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14 On Trend Engagement Party Ideas for Every Couple | 2024 Reveals


Leah Nguyen 22 April, 2024 13 min read

Proposal: Done ✅

Here’s to what comes next: An engagement party to celebrate with all your close family and friends.

While a traditional party is lovely, you would want to make it uniquely yours, so why not host a themed engagement party instead?

Scroll down to see the best out-of-the-box engagement party ideas for a beautiful head start into marriage life✨

Who should throw an engagement party?The bride’s parents are the ones who throw an engagement party traditionally, but friends and relatives can also help.
Is an engagement party a normal thing?It’s not compulsory and can be skipped depending on the couple’s situation.
How important is an engagement party?While an engagement party is optional, it’s a time for everyone important to the couple to gather and cherish the moment with them.
Engagement Party Ideas

Table of Contents

Tips for Better Engagement

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Engagement Party Decorations

Save the extravagant for the wedding later. Consider these small and easy items to light up the whole party and get your guests in the mood:

• Letters – Spell out “ENGAGED” or the couple’s names using balloons, flowers, candles, tin cans, etc.

• Signage – Make printable or handwritten signs with messages like “Just Engaged”, “She said yes!”, and “Congratulations!”

• Ribbons – Use ribbons to tie bundles of party favours or gifts. Wrap trees, columns, or railings with patterned ribbons.

• Twinkly lights – String twinkly lights along walls, draping them over chairs and tables for a festive glow.

• Photo display – Set up an area to showcase photos of the couple throughout their relationship with an “Engagement Timeline” or “Our Story” theme.

• Tablecloths – Use personalised or patterned tablecloths in the wedding colours.

• Photo booth props – Include personalised props like t-shirts with the couple’s names, a cardboard cutout of the ring, or a tropical beach backdrop.

• Candles – Small candles in votive holders or hurricane glasses add a romantic and warm ambience.

• Soft music – Play soft, festive background music during the party to set the mood.

• Confetti – Sprinkle decorative confetti, rose petals, or glitter around as party favours or table decor.

Engagement Party Ideas

Now let’s head to the fun part – brainstorming the activities for your engagement party!

#1. Trivia Night

Gather your guests in teams and get ready for a fun-filled round of trivia centred around the engaged couple’s life and relationship.

Questions can cover everything from how they met and had their first date to favourite memories, inside jokes, common interests and more.

All the guests need are their phones, as they would race to answer quickly and precisely while looking at the questions displayed on your presenter’s screen.

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Engagement Party Ideas

#2. Famous Couples Costume Party

Famous Couples Costume Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Famous Couples Costume Party –Engagement Party Ideas

Spice up your celebration with a themed costume contest!

From Rose and Jack to Beyonce and Jay Z, let them take full control of their creative flairs.

Your guests are sure to leave with smiles, or at least your dad will since he cannot wait to tell everyone who he’s dressing up as (probably some old-school singers you’ve never heard of).

#3. Roller-skating Party

Roller-skating Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Roller-skating PartyEngagement Party Ideas

When it comes to party ideas for couples, roller-skating parties can instill in your guests a sense of nostalgia. Disco ball, pizza, and four-wheel fun get everyone’s nostalgia back.

Invite your guests to ditch their shoes and strap on a pair of wheels as you turn the entire venue into an 80’s party theme.

We are certain no engagement party is as fun as the retro one.

#4. Wine and Cheese Party

Wine and Cheese Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Wine and Cheese PartyEngagement Party Ideas

Engagement party ideas at home, why not? Raise a glass with your loved ones at a cosy wine and cheese soiree.

It’s time to bring out the cheese charcuterie board, paired with some nice wine, as guests savour the decadent pair while chatting with others under the dim warm light.

Together, enjoy sampling the varieties as you celebrate your upcoming nuptials surrounded by friends and family.

#5. Barbecue Party

Barbecue Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Barbecue Engagement Party Ideas –Engagement Party Ideas

A good classic that nobody can reject! All it’s required is a backyard or an outdoor space large enough for a number of guests, and a grill.

Now get the party started with BBQ meat: chicken, lamb, pork chop, beef, and seafood. Also, prepare vegetables in a separate grill for vegetarian guests to enjoy along. Besides, you can come up with

#6. Dessert Party

Dessert Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Dessert PartyEngagement Party Ideas

A sweet engagement party is perfect for the sweet tooth couple.

Set up an irresistible spread of miniature cupcakes, flourless chocolate cake bites, fruit tarts, mini doughnuts, mousse shots, candies, and more – enough decadent desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

A wide selection of tea and coffee should also be presented to clean their palettes effectively before moving on to another sweet treat.

