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121 Who Knows Me Better Questions for The Best Game Night


Leah Nguyen 28 August, 2023 8 min read

Find out just how well your partner or bestie really knows you with the most thrilling game night ever!

From favourite foods to first kiss stories, there’s no holding back as they test their knowledge of your deepest secrets and quirkiest traits with these 121 Who knows me better questions🔥

One may know your heart, but does the other know you better? Let's get right down to it!

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Basic Rules of The Game

Basic rules of Who knows me better questions
Basic Rules of The Game

Here are some basic rules for playing the "Who Knows Me Better" game:

  1. Choose a category - Examples include favourite food, childhood memories, personal facts, etc. Have 10-20 questions prepared.
  2. Designate players - The person being guessed chooses one friend and one partner/family member to play.
  3. Take turns answering - The person asks a question only they know the answer to. Players write down their guesses.
  4. Reveal the answer - The person shares the correct response. Players tally their right/wrong answers.
  5. Award points - Typically, players get 1 point for each correct answer. The person with the most points at the end wins!

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Friends

Who knows me better questions for friends
Who knows me better questions for friends
  1. What was my favourite TV show in middle school?
  2. What sport did I play in high school?
  3. What was the first concert I ever went to?
  4. What's a weird food combination I enjoy eating?
  5. What's my dream vacation destination?
  6. Who was my best friend in elementary school?
  7. What's my biggest pet peeve?
  8. What's one thing I'm secretly insecure about?
  9. What's a nickname only you guys call me?
  10. Who was my first celebrity crush?
  11. What's one embarrassing thing I did as a kid?
  12. What's a quirk or habit they think is uniquely mine?
  13. What's my go-to karaoke song?
  14. What's one thing that always makes me laugh?
  15. What was my first job?
  16. What's an inside joke only we would understand?
  17. What's my most used emoji or GIF in group chats?
  18. What's my coffee/drink order at our favourite café?

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Family

Who knows me better questions for family
Who knows me better questions for family

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Parents

  1. What was one of my first words?
  2. Where did you take me on my first trip as a baby?
  3. What was my favourite stuffed animal growing up?
  4. What cartoon did I obsess over as a toddler?
  5. When is my birthday and what year was I born?
  6. What was my most memorable Halloween costume?
  7. What do/did I collect as a kid?
  8. Who was my best friend in elementary school?
  9. What sport did I play (if any) and for how long?
  10. What was my favourite (or least favourite) subject in school?
  11. What was one of my chores growing up?
  12. What's one of my weirdest quirks as a kid?
  13. What was the name of my first pet?
  14. What was one thing I loved to eat as a picky eater?
  15. What was my dream job when I was little?
  16. Who did I look up to most as a role model?
  17. What's one thing that always made me laugh as a kid?
  18. What was one of the biggest family trips we took?

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Siblings

  1. What was my most embarrassing childhood moment?
  2. What would I get in trouble for the most as a kid?
  3. Who was my best/worst babysitter?
  4. What's one inside joke we've had for years?
  5. Who was my secret celebrity crush I'd deny?
  6. What's one song I can dance to better than anyone?
  7. What food did I always steal off your plate?
  8. What's a nickname only you call me?
  9. Where did we have our most memorable family vacation?
  10. What was one toy/game we'd always fight over?
  11. What's one superior skill you claim to have over me?
  12. What's my biggest pet peeve about you?
  13. Who got better grades growing up?
  14. Who was more rebellious in high school?
  15. Who does mom/dad like better?
  16. What's one thing you've tried to prank me with?
  17. What's a chore I always tried to get out of doing?
  18. Which food do I hate more - pineapple pizza or sloppy noodles?

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Cousins

  1. What was the last family reunion/event we were both at?
  2. What's something funny I did at a past family gathering?
  3. Which older cousin did I look up to/try to impress the most?
  4. What's one inside joke we have from summer vacations as kids?
  5. What's the most memorable gift I got from an aunt/uncle?
  6. Which cousin and I were partners in crime growing up?
  7. How do I like my marshmallows at the campfire - burnt or gooey?
  8. What silly nickname did our grandparents have for me?
  9. Who's a cousin I'm closest in age/grade to?
  10. What sport or activity were we usually on the same team for?
  11. Which cousin's cooking/baking am I most complimentary of?
  12. What candy/snack was I obsessed with bringing on car rides?
  13. Who's room did I usually share on family trips?
  14. What's one talent show/performance of mine my parents still reminisce about?
  15. What's a tradition only we remember from holiday celebrations?
  16. Which family side I'm more favoured towards - my mom's relatives or my dad's relatives?

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Couples

Who knows me better questions for couples
Who knows me better questions for couples

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Girlfriends

  1. What food do I always order when we get takeout?
  2. What's my most used emoji in our texts?
  3. What's my go-to coffee/drink order?
  4. What's my favourite type of movie/TV show genre?
  5. What's one beauty/skincare product I'm loyal to?
  6. What's a hobby or talent of mine she didn't know about?
  7. Who's one celebrity I have a crush on?
  8. What's my favourite thing to do on a day off from work?
  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a morning person am I?
  10. What food am I most likely to try and cook in the kitchen?
  11. What's my favourite type of vacation - beach, city, mountains?
  12. What's my favourite vacation we've taken together so far?
  13. What's one thing that stresses me out the most?
  14. What's one odd job or task I don't mind helping out with?
  15. What movie always makes me tear up when we watch it?
  16. What household chores I don't mind doing?

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Boyfriends

  1. What's my favourite sports team?
  2. What kind of music do I like working out to?
  3. What's my usual coffee/drink order?
  4. What's something I'm really bad at but love trying?
  5. What's a pet peeve of mine that really gets under my skin?
  6. What's my favorite type of cuisine or favourite restaurant?
  7. What's my usual go-to outfit for lounging around?
  8. What type of movies or genres do I dislike the most?
  9. What's one thing that can instantly cheer me up?
  10. What's one place I really want to travel to?
  11. What's a hobby or talent of mine he may not know about?
  12. Who's my celebrity crush I'd never openly admit?
  13. What always makes me laugh without fail?
  14. What's one thing that really stresses me out to do?
  15. What kind of dates or outings do I prefer - laidback or fancy?
  16. How do I organise things - neat-freak or cluttered?

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Adults

Who knows me better questions for adults
  1. What was my first apartment/house like?
  2. What was my first car?
  3. What was my first job after college?
  4. Where did I meet my spouse/partner?
  5. Do I prefer dogs or cats more?
  6. What drink do I get when we go out for Happy Hour?
  7. What's a typical weekday morning routine for me?
  8. What kind of hobbies have I been interested in recently?
  9. What's my favourite way to spend a day off of work?
  10. What's my dream big purchase I'm saving up for?
  11. Am I a morning person or a night owl?
  12. What's my best dish to bring to a potluck?
  13. What's the funniest work or life anecdote you remember me telling?
  14. What is usually in my fridge/pantry at home?
  15. What kind of things do I like spending money on the most?
  16. What is something I collect or have a soft spot for that people might be surprised about?
  17. What is one life lesson or piece of advice I try to pass on to others?
  18. What little things tend to brighten my day or make me feel appreciated?
  19. Where do I want my dream wedding to happen?

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Bottom Line

Who knows me better is a fun game that gets people to know more about each other on a profound level. Keeping the focus on lighthearted memories, interests and personalities makes this game suitable for all ages to enjoy learning new things about each other.

Want more game inspirations for your next gathering? Check out AhaSlides quizzes and games, we have a little of everything up our sleeves to satisfy any age.