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60+ Best Retirement Wishes and Quotes For A Farewell Party


Jane Ng 16 April, 2024 12 min read

How to wish someone a happy retirement? Leaving the workplace behind must also bring some regrets and a bit of disappointment to some people. Therefore, send them the most sincere, meaningful, and best retirement wishes!

Retirement is one of the milestones in every person's life. It signals that the journey of people spending their youth working hard has ended. Retirees can now spend all their time enjoying the life they've always wanted by taking on hobbies like gardening, golfing, travelling around the world, or simply enjoying spending more time with their families.

'Retirement Wishes' Overview

Retirement Age for Women65 y/o
Retirement Age for Women67y/o
Average retirement savings by age?254.720 USD
Social Security Tax Rate in the US?12.4%
Overview about Retirement Wishes


Estimate from US Labour Market data and NerdWallet

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These 60+ best retirement wishes, thank you retirement quotes are considered a meaningful spiritual gift we could give to those who come to a new stage.

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Retirement Wishes For A Friend

  1. Happy retirement, Bestie! You’ve worked hard for your team for many years. Glad you will have more time to spend with the family and me lol. Here’s to the many years of camping, reading, gardening, and learning for us to come!
  2. The past has passed, the future has not yet come, and only the present is happening. Now is your time to live and burn to the fullest!
  3. Enjoy your days of sleeping late and doing nothing! All the best in your retirement.
  4. You have worked hard all this time, please rest well. Enjoy life and have fun with any things other than work!
  5. A life without the daily traffic jams and paperwork. Welcome to that rosy life, my dear. Happy retirement!
  6. Congratulations on your new freedom. Now we will get to see you more.
  7. Retirement is about spending more time relaxing with friends and family. I'm glad our friendship has given us the honour to be together now. To happier times!
  8. Congratulations to the hard-working bee on your sweet honey day! Happy retirement, my friend!
  9. Congratulations, dude! You’ve had a great career, and I’m so glad you’ll have more time to spend with yourself, your family, and with friends like me!
  10. You might think that life's greatest battles were in the boardroom. But really when you retire and spend a lot of time at home, you will realize that the real battle begins in the kitchen. Good luck!
  11. After retirement, the body ages, the heart becomes hazy, but the mind becomes younger. Congratulations you are officially resting!
Retirement Wishes - It's time for a new adventure!

Retirement Quotes For A Boss

Check out few happy retirement messages for boss!

  1. Thanks for pulling me down when I was flying too high. I would have had enough reason to sigh if it weren't for you. Farewell.
  2. Your contribution is irreplaceable. Your dedication is immeasurable. Your words of guidance are invaluable. And your absence is unacceptable. But we know we can not hold your happiness any longer. I wish you a happy and meaningful rest with family and friends!
  3. I wish you a happy retirement. I've been inspired by the amazing career you have had and the life you've lived so far.
  4. You have worked hard. It's time to take a break to reflect on your achievements and dedication. Wish you health, and happiness, and find new sources of joy outside work.
  5. You have been a big part of the company all along. Your knowledge and years of experience have brought the company to where it is today. Thanks for all the hard work you did for us! We will miss you so much!
  6. Your brilliance and enthusiasm at work always inspire us to do better. You are not only a boss to us but a mentor and a friend. Happy retirement to you!
  7. Leadership and vision have made you a great boss, but integrity, respect, and compassion make you a great person. Congratulations on your retirement.
  8. You will have an exciting and bright new chapter ahead of you - a time when you have unlimited moments of relaxation. Happy retirement life!
  9. Live your life so that people realize what they've missed from you. Wishing you a good, fun, and happy retirement!
  10. If I could only be half of a good leader like you, I would be very happy too. You are my inspiration in work and life! Good luck with that well-deserved retirement.
  11. Having a boss like you at work is already a gift. Thank you for being a bright light on dull days. Your advice, support, and cheerfulness will be greatly missed.
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Farewell Retirement Message for Coworkers

  1. Retirement is not the end of a great career path. You can always pursue your other career dream. Whatever it is, I wish you the best of luck. Happy retirement and God will always bless you.
  2. Leaving me is a loss to you. But anyway, good luck with the new chapter!
  3. Working with you has been a great experience and I'm sure I will miss you very much. I want to send my best wishes to you. Goodbye!
  4. It's time for you to go but I will never forget the ups and downs we caused the company. Goodbye, and best of luck to you!
  5. Now you don't have to wake up to the sound of an alarm clock calling to work. You can enjoy unlimited golf time, drive around town, and cook unless you want to take my place. Happy Retirement Holiday!
  6. All your hard work so far has paid off! It's time for you to get on vacation without worrying about going to work the next day. You deserved it! Happy Retirement Holiday!
  7. The things that I learned while working with you will be something I will never forget. Thank you for being there to cheer me up when things did not go as planned. Those were great moments, and I will remember them forever.
  8. Enjoy your unlimited weekends! You can sleep in your pyjamas all day long, stay in bed as much as you want, and stay home without getting any calls from work. Happy retirement!
  9. You have been a huge inspiration to us in the office. We will never forget the beautiful memories and funny moments you bring. Happy retirement.
  10. You will no longer be my colleague, but one thing is for sure we will be "friends".
  11. Can you believe it? From now on, all days of the week will be Sundays. Enjoy that feeling and retire comfortably.

Retirement Wishes For Long-time Colleagues

You actually can work with HR department to make a farewell PowerPoint presentation for colleagues, especially for your close friends at work.

