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75++ Easter Quiz Questions and Answers

75++ Easter Quiz Questions and Answers

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Lakshmi Puthanveedu 17 Apr 2023 9 min read

Welcome to the world of the Easter fun easter trivia festival. In addition to delicious colored easter eggs, and buttery hot cross buns, it is time to hold a virtual Easter ceremony with quizzes to see how deep you and your beloved know about Easter. 

True Meaning of Easter is a spring festival, the traditional Christian Day, as it’s a perfect time for families and friends.

We’re here to help you have a really fun and engaging Easter quiz, we give you a list of 70++ Easter trivia questions and answers and available designed Easter templates that you can use right away.

Below you’ll find Easter Quiz. We’re talking bunnies, eggs, religion and the Australian Easter Bilby.

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20 Easter Quiz Questions and Answers

If you’re looking to quiz old school, we’ve laid out below the questions and answers for the Easter quiz. Please bear in mind that some of the questions are image questions and therefore only work on the Easter quiz template above.

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Round 1: General Easter Knowledge

  1. How long is Lent, the period of fasting before Easter? – 20 days // 30 days // 40 days // 50 days
  2. Select the 5 real days that relate to Easter and Lent – Palm Monday // Shrove Tuesday // Ash Wednesday // Grand Thursday // Good Friday // Holy Saturday // Easter Sunday
  3. Easter is associated with which Jewish holiday? – Passover // Hanukkah // Yom Kippur // Sukkot
  4. Which of these is the official flower of Easter? – White lily // Red rose // Pink hyacinth // Yellow tulip
  5. Which iconic British chocolatier made the first chocolate egg for Easter in 1873? – Cadbury’s // Whittaker’s // Duffy’s // Fry’s

Round 2: Zooming into Easter

This round is a picture round, and therefore it only works on our Easter quiz template. ! Try them for your upcoming gatherings!

Round 3: Easter Around the World

  1. The traditional ‘Easter egg roll’ happens at which iconic U.S site? – The Washington Monument // The Greenbrier // Laguna Beach // The White House
  2. In which city, where it is believed Jesus was crucified, do people carry a cross through the streets at Easter? – Damascus (Syria) // Jerusalem (Israel) // Beirut (Lebanon) // Istanbul (Turkey)
  3. ‘Virvonta’ is a tradition where children dress as Easter witches in which country? – Italy // Finland // Russia // New Zealand
  4. In the Easter tradition of ‘Scoppio del Carro’, an ornate cart with fireworks explodes outside which landmark in Florence? – The Basilica of Santo Spirito // The Boboli Gardens // The Duomo // The Uffizi Gallery
  5. Which of these is a picture of the Polish Easter festival ‘Śmigus Dyngus’? – (This question only works on our Easter quiz template)
  6. Dancing is banned in which country on Good Friday? – Germany // Indonesia // South Africa // Trinidad and Tobago
  7. To save awareness of an endangered native species, Australia offered which chocolate alternative to the Easter bunny? – Easter Wombat // Easter Cassowary // Easter Kangaroo // Easter Bilby
  8. Easter Island, discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722, is now part of which country? – Chile // Singapore // Colombia // Bahrain
  9. ‘Rouketopolemos’ is an event in which country where two rival church congregations fire homemade rockets at each other? – Peru // Greece // Turkey // Serbia
  10. During Easter In Papua New Guinea, trees outside of churches are decorated with what? – Tinsel // Bread // Tobacco // Eggs

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25 Multiple-Choice Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

