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15 Spectacular Conversational Games to Enliven Any Gathering | 2024 Reveals

15 Spectacular Conversational Games to Enliven Any Gathering | 2024 Reveals

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Leah Nguyen 15 Apr 2024 8 min read

Conversations have become dull lately?

Worry not because these spectacular conversational games will enliven any awkward situation and deepen the bond among people.

Try the following the next time you’re with friends, colleagues, or new people.

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Conversation Games Online

Your friends or loved ones might be far far away from you, and nothing’s better than playing a few rounds of conversational games to warm up the relationship you guys have.

#1. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie helps break the ice at the beginning of work meetings or social events with people you don’t know very well.

Everyone enjoys coming up with two true statements and one lie.

The creative challenge of crafting a convincing lie that still seems plausible is fun.

To play it over meetings online, you can prepare a list of questions ready on a multiple-choice quiz app. Share the screen so that everyone can play with it on their phones.

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Online Two Truths and A Lie - Conversational Games
Online Two Truths and A Lie – Conversational Games

#2. Weird Word

In this game, players take turns choosing obscure words in the online dictionary.

That person then attempts to define and use the word correctly in a sentence.

Other players vote on whether the definition and example sentence are accurate.

The group debates to guess the correct meaning. 5 points for being close and 10 points for guessing correctly!

Weird Word - Conversational Games
Weird Word – Conversational Games

#3. Just a Minute

Just a Minute is a game where players try to talk on a given subject for one minute without repetition, hesitation or deviation.

If you make any of these mistakes, your points will be deducted.

It’s fun and game until you stumble across an obscure subject you know nothing about. The key thing is to speak confidently and fake it till you make it.

#4. Hot Takes

Hot Take game is a party game where players come up with controversial or provocative opinions on random topics.

A controversial or divisive topic is selected, either randomly or by consensus.

Examples could be reality TV shows, social media, holidays, sports, celebrities, etc.

Each player takes a turn coming up with a “hot take” on that topic – meaning an opinion that is provocative, inflammatory or outlandish to generate debate.

Players try to one-up each other with increasingly heated, outrageous or offensive hot takes. But they must also try to make their take sound plausible or logically consistent.

Examples of some hot takes are:

  • We should all be vegetarian for the environment.
  • Hot drinks are gross, I prefer cold drinks.
  • There are no entertaining aspects to watching Mukbang.

#5. This or That

This or That - Conversational Games
This or That – Conversational Games

This or That can be the toned-down version of Hot Takes. You are given two opinions and will have to choose one of them quickly.

We recommend playing 10 rounds of the same topic, such as “Who is a more handsome celebrity?”.

The result might shock you as you find out your undetected love for Shrek.

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Conversation Games for Friends

It’s quality time with your ride-or-die friends. Elevate the mood and get down to even more exciting discussions with these conversational games.

#6. The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game - Conversational Games
The Alphabet Game Conversational Games

The Alphabet Game is a simple yet fun conversation game where players take turns naming things that start with each letter of the alphabet in order.

You and your friends will decide if you will name people, places, things or a mix of categories.

The first person names something that starts with the letter A – for example, apple, ankle or ant.

The next person must then name something that starts with the letter B – for example, ball, Bob or Brazil.

Players go in turn naming something that follows the next letter in alphabetic order, and if they struggle for more than 3 seconds, they are out of the game.

#7. Tell Me A Secret

Are you a secret keeper? Try this game to find shocking truths and revelations about your friends.

Go around in a circle and take turns sharing a defining moment from a particular period in your life – like childhood, teenage years, early twenties, and such.

It could be an adventure you had, a time you faced a challenge, an impactful memory or an event. The goal is to reveal an honest, vulnerable story from that season of your life.

Trust your friends to carry your secret to the grave.

#8. Would You Rather

Players take turns posing Would You Rather questions to the group. The questions present two options that force people to imagine making a difficult trade-off or choosing between two alternatives.

For example:
• Would you rather live in the past or the future?
• Would you rather know when you’ll die or how you’ll die?
• Would you rather have $1 million but never be able to laugh again or never have $1 million but be able to laugh whenever you want?

After a question is asked, you will choose an option and explains their reasoning. Then keep it going to the next round.

#9. 20 Questions

20 Questions - Conversational Games
20 Questions Conversational Games

Test your logical reasoning with 20 Questions. Here’s how to play:

1 player thinks of an answer secretly. Others then ask Yes/No questions to guess it in 20 turns.

Questions must be answered with “Yes” or “No” only. If no one guesses it right in 20 questions, the answer will be revealed.

You can think of your questions, or try the card game version here.

#10. Telephone

Play the ever-hilarious – and insightful – Telephone Game with friends for an entertaining demonstration of how communication breaks down.

You will sit or stand in a line. The first person thinks of a short phrase and then whispers it to the next player’s ear.

That player then whispers what they thought they heard to the next player, and so on until the end of the line.

The result? We don’t know but we are certain that it’s nothing like the original…

Conversation Games for Couples

Spice up date nights and fuel intimate conversations with these talking games for couples.

#11. I Like You Because

Take turns saying “I like you because…” and completing the sentence with an honest reason you appreciate your partner.

Sounds like a nice game about showing vulnerability and compliments isn’t it?

But – there’s a twist! There’s still a loser among the couple who runs out of compliments, so you guys might end up saying really stupid stuff just for the sake of winning.

#12. Ask Me Anything

You and your loved one will take turns asking each other random or thought-provoking questions.

The person being asked can skip or “pass” on answering any question – for a price.

Before you start, agree on an amusing penalty for passing on a question.

You both will be torn between answering honestly or getting the wrath of the punishment.

Ask Me Anything - Conversational Games
Ask Me Anything – Conversational Games

#13. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a fun and risqué conversational game for couples to test how well they know each other.

To begin, both hold up hands with fingers up.

Take turns saying “Never have I ever…” + something never done.

If you or your partner has done it, you’ll have to put one finger down and drink.

It’s a game of mind actually since you guys have to utilise 100% brain power to think if he/she has ever done that and told me before.

#14. Orange Flags

You know green flags, you know red flags, but have you ever heard of “orange flags”?

In the orange flags, game you take turns telling each other an “ick” about yourself or something you find fishy, such as “I’m a candle-holic, I have hundreds of them in my collection”.

Well, it’s not exactly a dealbreaker, but your significant other will still question why you possess that much🤔.

#15. Association

Association - Conversational Games
Association – Conversational Games

There are various ways to play this fun and fast-paced conversational game.

For couples, we suggest you choose a theme first, like words that start with “de” – “dementia”, “detention”, “detour”, and such.

The loser is the one who can not come up with a word in 5 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a conversational game?

A conversational game is an interactive activity that uses questions, prompts or structured turns to stimulate casual yet meaningful conversations between participants.

What are verbal games to play?

Verbal games you can play with each other include word games (alphabet game, mad-libs), storytelling games (once-upon-a-time, mumblety-peg), question games (20 questions, never have I ever), improvisational games (freeze, consequences), association games (password, charades).

What games to play with friends face to face?

Here are some good games to play with friends face-to-face:
• Card games – Classic games like Go Fish, War, Blackjack, and Slaps are simple yet fun together in person. Rummy games and Poker also work well.
• Board games – Anything from Chess and Checkers for two players to party games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo and Pictionary work great for groups of friends together.
• The Quiet Game – The last person to talk or make a sound wins. Test your willpower and patience – and try not to laugh – with this simple challenge.

Need more inspiration for fun conversational games to play with friends, colleagues, or students? Try AhaSlides right away.