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10 Best Entertainment for Wedding Reception Ideas

10 Best Entertainment for Wedding Reception Ideas

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Vincent Pham 12 Apr 2024 4 min read

Everyone wants their wedding to be special. So do you. You want something more than the traditional recipe of bouquet toss and dances. There are so many fun ways to entertain your guests at your wedding ceremony and reception. From caricature painters replacing your camera to comedians leaving guests in hysterics, here are 10 best entertainment ideas for a memorable wedding reception:

1. Get a DJ

A DJ is the soul of the party, so invest in a good DJ for your wedding reception. The best DJ knows exactly what to say and which songs to play to get the party going and those feet moving. They possess high energy and a great personality, they can make the bride and groom feel special, and most of all, they stir up the night like no one else. Also, this leads us to…

Hire a DJ is a fun way to entertain your guests at the wedding reception
A DJ is the soul of the party

2. Song Requests

Nothing beats dancing to your own (or your friends’) favourite beats, so ask your friends and loved ones to send over their song request. Set up an AhaSlides open-ended answer slide so your guests can easily submit their song request in real time.

3. Trivia Quiz

Your guests are all sat at the tables. Here come the drinks. Then the nibbles. Now is the proper time to test which of the guests know you and your significant other the best. Set up a fun quiz using AhaSlides about you and your spouse, ask your guests to scan the QR code with their phone, and let’s the game begin! Trivia Quiz, Wedding edition in the time of the internet. Don’t forget all the paper and pencils that you can save with going digital.

Learn more about how to set up a fun wedding Trivia Quiz:

AhaSlides is a great way to carry Mr and Mrs Quiz. It's a fun way to entertain your guest at a wedding reception
Let’s see how well your guests know about you and your spouse

4. Giant Jenga

Jenga is one of the most popular board games ever invented. Now exists in GIANT version for your outdoor reception. All ages welcome. No explanation needed. Just be careful, dropping the jenga tower is jinxed ?

Giant Jenga is also a fun way to entertain your guests at the wedding reception
Giant Jenga is hands down one of the most fun entertainment ideas for your wedding reception

5. Caricature Painter

Let’s be honest, selfie is getting boring. So why not trying a caricaturist instead to save the moments of you and your loved ones on your wedding day? Definitely better than your usual instagram filters for this special occasion.

Caricature Painter is another great way to entertain your guests at the wedding reception
A caricaturist in action

6. Fireworks

Go out with a bang, light up the night sky, and kiss under the fireworks. Send your guests to a goodnight with a magical sense.

Entertain and impress your guests at the wedding reception with fireworks
Can you feel the love tonight… ‘Cause baby you’re a firework?

7. Slideshow

In the case that your reception hall provides a projector, take this chance to get a ticket down the memory lane with those old photos of you and your significant other. Create a slideshow of images of you two to show throughout the reception. Again, AhaSlides is a great tool for this purpose. Each guests can look at your photo through the convenience of their phone. You can even put together a small speech about each memory that you cherish.

8. Send-Off Photo

Taking your Instagram-quality send-off photo hand in hand with you spouse between two rows of friends holding sparklers. Or blowing bubbles. Or light sticks. Or Confetti. Or flower petals. The list goes on.

Walking between rows of confetti is another great idea for your wedding reception
A mesmerizing send-off photo is a sweet entertainment idea for your wedding reception

9. Karaoke

For those guests with a Got-Talent kind of voice yet never had the chance to show off their skills, here is the time. Or just for a little fun, karaoke would do. Put up prizes and hit songs to encourage your guests. Have your DJ to play some easy songs to get things start. As with song requests, you can also make karaoke requests.

10. Words of Wisdom

Set up a word cloud from AhaSlides for the guests write out their best words of wisdom for your marriage.

You could even provide little prompts to give your guests inspiration.

  • Love is never having too much…
  • … would be a fun date night.
  • When the going gets tough…
  • Do this before going to bed each night…
Word cloud is a good way to save all the wishes from your loved ones
For Sarah & Benjamin we wish…

Final Words

We hope a few suggestions above would get some ideas rolling. Whatever you choose, let it tell your story and focus on the memories you want to make. Let your big day shine bright further down your memory road.

But don’t forget AhaSlides, for it will sure make your day unforgettable. Try it for free now!