficiency and bring innovative experiences for both teachers and learners.

In this article, AhaSlides will introduce you to the best tools for educators and step-by-guide to use them to create a classroom with new and exciting learning experiences. 

Noisy Classrooms – The Biggest Challenge Of Classroom Management

A rowdy classroom with students not paying attention to the lecture is probably the most frequent nightmare of every teacher, whether new or experienced. 

tools for educators
Tools for educators

Not only affect the health of teachers because they always have to raise their voices to maintain order, but noisy classrooms also bring the following consequences:

Overall, these consequences leave teachers feeling powerless to teach and communicate with their students. Even failed to commit to the quality of lessons with parents and schools. It makes the trust in the quality of education fragile.

Why Traditional Teaching Methods Fail In Keeping Classroom Quiet

Although traditional classroom management is still popular today, it seems to be becoming less and less effective for two reasons:

Best Tools for Educators for Classroom Management
Best Tools for Educators for Classroom Management

In short, students do not feel the need to sit still in the lecture because all the information is already in the book so they do not need to spend time investing more. Then they will start whispering to their friends about the information they found much more interesting than the lecture. Chèn engagement 

So what are the teaching-learning solutions? Find the answer in the next section. 

Best Tools For Educators 2022: Ultimate Guide To Effective Classroom Management

To have an active classroom, teachers need to find new effective classroom management methods with new models, and new techniques, classroom response systems, especially when innovative teaching tools are needed.

E-learning – New classroom model

Virtual Classroom

Under the impact of the pandemic, many virtual classes as well as online teaching tools were born. These online classes bring many benefits to students because of features such as:

Flipped Classroom

Tools for Educators

The flipped classroom inverts the traditional learning experience. Instead of giving lectures as the primary classroom activity, lessons are shared outside of class for individual review as homework. In contrast, class time is devoted to discussions and interactive projects. The main benefits of flipping are as follows:

Free Tech Tools For Teachers

These tools for educators in Virtual/Flipped classes will make your lessons more engaging than ever:

Put students at the heart of everything you do. Use engaging polls, fun quizzes, and live idea exchanges to get learners to learn, whether in-class or online.

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Ted-Ed Lessons

Tips for Managing Online Classes

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Tips for Creating an Online Class Schedule

New Ways of Teaching

Project Management for Teachers

In education, project management is crucial. Because to commit to improving the quality of learning for students in a certain period with a certain budget, teachers need project management to apply building processes, teaching skills, and knowledge to achieve the goal of building an effective classroom.

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Tips for successful project management for teachers:

Tools for successful project management for teachers: 

The challenges of project management for teachers

The most challenging change is the shift to online teaching and learning. Because educators easily meet technical problems and are not able to master new teaching methods fast enough. In addition, project management in education requires teachers to acquire new skills such as teamwork, project-related communication, and planning.

New Teaching Techniques

Educators can use new teaching techniques to build Innovative teaching strategies including campaigns, and the proactive process of bringing new teaching strategies and methods into the classroom. At the same time, they can use technology to create improved learning outcomes and solve real-world problems to promote equitable learning. Some New Teaching Techniques:

Tools for Educators
Tools for Educators

Interactive classroom technology tools

To find out more about the features available in AhaSlides check out the website here.

There are some best apps for teachers to use in the classroom as Socrative, Quizlet, Seesaw, and Classtree, or check out some digital learning solutions for schools to make the teaching process much easier.

Technology Tools For Educators – The New Normal Of Teaching 

Tools for educators - Class Management
Tools for educators – Class Management

Using classroom tools and tech apps for teachers are predicted to be an integral part of teaching solutions in the future as they bring great benefits as follows:

Create interesting lessons that capture learners’ attention. Teachers can use vivid color backgrounds, insert multimedia files to illustrate the lesson, and ask multiple-choice questions right in the lesson to attract learners’ attention. Help learners actively participate in lesson development, even when they are only learning online.

Allows learners to give instant feedback to the teacher through the system. Help the whole class to participate in building the lesson and promptly correct the inappropriate content in the lecture.

Create favorable conditions for special groups of learners. Technology supports groups of people who have difficulty with traditional forms of education, especially groups of people with disabilities such as those with communication difficulties, and visual learners.

How AhaSlides be the Best Tools for Education?

Create a debate with AhaSlides

Create Debate

Live polls put students at the centre of each topic. Gather opinions in-class and shape meaningful discussion between your learners.

Spark competition with AhaSlides

Spark Competition

Build quizzes and games to test understanding. Motivate learners through competition in-class or as homework.

Breed thinking with AhaSlides

Breed Thinking

Connect students with their own ideas. Use word clouds and brainstorms to encourage the best of open-ended creativity.

Cover everything with AhaSlides

Cover Everything

Get every student following along with a Q&A session. Organise questions, answer the most upvoted, or pin them for later learning.

Hear everyone with AhaSlides

Hear Everyone

Anonymous submission helps the quietest of students find their voice. Create a classroom inclusive of all ideas.

Reach everywhere with AhaSlides

Reach Everywhere

AhaSlides works 100% online – no physical space needed! Remote students see everything they need on their devices.

Keep it clean with AhaSlides

Keep it Clean

Block disruption and manage your classroom with the in-built profanity filter.

Share your creations with AhaSlides

Share your Creations

Help out fellow teachers by sending them your AhaSlides presentation for use in their own class.

Create together with AhaSlides

Create Together

Build a community within your faculty. Get licenses for all teachers to use AhaSlides schoolwide.

See the progress with AhaSlides

See the Progress

Watch your class get better and better. A report after each lesson reveals your engagement rates and how your students performed.

AhaSlides in Practice - Tools for Educators

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Final Thoughts

There’s no denying the flexibility in education that technology creates. It has helped those who are busy or not suitable to go to school to study anywhere and at any time. Moreover, technology in education will be the trend in the future, and those who master tools for educators will have an outstanding advantage. Grab your chance today with AhaSlides!