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10 Interactive Presentation Ideas to Enliven Work and Hangout Sessions in 2023

10 Interactive Presentation Ideas to Enliven Work and Hangout Sessions in 2023


Lakshmi Puthanveedu 08 Aug 2023 8 min read

Interactive Presentation Ideas for works and hangout sessions? Do you remember your college days when you planned to bunk the classes with your friends to escape the long, boring presentations?

With remote and hybrid work cultures coming into the picture, interactive presentations and virtual meetings have become the need of the hour.

Remote meetings and presentations are crucial to ensure work continuity and better communication. But the question is, can you make them as effective, engaging and productive as possible?

The answer is a very simple YES! Keeping the audience engaged is critical whether you are having a live or virtual meeting. Here are ten interactive presentation ideas – the fun presentation ideas, as you can use at your next meeting or hangout!

How long a presentation should be?20 mintues
When should you host a presentation?A short one in the morning
When should you avoid hosting a presentation?End of workday, everyone is tired by then
Overview of Interactive Presentation Ideas!

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More Interactive Presentation Ideas with AhaSlides

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10 Interactive Presentation Ideas

With a little help from various interactive presentation software and activities, you can stand out from the other presenters and create a productive experience for your audience. As virtual meetings take centre stage, here are 10 interactive presentation ideas you could use to keep your audience excited and engaged throughout.

Kick Off the Presentation With an Ice Breaker

Whether you have a casual or formal presentation, starting with an icebreaker activity is always better to get the crowd excited. Most often, people start the presentation straight away to save time but get the least amount of attention from the audience. You must build a rapport with your audience before you start the presentation, and you can do this by introducing a few activities.

Idea #1 – The Trivia Game

You may not always have the same group of people attending a meeting. Sometimes there might be members who are entirely new to the group. You could use this activity to help get to know each other better.

How to Play

You can ask basic questions to get to know the audience and give them a time limit to answer. Instead of plain questions, you can also add some images to them. The questions can be open-ended, where the participants can answer freely with or without a word limit. This allows them to clearly express their thoughts, giving you an excellent opportunity to open up further discussions.

Screenshot of an open-ended slide on AhaSlides
Interactive Presentation Ideas – interactive presentation examples

Create a Fun and Interactive Presentation With AhaSlides

There was a time when you had to sit for hours preparing and personalising presentation slides, but it doesn’t have to be boring anymore. You can get a wide range of free interactive activities with AhaSlides! Sign up and create a free account today to try our online tool.

Idea #2 – Word of the Day

Sometimes, the meeting’s main topic or agenda gets lost as the presentation gets long, boring and monotonous. One way to prevent this is by having the key phrase/topic throughout the presentation.

Learn more: How to start a presentation with AhaSlides

How to Play

The word or phrase is not revealed before the presentation. You could either divide the presentation into sections or focus on one specific topic at a time. You then ask the audience to write the word they think is the most crucial topic for the day. The words are then displayed as a live word cloud based on the popular responses and the word with the most number of responses appearing larger on the cloud.

This would give you, the presenter, an idea about how well the audience receives the content and help the audience understand which topic to focus on when you continue the presentation.

A word cloud on AhaSlides with audience responses during a live interactive presentation.
interactive ideas – Interactive Presentation Ideas

Give Control to the Audience

Nobody likes to sit through hours and hours of a single person talking about a topic, no matter how interesting it could be. Show them that their ideas, opinions and questions are valid and give them opportunities to express these during the presentation.

Idea #3 – Idea Box

People like to be asked for their opinions, and an Idea Box is a wonderful interactive presentation idea to grab your audience’s attention and decide which is the best option to go forward with. Every presentation and meeting will have a Q&A at the end, and you might not be able to answer all the audience questions. This is where voting comes into the picture.

How to Play

Once you are done with a specific topic in your presentation, you can ask the audience if they have any questions and collect them. When they have all shared their questions, they can upvote or downvote on the available options, and you could select and answer the questions that have more votes.

These are different from polls because polls give them options to choose from, but you take their opinions into account in voting.

AhaSlides offers you an excellent Upvote feature to let you figure out high-priority topics that should be discussed in your presentation.

Idea #4 – Deal the Cards

It’s normal for the presenter to have data and other information on the slides that could be complicated for the audience to understand. Once you finish presenting a specific topic, you could introduce a Q&A session.