21. When was the first Easter egg roll at the White House?

a. 1878   //  b. 1879   //  c. 1880

22. Which bread-based snack is associated with Easter?

a. Cheese garlic   //  b. Pretzels   //    c. Veg mayo sandwich

23. In Eastern Christianity, the end of Lent is called what?

a. Palm Sunday //  b. Holy Thursday // c. Lazarus Saturday

24. In the Bible, what did Jesus and his apostles eat at the Last Supper?

a. Bread and wine  //  b. Cheesecake and water  //  c. Bread and juice

25. What state held the largest Easter egg hunt ever in the United States?

a. New Orleans  //  b. Florida  //  c. New York

26. Who painted the Last Supper painting?

a. Michelangelo  // b. Leonardo da Vinci  //  c. Raphael

27. Which country did Leonardo da Vinci come from?

a. Italian  //  b. Greece  //  c. France

28. In which state did the Easter Bunny first appear?

a. Maryland  //  b. California  //  c. Pennsylvania

29.  Where is Easter Island situated?

a. Chile  //  b. Papua New Gile  //  c. Greece

30. What is the name of the statues in Easter Island?

a. Moai  //  b. Tiki   //  c. Rapa Nui

31. In what season does the Easter Bunny appear?

a. Spring  //  b. Summer  //  c. Autumn

32. What does the Easter Bunny traditionally carry eggs in?

a. Briefcase  //  b. Sack  //  c. Wicker Basket

33. Which country uses the bilby as the Easter Bunny?

a. Germany  //  b. Australia   // c. Chile

34.  Which country uses the cuckoo to deliver eggs to children?

a. Switzerland   //  b. Denmark  //  c. Finland

35. Who made the most famous and precious Easter eggs?

a. Royal Doulton  //  b. Peter Carl Faberge  //  c. Meissen

36. Where is the Faberge Museum?

a. Moscow  //  b. Paris  //  c. St. Petersburg

37. What color is the Scandinavian egg egg made by Michael Perchine under the supervision of Peter Carl Faberge

a. Red  //  b. Yellow  //  c. Purple

38. What color is the Teletubby Tinky Tinky?

a. Purple  //  b.  Sapphire  //  c. Green

39.  On what street in New York does the city’s traditional Easter parade take place?

a. Broadway  //  b. Fifth Avenue  //  c.  Washington Street

40.  What do people call the first day of the 40 days of Lent

a. Palm Sunday   //  b. Ash Wednesday  //  c. Maundy Thursday

41. What does Holy Wednesday mean in the Holy Week?

a. Into the darkness  //  b. Entrance into Jerusalem  //  c. The Last Supper

42. In which country celebrates Fasika, which is 55 days leading up to Easter?

a. Ethiopia  //  b. New Zealand  //  c. Canda

43. Which is a traditional name for Monday in Holy week?

a. Good Monday   //  b. Maundy Monday  //  c. Fig Monday

44. According to Easter tradition, which number is considered an unlucky number?

a. 12  //  b. 13  //  c. 14

45. Good Friday kites are an Easter tradition in which country?

a. Canada  //  b. Chile   // c. Bermuda

20 True/False Easter Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

46. About 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced each year.


47. New Orleans is the most popular Easter parade held each year.

FALSE, it is New York

48. Tosca, Italy is the world-record largest chocolate Easter egg was made


49. Hot cross bun is a baked good that is a Good Friday tradition in England.


49. About 20 million jelly beans do Americans consume each Easter?

FALSE, it is about 16 million

50. A fox delivers the goods in Westphalia, Germany, which is similar to the Easter Bunny bringing children eggs in the U.S.


51. 11 marzipan balls are traditionally on a simnel cake


52. England is the country did the tradition of the Easter bunny originate.

FALSE, it is Germany

53. Poland is the largest Easter egg museum in the world.


54. More than 1,500  are in the Easter Egg Museum.


55. Cadbury was founded in 1820

FALSE, it is 1824

56. Cadbury Creme Eggs was introduced in 1968

FALSE, it is 1963

57. 10 States consider Good Friday a holiday.

FALSE, it is 12 states

58. Irving Berlin is the author of the “Easter Parade”.


59. Ukraine is the first country that has a tradition of dyeing Easter eggs.


60. Easter’s date is determined by the moon.


61. Ostara is the pagan goddess associated with Easter.


62. Daisy is considered an Easter flower symbol.

FALSE, it is lily

63. In addition to bunnies, lamb is also considered an Easter symbol


64. Holy Friday is to honor the Last Supper in Holy Week.

FALSE, it is Holy Thursday

65. Easter egg hunts and Easter egg rolls are two traditional games played with Easter eggs,


10 images Easter movies trivia questions and answers

66. What is the name of the movie? Answer: Peter Rabbit

Credit: Disney

67. What is the name of the place in the movie? Answer: King’s Cross station

Credit: From Philosopher’s Stone movie stills

68. What is the movie of this character?Answer: Alice in the wonderland

Credit: Disney

69. What is the name of the movie? Answer: Charlie and the chocolate Factory

Credit: Warner Bros, Pictures

70. What is the name of the movie? Answer: Zootopia

Credit: Disney

71. What is the name of the character? Answer: The Red Queen

Credit: Disney

72. Who fell asleep at the Tea Party? Answer: Dormouse

Credit: Warner Bros, Pictures

73. What is the name of this movie? Answer: Hop

Credit: Universal Pictures

74. What is the name of the bunny in the movie? Answer: Easter Bunny

Credit: Dreamworks

75. What is the main character name in the movie? Answer: Max

Credit: Akkord film

Can’t wait to throw a party with games and quizzes at the Easter festival? Wherever you come from, all of our Easter trivia questions and answers cover most Easter traditions, rituals and famous events and movies around the world. 

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