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These 12 Question Cards Games Will Transform How You Connect with Others


Leah Nguyen 25 July, 2023 9 min read

Spice up your next gathering with the power of conversation cards! These decks aim to foster meaningful connections through interesting discussion prompts.

We reviewed dozens of conversation card options and identified the top question cards games to enliven your next get-together.

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#1. Dated | Trivia Cards Games

Get ready to put your pop-culture knowledge to the test with Dated!

In this question cards game, you'll draw a card from the deck, pick a category, and read the title out loud.

All players take turns guessing the release year of that title, and whoever comes closest to the actual date wins the card.

Dated | Trivia Card Games - Question Cards Game
Dated - Question Cards Game

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History Trivia Questions

#2. Headbanz Cards

Are you ready for a giggle-filled good time? Head on over to the land of Headbanz, where creative clue-giving and hysterical guessing await!

In this prop-powered charades mashup, players wear funny foam headbands while acting out clues to help their teammates guess mystery words or phrases.

But here's the twist - no actual words allowed!

Players have to get creative with gestures, sounds and facial expressions to guide their team to the right answer.

Hilarity and head-scratching confusion are guaranteed as teammates struggle to decode the zany clues.

Headbanz Cards - Question Cards Game
Headbanz Cards-Question Cards Game

#3. Where Should We Begin | Deep Questions Card Game

Where Should We Begin - Question Cards Game
Where Should We Begin -Question Cards Game

Are you ready to giggle and grow through the power of storytelling?

Then pull up a chair, pick 5 prompt cards and prepare for a journey of discovery and connection with Where Should We Begin!

This card game invites you and your friends to reflect upon and share stories in response to thought-provoking questions and prompts.

As each player takes a turn reading a card and opening their heart, listeners gain insight into their joys, struggles and what makes them tick.

#4. Would You Rather | Conversation Starter Card Game

Would You Rather - Question Cards Game

In this card game 'Would you rather', players need to draw a card before they can start playing.

The card presents a tough choice between two unpleasant hypothetical situations in categories like pain, embarrassment, ethics, and ingestion.

Once the choices are presented, the player has to guess which one the majority of the other players would choose.

If they are correct, the player gets to move forward, but if they're wrong, they must pass.

#5. Bad People | Question Card Game for Friends

Bad People - Question Cards Game
Bad People -Question Cards Game

Are you ready for the most hilariously wrong answers imaginable?

Teams choose a spokesperson who provides a "bad" answer when a trivia question is read.

The aim? Be absurdly, ridiculously wrong in the funniest way possible.

Team "brainstorms" ensue as members debate the "best" wrong answer. Hilarity follows as spokespeople deliver their absurd responses with the utmost confidence and incorrectness.

Other players then vote for the "better" bad answer. The team with the most votes wins that round.

The game continues, with one team triumphantly "bad" after another.

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#6. We're Not Really Strangers

We're Not Really Strangers - Question Cards Game
We're Not Really Strangers-Question Cards Game

We're Not Really Strangers is more than just a card game - it's a movement with a purpose.

It's all about helping people make meaningful connections with others.

Players are dealt prompt cards containing thoughtful yet accessible questions.

Participation is always voluntary, allowing players to disclose at a comfort level that feels right.

When a player chooses to respond to a prompt, they share a short reflection or story.

Other players listen non-judgmentally. There are no "wrong" answers - only perspectives that enrich understanding.

#7. The Deep | Ice Breaker Card Game Questions

The Deep - Question Cards Game
The Deep - Question Cards Game

The Deep Game is a fantastic tool for sparking interesting and meaningful conversations with anyone - whether it's your closest friends, family members, or even that one coworker you're not quite sure about.

With over 420 thought-provoking questions and 10 different conversation decks to choose from, this game is perfect for all sorts of occasions.

From dinner parties to family meals and holidays, you'll find yourself reaching for The Deep Game time and time again.

#8. Hot Seat

Hot Seat - Question Cards Game
Hot Seat - Question Cards Game

Get ready for a new favourite game for family game night - Hot Seat!