#7. Taco Party

Taco Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Taco Party –Engagement Party Ideas

Offer a taco bar station serving the classics like ground beef, gooey cheese sauce, jalapeños, olives, salsa, and sour cream alongside lesser-known favourites like queso fresco, roasted corn, pickled onions, and árbol chiles.

Provide a special cocktail like margaritas or palomas in festive watermelon or cucumber incarnations.

By the time the guests have had their nacho fill, their bellies, and spirits will be full from celebrating the couple’s love story with a true Tex-Mex fiesta!


#8. Boat Party

Boat Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Boat PartyEngagement Party Ideas

More unique engagement party ideas? Beach engagement party ideas will give you and your guests more astonishing and stunning experiences.

Set sail for adventure on the open water at your nautical-themed engagement celebration!⛵️

Board a rented yacht, cruise ship, or charter boat along with friends and family for an awe-inspiring party at sea.

Let the high seas serve as the perfect canvas to launch the first chapter of your love story in a truly unforgettable fashion.

#9. Bonfire Party

Bonfire Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Bonfire Party –Engagement Party Ideas

Fire can become an engagement party inspiration as it is the symbol of intense love. Gather friends and family under the stars for an unplugged, back-to-basics celebration by the glow of a roaring bonfire. Plus, bonfire party games would make your event more hot and vibrant!

Pass out s’mores kits and marshmallow roasting sticks as guests arrive, then stoke the flames and let the classic campfire dessert-making begin!

We’re sure that not something grand but a small and cherished moment like this is what stays in the guests’ memory for days to come.

#10. Glamping Party

Glamping Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Glamping PartyEngagement Party Ideas

Escape to the great outdoors – in luxury – for an unplugged celebration under the stars!

Provide all the comforts of home in an escapist setting, complete with luxurious tents, plush sleeping bags, outdoor couches, and string lights.

As guests arrive, encourage them to ditch their shoes and reconnect with nature through classic campsite activities like stargazing, telling ghost stories, and roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

#11. Board Games Party

Board Games Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Board Games PartyEngagement Party Ideas

Indoor people, assemble!

Set up a variety of classic and modern board games for your guests to choose from, from timeless favourites like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Clue to newer strategy games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and 7 Wonders.

A board game engagement party is sure to satisfy everyone, even the old souls.

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#12. All-White Party

All-White Party - Engagement Party Ideas
All-White Party –Engagement Party Ideas

Dress your guests head to toe in white for a chic, elegant celebration.

Decorate simply with white roses, candles, and linens. Serve guests white wine cocktails and petite white desserts in a minimalist setting.

As guests arrive dressed in their monochromatic best, greet them with milky cocktails. The white theme can be changed into any colour the couple likes, from Gothic black to Barbie pink!

#13. Potluck Party

Potluck Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Potluck PartyEngagement Party Ideas

Tell your guests to bring food to share, from hearty stews and casseroles to decadent desserts – while providing paper goods, beverages, and cooking utensils.

Watch as guests mingle, filling their plates with a wide variety of dishes while making new acquaintances and catching up with old friends.

These parties are not only easy engagement party ideas but also great ways to share joy and show off cooking skills with everyone.

#14. Pool Party

Pool Party - Engagement Party Ideas
Pool Party –Engagement Party Ideas

Make a splash with your closest friends and family at this aquatic celebration!

Have towels, floats, inner tubes, and pool toys on hand for guests of all ages to jump right in.

Play seasonal cocktails like frozen daiquiris and margaritas in souvenir glasses to keep guests refreshed poolside.

After all, what better way to start a life together than a pool engagement party, which makes your big life event more cool and fresh?🎊

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at an engagement party?

The key activities you can do at an engagement party are:

• Congratulate the happy couple

• Make toasts in their honour

• Dance to celebrate

• Play games for interaction and fun

• Take photos with loved ones

• Eat, drink and socialise

• Give small gifts (optional)

• Share stories about the couple

The focus is gathering to celebrate the couple and their future while socialising, interacting with them, and making memories together. The style and activities usually reflect the couple’s personalities.

How do you make an engagement party unique?

Make your engagement party unique by:

• Choose a theme that reflects your interests

• Host the party somewhere meaningful to you as a couple

• Include DIY decor with a personal touch

• Play customised games with inside jokes

• Create a signature cocktail named for/after you both

• Do an activity you both enjoy

• Host the party somewhere uncommon that matches your interests

How do you host a fun engagement party?

Here are the main tips for hosting a fun engagement party:

• Have a loose schedule and don’t follow the time rigorously

• Provide plenty of food and drink

• Play music your guests will enjoy

• Include engaging games and activities like newlywed trivia, Pictionary, taboo, photo booth, and such

• Take fun photos throughout

• Keep the energy high

• Keep toasts short and sweet

• Create opportunities for guests to mingle

• End on a high note with dancing and firework display