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6 Awesome Games for Bus to Kill Boredom in 2024


Astrid Tran 22 April, 2024 9 min read

Looking for games for bus? Thinking of what to do during a school trip? You might find the time on the bus during your trip is killing you, check out the 6 best games for bus to play on the charter bus alone or with your classmates.

We all know that the long journey on a charter bus can sometimes leave you feeling restless and bored. So, how do you pass time on a school bus? It is high time to bring some fun games to play on the bus that can transform boredom into memorable moments on your school trip.

With a little creativity and a dash of enthusiasm, you can transform those seemingly never-ending hours into a fantastic opportunity for fun and bonding with your fellow travelers. Get ready and have fun with your friends with these amazing games for bus ideas!

best Games for bus
Games for bus – Fun games to play on the bus with friends | Source: Shutterstock

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Games for Bus #1| 20 Questions

Put your detective hats on and get ready for a game of deduction. The 20 Questions game can be one of the games to play on the bus while traveling. How it works: One player thinks of a person, place, or thing, and the rest of the group takes turns asking yes-or-no questions to determine what it is. The catch? You only have 20 questions to figure it out! This game will challenge your critical thinking skills and keep everyone engaged as you try to crack the code.

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Kids play games for bus and are so excited during their school trip | Source: iStock

Games for Bus #2 | Would You Rather?

Another way to play games for the bus is preparing for some thought-provoking dilemmas with this game of tough choices. One person presents a hypothetical “Would you rather” scenario, and everyone else must choose between two challenging options. It’s a great way to get to know your friends and discover their preferences and priorities. Nothing more to do, you and your friends just prepare for lively debates and plenty of laughter.


Games for Bus #3 | Bus Parking Simulator

What to play on a bus trip? Bus Parking Simulator is an exciting bus driving game that allows you to test your driving and parking skills in the challenging world of bus transportation. In this simulator game, you’ll step into the shoes of a bus driver and navigate various levels with the goal of parking your bus accurately and safely. Remember to stay focused, be patient, and enjoy the challenge of mastering the art of bus parking!

bus games online for free
Games for bus – Best bus parking games

Games for Bus #4 | Name That Tune

Calling all music aficionados! Games for buses can be something related to music to make the atmosphere more thrilling and lively. Test your knowledge of tunes across various genres and decades with this exciting game. One person hums or sings a snippet of a song, and the others race to guess the correct title and artist. From golden oldies to modern hits, this game is sure to spark nostalgic memories and friendly competition.

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Games for Bus #5 | Hangman

Hangman is a classic game that can be easily adapted for playing on a charter bus. One person thinks of a word and draws a series of empty spaces representing the letters. The other players take turns guessing letters to fill in the blanks. For every incorrect guess, a body part of a stick figure “hangman” is drawn. The goal is to guess the word before the hangman is completed. It’s an entertaining game that stimulates vocabulary, deduction skills, and friendly competition among passengers on the bus.

Games for Bus #6 | Virtual Trivia Quiz

Nowadays, on many bus trips, a range of students are obsessed with their phone and ignore others. What is the best way to take away their phone? Playing games for the bus like Trivia Quiz can be an excellent solution. As teachers, you can create a Trivia Quiz Challenge first with AhaSlides, then asking students to join via a link or QR codes. Your students certainly will love it as AhaSlides quiz templates are designed with colorful and interactive questions to evoke their emotion, thinking and curiosity. 


offroad bus game
New bus games – Ask your fellow travelers about their emotion during school trip by AhaSlides

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question on games to play on bus trips? We’ve got answers.

Field trips offer a great chance to bond with your classmates and build new friendships. Tap into your side and make conversations, play games, and participate in bonding activities like group games for bus. Having fun together will create lasting memories and enhance the overall enjoyment of the trip.
Bring books, magazines, puzzles, or electronic devices like smartphones or tablets loaded with games, movies, or music to keep yourself entertained during the journey.
In the bus, you can play games for bus like “I Spy,” 20 Questions, the Alphabet Game, or even card games like Go Fish or Uno. These games are easy to learn, require minimal materials, and can be enjoyed by everyone on the bus.
Prepare for the bus ride by bringing snacks, water, or other comfort items that can help make the journey more enjoyable and comfortable.

Bottom Line

The time on the bus will never be tedious anymore with a simple preparation of fun games for bus. So, the next time you go on a bus trip, remember to bring along some snacks, games, strike up conversations, and embrace the adventure. Trying some games for bus is the best way to make your bus journey truly remarkable and turn your travel time into an opportunity for laughter, bonding, and excitement.

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