Players take turns being in the "hot seat". The hot seat player draws a card and reads the fill-in-the-blank question aloud.

The answers are then read aloud, and everyone guesses which one was written by the player in the Hot Seat.

#9. Tell Me Without Telling Me | Question Card Game for Adults

Tell Me Without Telling Me - Question Cards Game
Tell Me Without Telling Me-Question Cards Game

Introducing the Tell Me Without Telling Me - the ultimate party activity for adults!

Split into two teams, give hints to guess as many hilarious cards as possible before time runs out.

With three categories and topics ranging from People to NSFW, this game is sure to get everyone acting, laughing, and speaking.

Perfect as a housewarming gift, so grab your crew and get the party started.

#10. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit - Question Cards Game
Trivial Pursuit -Question Cards Game

Are you ready to test your trivia chops and actualise your inner know-it-all?

Then gather your brainiest buds and prepare to pursue some pursuits that are anything but trivial in the iconic game Trivial Pursuit!

Here's how it goes down:

Players roll to start. Whoever rolls highest goes first and moves their piece.

When a player lands on a coloured wedge, they draw a card matching that colour and attempt to answer the factual or trivia-based question.

If right, they get to keep the wedge as a piece of the pie. The first player to collect one wedge from each colour wins by completing the pie!

#11. Let's Get Real Bro | Get to Know Each Other Card Game

Let's Get Real Bro - Question Cards Game
Let's Get Real Bro -Question Cards Game

Deep conversations are what Let's Get Real Bro (LGRB) is all about. While it's geared towards dudes, anyone can play and join in on the fun.

LGRB aims to create a safe space for men to talk about their feelings, emotions, and masculinity - and with 90 questions split into three levels, this game delivers.

Each player takes turns selecting a card, while others jot down their responses on the included dry-erase cards using markers.

The first player to score three points wins!

#12. In Our Feelings

In Our Feelings - Question Cards Game
In Our Feelings-Question Cards Game

Are you ready to gain new insights and strengthen bonds with your loved ones?

Then gather around and prepare to play In Our Feelings - a card game designed to deepen connections through vulnerable yet valuable conversations.

The premise is simple: The prompt cards dare you to dive deeper into understanding those closest to you.

They challenge you to step into each other's shoes through thoughtful questions and conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the card game to where you ask questions?

There are a few popular card games that involve asking and answering questions:

• Would You Rather?: Players choose between 2 hypothetical options, then defend their preferences - hijinks and insight ensue!

Never Have I Ever: Players reveal juicy secrets from their past as fingers go down - the first to lose 'em all is out! confession time is guaranteed.

• Two Truths and a Lie: Players share 3 statements - 2 true, 1 false. Others guess the lie - a simple yet illuminating getting-to-know-you game.

• Winners & Losers: Players answer trivia questions to be a "winner" or "loser" - perfect for friendly competition and learning new facts about each other.

• Beard: Players take turns asking and answering completely open-ended questions - no "winning", just quality convo.

What is the card game where you can't talk?

There are a few popular card games where players cannot talk or only have limited talking:

• Charades: Act out words without speaking - others guess based on your gestures alone. A classic!

• Taboo: Give clues to guess words while avoiding "taboo" ones listed - descriptions and sounds only, no actual words!

• Tongues: Pure charades - guess words drawn from the deck using noises and gestures, zero talking allowed.

• Heads Up: An app version where you give digital Clueless charades from an iPad on your forehead.

What game is like we're not really strangers?

• Out of the Box: Draw prompts to share parts of yourself - answers as long/short as you want. The goal is to establish a connection through stories and listening.

• Speak Up: Read "bravery cards" that prompt you to share an experience or belief. Others listen to help you feel heard and supported. The aim is self-expression.

• Say Anything: Draw prompts sparking meaningful conversations - no "wrong" answers, just opportunities to gain perspectives from others. Active listening key.

• Say Anything: Draw prompts sparking meaningful conversations - no "wrong" answers, just opportunities to gain perspectives from others. Active listening key.

Need more inspiration for engaging question cards games to play with friends, colleagues, or students? Try AhaSlides right away.