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12+ Best Group Games To Play That Rock Every Party


Jane Ng 24 April, 2023 9 min read

This article will suggest 12 Best Group Games to Play to rock every party that you don’t want to miss.

The most awaited time of the year has come with parties with friends, colleagues, and family. So, if you are looking to be a great host with a memorable party, you can’t miss exciting and unique games that not only bring everyone together but also bring the room full of laughter.

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Indoor Group Games To Play

Fun Group Games to Play
Fun Group Games to Play – games which can be played in groups

Two Truth And A Lie

Two Truths and a Lie aka Two Truths and One Not is an easy icebreaker, and you won’t need any materials — just a group of 10 to 15 people. (If you have a big gathering, divide everyone into teams so it doesn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes to get through everyone)

This game helps new people get to know each other and creates conditions for old friends to understand each other better. The game rules are very simple:

  • Each player introduces themselves by stating two truths and one lie about themselves.
  • Then, the group has to guess which sentence is true and which is a lie. 
  • You can score points to see who guesses the most lies correctly or play for fun to get to know each other.

Truth Or Dare

What better time than a game night to question the curiosity of your friends and challenge them to do weird things? 

  • Players will be given a choice between Truth and Dare. If choosing the truth, the player has to answer a question honestly.
  • Similar to the dare, the player will have to perform the dare/task according to the whole group’s requirements. For example, dance with no music for 1 minute.
  • Failure to complete a truth or challenge quest will result in a penalty.

If you play this game, you might want to try our 100+ Truth Or Dare Questions or Truth Or Dare Generator.

Would You Rather

If you are trying to find something new and interesting to do with your group of friends, Would You Rather would be a great choice.

The players need to take turns asking Would You Rather and see how the respondent reacts. The choices are sure to make the party burst with laughter!

Some examples of Would You Rather questions:

  • Would you rather be invisible or be able to control the minds of others?
  • Would you rather have to say “I hate you” to everyone you meet or never say “I hate you” to anyone?
  • Would you rather be smelly or cruel?

Spin The Bottle 

Spin The Bottle was formerly known as the Kissing Game. However, over time and variations, the spin-the-bottle game can now be used to challenge friends or exploit their secrets. 

Spin the bottle questions examples:

  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve done in public?
  • What is your nastiest habit?
  • Who’s your celebrity crush?

Spin the bottle questions dare:

  • Lick your elbow
  • Post an ugly picture on your Instagram

Outdoor Group Games To Play

Fun Group Games to Play
Fun Group Games to Play

Tug Of War

Tug of war is a game that is perfect for outdoor group play. This game will usually have teams (5-7 members each). Before entering the game, prepare a long soft piece of jute/rope. And the game will go like this:

  • Draw a line to make the boundary between the two teams.
  • In the middle of the rope, tie a colored cloth to mark the victory and defeat between the two teams.
  • The referee will stand in the middle of the line to signal and observe the two teams playing.
  • Both teams used all their strength to pull the rope toward their team. The team that pulls the marker on the rope toward them is the winner.

The game of tug of war usually takes place for 5 to 10 minutes, and the two teams have to play 3 turns to decide the winner.


Also, a traditional game that easily brings laughter to everyone. People can play one-on-one or split into teams. The rules of this game are as follows:

  • Write keywords on pieces of paper and put them in a box.
  • Teams send a person to meet to pick up a sheet of paper containing keywords.
  • The person who gets the keyword then returns, stands 1.5-2m away from the other team members, and conveys the content contained in the paper with movements, gestures, and body language.
  • The team that answers more keywords correctly will be the winner.

Water volleyball

This is a more interesting version than traditional volleyball. Instead of using regular balls, players will be divided into pairs and use water-filled balloons.

  • To catch these water balloons, each pair of players will have to use a towel.
  • The team that fails to catch the ball and lets it break is the loser.

Virtual Group Games To Play

Fun Group Games to Play
Fun Group Games to Play

Name The Song Quiz

With Name The Song Quiz, you and your friends around the world can connect and relax with song melodies. From familiar, classic songs to modern hits, hits from recent years are included in this quiz.

  • The player’s task is simply to listen to the melody and guess the title of the song.
  • Whoever guesses the most songs correctly in the shortest time will be the winner.

Zoom Pictionary 

Still Pictionary, but you can now play through Zoom’s whiteboard.

What’s more fun than drawing, guessing, and letting your imagination run wild with interesting keywords?

Drinking Games – Group Games To Play

Fun Group Games to Play
Fun Group Games to Play. Source:

Beer Pong

Beer pong, also known as Beirut, is a drinking game in which two teams compete with two rows of beer mugs facing each other.

  • In turn, each team will throw a ping pong ball into the opponent’s beer mug.
  • If the ball lands on a cup, the team that owns that cup must drink it.
  • The team that runs out of cups first loses.

Most Likely

This game will be an opportunity for players to know what others think of them. This game starts like this:

  • One person asks the group who they think is most capable of doing something. For example, “Who is most likely to get married first?”
  • Then, each person in the group points to the person they think is most likely to respond to the question.
  • Whoever gets the most points will be the one to drink.

Some ideas for “most likely” questions:

  • Who is most likely to sleep with someone they just met?
  • Who is most likely to snore while sleeping?
  • Who is most likely to get drunk after one drink?
  • Who is most likely to forget where they parked their car?

Spinner Wheel

This is a game of chance and your fate is to drink or not to drink entirely depending on this Spinner Wheel

You need to enter the names of the participants in the game on the wheel, press the button and see whose name the wheel stops, then that person will have to drink.

Key Takeaways

Above is a list of AhaSlides top 12 Awesome Group Games To Play to make any party memorable and full of great memories.