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24 Learning Games Kindergarten Adventures Await! 2024 Reveals


Jane Ng 17 January, 2024 6 min read

Are you looking for fun learning games for kindergarten? - The kindergarten classroom is a bustling hub of curiosity, energy, and boundless potential. Today, let’s discover 26 learning games kindergarten designed not just for fun but to be the building blocks of a sharper young mind.

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Fun Activities for Kids

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Free Learning Games Kindergarten

There are many wonderful free learning games available online and as apps that can help your kindergarten child develop essential skills in a fun and engaging way. Let's explore the world of free learning games kindergarten.

1/ ABCya!

ABCya! website offers a huge variety of educational games for all ages, including a dedicated section for kindergarten with games focusing on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and more. 

ABCya! - Learning Games Kindergarten

2/ Cool Kindergarten

Created by a former kindergarten teacher, Cool Kindergarten features math games, reading games, educational videos, and just-for-fun games to keep your child entertained while 

3/ Room Recess: 

Room Recess offers a range of kindergarten games categorized by subject, including math, reading, science, and social studies. 

4/ Starfall 

Starfall offers engaging interactive stories, songs, and games. Starfall is a fantastic resource for early learners, providing engaging games and activities that focus on phonics and reading skills.


This website features educational games based on popular PBS KIDS shows like Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, covering various covering subjects like math, science, and literacy.

6/ Khan Academy Kids 

This app offers a personalized learning experience for children ages 2-8, covering math, reading, writing, and more. 

Khan Academy Kids

7/ Kindergarten Learning Games!

Kindergarten Learning Games! App features a variety of games designed specifically for kindergarteners, including letter tracing, number matching, and sight word recognition. 

8/ Preschool / Kindergarten Games

This app offers a mix of educational and fun games for young children, including puzzles, matching games, and coloring activities. 

9/ Trace Numbers • Kids Learning

Trace Number helps children learn to write numbers 1-10 with interactive tracing activities. 

Fun Learning Games Kindergarten

Non-digital games make learning enjoyable and encourage social interaction and critical thinking skills. Here are some fun learning games that can be enjoyed offline:

1/ Flashcard Match

Create a set of flashcards with numbers, letters, or simple words. Scatter them on a table and have the child match the numbers, letters, or words to their corresponding pairs.

Image: freepik

2/ Alphabet Bingo

Make bingo cards with letters instead of numbers. Call out a letter, and children can place a marker on the corresponding letter on their cards.

3/ Sight Word Memory

Create pairs of cards with sight words written on them. Place them face down and have the child flip them over two at a time, trying to make matches.

4/ Counting Bean Jar

Fill a jar with beans or small counters. Have the child count the number of beans as they transfer them from one container to another.

5/ Shape Hunt

Cut out different shapes from colored paper and hide them around the room. Give the child a list of shapes to find and match.

6/ Color Sorting Game

Provide a mix of colored objects (e.g., toys, blocks, or buttons) and have the child sort them into different containers based on color.

7/ Rhyming Pairs

Create cards with pictures of rhyming words (e.g., cat and hat). Mix them up and have the child find the pairs that rhyme.

8/ Hopscotch Math

Draw a hopscotch grid with numbers or simple math problems. Children hop on the correct answer as they go through the course.

9/ Letter Scavenger Hunt

Hide magnetic letters around the room and give the child a list of letters to find. Once found, they can match them to a corresponding letter chart.

Image: freepik

Board Game - Learning Games Kindergarten

Here are some board games specifically designed for early learners:

1/ Candy Land

Candy Land is a classic game that helps with color recognition and reinforces turn-taking. It's simple and perfect for young children.

2/ Zingo

Zingo is a bingo-style game that focuses on sight words and image-word recognition. It's a great way to build early reading skills.

3/ Hi Ho Cherry-O

Hi Ho Cherry-O game is excellent for teaching counting and basic math skills. Players pick fruit from trees and practice counting as they fill their baskets.

Image: Walmart

4/ Sequence for Kids

A simplified version of the classic Sequence game, Squence for Kids uses animal cards. Players match pictures on the cards to get four in a row.

5/ Hoot Owl Hoot!

This cooperative board game encourages teamwork as players work together to get the owls back to their nest before the sun rises. It teaches color matching and strategy.

6/ Count Your Chickens

In this game, players work together to collect all the baby chicks and bring them back to the coop. It's great for counting and teamwork.

Key Takeaways

Witnessing young minds blossom through interactive play in our kindergarten classrooms, equipped with 26 engaging learning games kindergarten, has been incredibly rewarding.

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What are 5 educational games?

Puzzles: Matching shapes & colors, problem solving.
Card Games: Counting, matching, following rules.
Board Games: Strategy, social skills, turn-taking.
Interactive Apps: Learning letters, numbers, basic concepts.

What type of game is kindergarten?

Kindergarten games typically focus on foundational skills like letters, numbers, shapes, and basic social skills for early learning.

What games can 5 year olds play?

Scavenger Hunt: Combines exercise, problem-solving, teamwork.
Building Blocks: Develops creativity, spatial reasoning, motor skills.
Role-playing: Encourages imagination, communication, problem-solving.
Arts & Crafts: Develops creativity, fine motor skills, self-expression.

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