  1. Thanks to your companions, I have accumulated a lot of professional knowledge as well as soft skills. Thank you for sharing and helping me during my time at the company. Wish you always happy, happier. Hope to see you again one day soon!
  2. Retirement is freedom. I hope you do the things that were previously missed because of lack of time. Congratulations! Happy Retirement!
  3. Not only colleagues, but you are also close friends who bring laughter to me. I will always have you by my side in difficult or happy times. I will miss you very much.
  4. You have always been there for me when I needed it most and I count you as one of my closest friends. I wish you all the happiness in the world for your golden years.
  5. If Hollywood had an Oscar for best colleague, you would be famous all over the world. But only because there is not, so please accept this wish as a reward!
  6. Anytime you feel discouraged and no longer motivated to keep moving forward, call me. I will remind you how wonderful you are. Happy retirement!
  7. A big vacation to Europe or Southeast Asia, golf as much as you want, visit your loved ones, and indulge in your hobbies - these are the things that I wish for your good retirement. Happy retirement!
  8. I will never forget all the things you taught me whether at work or in life. You are one of the reasons I work happily. Congratulations! Happy retirement!
  9. It's hard to think about waking up without walking into the office to see your radiant faces. I'm sure I'll miss you a lot.
  10. Retirement doesn't mean you'll stop hanging out with us! Coffee once a week is fine. Happy retirement life!
  11. Your co-workers are just pretending they'll miss you. Don't be fooled by that sad face. Just ignore them and have a good day. Congratulations on your retirement!
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Funny Retirement Wishes

  1. Now Fridays aren’t the best day of the week anymore – they all are!
  2. Retirement is just a never-ending vacation! You are so lucky!
  3. Hey! You can’t retire from being great. 
  4. You may have achieved many challenges so far, but the biggest challenge of your retirement life is about to begin, and find something challenging to do. Good luck.
  5. Now is the time to throw professionalism out the window once and for all.
  6. Without you around, I’ll never be able to stay awake for status meetings.
  7. Retirement: No job, no stress, no pay!
  8. It's time to squander all your life savings!
  9. Now it’s time to stop fawning over your boss and start fawning over your grandkids.
  10. The world’s longest coffee break is often referred to as retirement.
  11. You have spent many years of your life arguing with colleagues, juniors, and bosses at work. After retirement, you will argue with your spouse and children at home. Happy retirement!
  12. Congratulations on your retirement. Now, you will be forced to work on a never-ending, full-time project called "Doing Nothing".
  13. By this time, you are "expired" and officially retired. But don't worry, antiques are often precious! Happy retirement!
  14. Congratulations on getting two new best friends in retirement. Their name is Bed and Couch. You will hang out with them a lot!

Retirement Quotes

Check out the few quotes for retirement wishes!

  • “Retire from work, but not from life.” - By M.K. Soni
  • “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” - By Dan Wilson
  • The next chapter of your life is still unwritten.”  - Unknown.
  • There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning." - By Louis L'Amour.
  • "Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but the middle counts the most." - By Sandra Bullock.
  • “The life in front of you is far more important than the life behind you.” – By Joel Osteen

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6 Tips to Write Retirement Wishes Cards

Let's check out the 6 tips for best wishes on retirement

1/ It's a celebratory event

Every retiree deserves to be valued and honoured for their dedication during their service life. So whether they are retiring early or officially retiring on their schedule, be sure to congratulate them and let them know this is an event worth celebrating.

2/ Honor their achievements

Each employee is proud of their achievements, of the milestones they have achieved during their working time. Therefore, in the retirement wishes cards, you can highlight some of the retirees' achievements so that they see their dedication to the organization/business as valuable.

3/ Share and encourage

Not everyone is excited to retire and ready to embrace a new chapter of life. So you can express that you understand what retirees are feeling and reassure them of the future to come.

4/ Wishing with sincerity

No flowery words can touch the reader's heart as the writer's sincerity. Write with sincerity, simplicity, and honesty, they will surely understand what you want to convey.

5/ Use humour wisely

Using some humour can be very effective to motivate retirees and help relieve stress or sadness over a job break-up, especially if you and the retiree are close. However, it should be used with care so that the humour does not become ridiculous and counterproductive.

6/ Express your gratitude

Finally, remember to thank them for their hard work over the long haul and for helping you in times of trouble (if any)!

Retirement Wishes - Image: freepik

Final Thoughts 

Check out that beautiful retirement wishes and advice, as you definitely must say words of thanks! It can be said that a gold watch is the most appropriate gift for retirees, as they have given up so many precious moments in their life to dedicate themselves. And after years of working non-stop, retirement is the time when they have more time to relax, enjoy and do whatever they can. 

Therefore, If someone is about to retire, send them these retirement wishes. Surely these retirement wishes will make them happy and ready to start the exciting days ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Average Retirement Savings by Age?

According to US Federal Reserve in 2021, the median retirement account balance for Americans aged 55-64 was $187,000, while for those aged 65 and over it was $224,000.

What is Recommended Retirement Savings?

US Financial experts generally recommend having at least 10-12 times your current annual income saved for retirement by age 65. So if you earn $50,000 per year, you should aim to have saved $500,000-$600,000 by the time you retire.

Why do people need to retire?

People need to retire for several reasons, normally because of their ages, based on their financial security. Retirement can provide individuals with a new phase filled with opportunities, rather than a full-time job.

What is the purpose of life after retirement?

The purpose of life normally depends on personal goals and priorities, but it can be to pursue hobbies and interests, spend time with family, travel, do lots of volunteering jobs, or for the continuing education.