In a normal presentation, only the presenter can control the slides. But suppose you are not presenting live, using an interactive presentation tool. In that case, you can let your audience go back and forth on the slides to check and clarify any information you’ve already presented.

How to Play

You display a card (a normal slide)  with specific data/numbers. Say, for example, a card with 75% on it. The audience can then go back on the slides, check what relates to the 75% and answer the question. Even if someone had missed out on an important topic, this would ensure they come across it.

Engage the Audience by Asking Them Questions

Hey, no! Don’t be like that one teacher who constantly picks on the kids who weren’t listening. The idea is to create an experience where everyone feels involved and make them feel that they are an important part of the presentation.

Idea #5 – What Would I Have Done Differently?

Each member of the audience will have a different perception of a topic. If you want the team to feel excited and involved, you need to provide them with an opportunity to express their opinions.

How to Play

Give the audience a situation and ask them what they would have done differently if they were in that situation. AhaSlides offers an open-ended slide option where you can make the Q&A session a little more fun by allowing the audience to share their opinions as a free text.

To make the session a little more exciting, you could also use a spinner wheel feature to pick the answers given by a specific participant.

Idea #6 – Quizzes

There’s no argument that quizzes are one of the best ways to learn and entertain your audience. But how can you use those to your advantage during a live presentation without hunting for pen and paper?

How to Play

Well, worry not! Creating fun and interactive quiz sessions is now easy and can be done in a few steps with AhaSlides.

  • Step 1: Create your AhaSlides account
  • Step 2: Pick your desired template or you can start with a blank one and customize according to your needs
  • Step 3: Click on a “New Slide” and choose one slide option from the “Quiz and Games” section
  • Step 4: Add your question and answers
Interactive Presentation Ideas

You could also use the question bank feature to add quizzes to your presentation. All you have to do is search the question bank with your topic, choose the question and add it to your presentation.

Lack of games in mind? Learn more about interactive presentation games

Bring in Humor as Your Ally

Even when it’s interactive, sometimes the long presentations can drain the energy and excitement out of the presenter and the audience. You can use jokes and memes to lighten the mood and engage your audience.

Idea #7 – Poll Express

The audience will remember the presentation and the topic better when you tie it up with pictures and GIFs. If you are looking for a perfect way to break the ice or lighten the mood during a presentation, this is a perfect interactive presentation idea.

How to Play

Show the participants a poll with a number of images or GIFs related to the question. Say, for example – Which Otter Describes Your Mood? The polls can have pictures or GIFs of funny otters, and the audience could pick their choice. Once everyone has done choosing their option, the presenter can display the results on the screen.

A poll on AhaSlides showing otter images to describe the mood in the meeting
Interactive Presentation Ideas

Idea #8 – Two Truths and a Lie

If you want to make the audience think and entertain them at the same time, this is one of the best interactive presentation examples you can use.

How to Play
  • Step 1: Give the audience a statement about the topic you are presenting
  • Step 2: Give 3 options for them to choose from, including two true facts and a lie about the statement
  • Step 3: Ask them to find the lie among the answers
A game of 2 truths 1 lie with a Harry Potter question, posed on AhaSlides.
Interactive Presentation Ideas

Use Props in Your Presentation

Sometimes, giving the audience something to focus on other than the presentation helps. The idea is to engage them in a fun interactive presentation without taking away the topic’s essence.

Idea #9 – The Stick Game

The game is pretty simple. You give the audience a “talking stick”. The person who has the stick with them can ask a question or share their opinion during the presentation.

How to Play

This game is most suitable for when you are in a physical meeting setting. You might be using a digital presentation tool, but using a traditional prop method can be easy sometimes and different. You ask the audience to pass the talking stick around when they want to speak, and you could either address it right away or note it down for Q&A later.

Idea #10 – Trend a Hashtag

Creating a buzz about a specific topic can excite any crowd, and that is exactly what can be done with the help of social media.

How to Play

Before the presentation, maybe even a couple of days back, the presenter can start a Twitter hashtag for the set topic and ask the teammates to join in and share their thoughts and questions. The entries are taken only until the day of the presentation, and you can even set a time limit.

Gather the entries from Twitter, and at the end of the presentation, you can pick and discuss a few of them like a generic discussion.

These interactive presentation ideas are all here for the same goal; for both the presenter and the audience to have a casual, confident and productive time. Bid goodbye to mundane, long virtual meetings and jump into the world of interactive presentations with AhaSlides. Sign up for free today to explore our template library.


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