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2023 Top Skill – How to Add notes to PowerPoint Effectively

2023 Top Skill – How to Add notes to PowerPoint Effectively


Astrid Tran 07 Feb 2023 5 min read

How to add notes to PowerPoint to make your presentation more impressive and persuasive?

What is the best way for speakers to control the presentation without lacking any piece of information? The secret of a successful presentation or speech can lie in preparing speaker notes in advance. So, learning about How to add notes to PowePoint can help you be more confident while presenting any kind of topic.

You may have numerous presentations during your school time and work, but not many of you realize the advantages of using notes in PPT slides to optimize your presentations. If you are struggling to simplify and minimalize your slide while mentioning all information that needs to be introduced to the audience, there is no better way of using the speaker notes function in PowerPoint. Let’s start to learn about How to add notes to PowerPoint for your successful presentation.

In this article, you will learn”

How to add notes to PowerPoint?
How to add notes to PowerPoint – Successful presentation with speaker notes – Source: Unsplash

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Good News – You Can Now Add Powerpoint Notes to AhaSlides

Given that you have to know how to add notes to PowerPoint when it comes to interactive activities such as surveys, games, quizzes, and more, supplement tools like online presentation tools can be more convenient and practical. You absolutely avoid time-consuming spending all day designing these interactive activities with complicated tasks.

For example, you can use AhaSlides software which is already integrated into PowerPoint add-ins. It is not surprising that AhaSlides allows you to customize notes in each of their interactive slides.

  • Step 1: Add AhaSlides to your PPT file via the PowerPoint add-ins feature
  • Step 2: Go straight to your AhaSlides account and the template you want to modify
  • Step 3: Go to the slide you want to add notes
  • Step 4: At the bottom of the page, there is empty space section that is the notes. You can freely customize texts as you want.
How to add notes in AhaSldies


  • Whatever you updated in your main account will be automatically updated in PowerPoint slides.
  • There are many available templates for you to edit based on your requirement which you definitely satisfied.

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5 Simple Steps to Add Notes to your Powerpoint

You will be beneficial when using notes in PowerPoint to deliver your presentation. So how to add notes to PowerPoint easily? The following 5 steps will save your day unexpectedly.

  • Step 1. Open file to work on presentation
  • Step 2. Under the Toolbar, check on the View tab and select the Normal or Outline View
  • Step 3. Go to the slides that you want to add notes
  • Step 4. There are two options for you to edit the notes:

Option 1: At the bottom of the slides, look for the section: Click to add notes. If this section doesn’t display, you can go to Notes in the Status bar, and click it to activate the notes-adding function.

How to add notes to PowerPoint?

Option 2: Click the View tab, and look for the Notes page, you will be automatically moved to Shape Format to do the edit,  the below slide is the notes section, select the notes placeholders you want to customize.

How to add notes to PowerPoint?
  • Step 5. Enter texts in the notes panes as much as you needed. You can freely edit the texts with bullets, capitalize texts, and emphasize the font with bold, italics, or an underline depending on your need. Use the Double-headed arrow pointer to drag and expand the notes’ boundary area if needed.

Tips: When it comes to a group project, go to Set Up Slide Show, and check the box for Keep slides updated.  

How to Start Presenting while Seeing Speaker Notes in Presenter’s view?

When adding notes, many presenters worry that audiences can see these notes accidentally or you cannot control the notes line if it is too many. Don’t panic, there are ways to handle it easily by using the presenter view function. You will be able to view the notes for each slide on your screen while presenting the slideshow on another. 

  • Step 1. Find the Slide show and click Presenter view
  • Step 2. Your notes will be on the right-hand side of the main slide. As you move each slide, the notes will appear accordingly.
How to add notes to PowerPoint?
  • Step 3. You can scroll down your notes if it is too long in your screen.

Tips: Select Display Settings, and then select Swap Presenter View and Slide Show if you want to distinguish the sides with notes or without notes.

How to Print PowerPoint slides with Notes?

You can set up Notes pages to act as a standalone document that can be shared with the audience when they want to read more details. Your slides can make sense and be explained clearly to the audience when they are displayed with notes.

  • Step 1: Go to File in the ribbon tab, then select Print option
  • Step 2: Under Setting, choose the second box (it is called Full Page Slides as default), then go for Print Layout, and select Notes Pages.

Tips: Modify other settings for additional changes, choose the handouts version, which slides to print, set the number of copies, etc, and print as usual. 

The Bottom Line

So, did you find out all that you need about How to add notes to PowerPoint? Updating new skills every day is needed to perform better in both working and learning. Besides, learning about using AhaSlides and other supplement tools can give you competitive advantages to impress your ideas to your teachers, bosses, customers, and more.

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