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Astrid Tran 11 April, 2024 5 min read

You aren't wrong, this Latin America Map Quiz will blow your mind. Many people don't get it right when they define Latin American countries.


What is Latin America? Where are they on the world map? Are you ready to set foot in this beautiful place? You should take a quick tour with Latin America Map Quiz to check how well you know about these countries.

What is another name of Latin America?Ibero-America
What are the 3 regions of Latin America called?Mexico and Central America, The Caribbean and South America
What is God in Latin name?Deus
How many latin countries are there?21
Overview of Latin America Map Quiz

Latin America has a unique and vibrant culture that you couldn't find anywhere outside this place. It is a rich tapestry woven with diverse influences, including indigenous traditions, European colonial heritage, and African roots. From Mexico to Argentina, each country in Latin America has its own distinct cultural characteristics and traditions, offering a multitude of experiences for exploration.

So, your first mission is to realize all Latin American countries on the map test in this article. Don't be afraid, let's go!

What makes Latin America so unique? Central and South American map quiz | Source: Shutterstock

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Latin America Map Quiz

Do you know that not all countries from Mexico to Argentina belong to Latin America? There are 21 countries that are included in this definition. Accordingly, it includes one country in North America, four countries in Central America, 10 countries in South America, and four countries in the Caribbean, defined as Latin American countries.

In this Latin America map quiz, we already point out 21 countries and you have to find what it is. After you finish the quiz, check out the answers at the bottom line of this section.

Latin America Map Quiz
Latin America Map Quiz


1- Mexico

2- Guatemala

3- El Salvador

4- Nicaragua

5- Honduras

6- Costa Rica

7- Panama

8- Cuba

9- Haiti

10- Dominican Republic

11- Puerto Rico

12- Venezuela

13- Colombia

14- Ecuador

15- Peru

16- Brazil

17- Bolivia

18- Paraguay

19- Chile

20- Argentina

21- Uruguay


Latin America Map Quiz with Capitals

latin america map quiz with capitals
Buenos Aires is the largest capital in Latin America | Source: Shutterstock

Here is the bonus game of the Latin America geography quiz, where you have to match the countries listed on the left column with their respective capitals on the right column. While there are some straightforward answers, be prepared for a few surprises along the way!

1. Mexico (Mexico capitals quiz)A. Bogotá
2. GuatemalaB. Brasília
3. HondurasC. San José
4. El SalvadorD. Buenos Aires
5. HaitiE. La Paz
6. PanamaF. Guatemala City
7. Puerto RicoG. Quito
8. NicaraguaH. Port-au-Prince
9. Dominican RepublicI. Havana
10. Costa RicaK. Tegucigalpa
11. CubaL. Mexico City
12. ArgentinaM. Managua
13. BrazilN. Panama City
14. ParaguayO. Caracas
15. UruguayP. San Juan
16. VenezuelaQ. Montevideo
17. BoliviaR. Asunción
18. EcuadorS. Lima
19. PeruT. San Salvador
20. ChileU. Santo Domingo
21. ColombiaV. Guatemala City
Latin America Map Quiz with Capitals


  1. Mexico - Mexico City
  2. Guatemala - Guatemala City
  3. Honduras - Tegucigalpa
  4. El Salvador - San Salvador
  5. Haiti - Port-au-Prince
  6. Panama - Panama City
  7. Puerto Rico - San Juan
  8. Nicaragua - Managua
  9. Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo
  10. Costa Rica - San José
  11. Cuba - Havana
  12. Argentina - Buenos Aires
  13. Brazil - Brasília
  14. Paraguay - Asunción
  15. Uruguay - Montevideo
  16. Venezuela - Caracas
  17. Bolivia - Sucre (constitutional capital), La Paz (seat of government)
  18. Ecuador - Quito
  19. Peru - Lima
  20. Chile - Santiago
  21. Colombia - Bogotá
latin america geography quiz
Latin america map quiz with capitals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Latin America?

Latin America refers to the region in the Americas that encompasses countries in which the predominant languages are derived from Latin, specifically Spanish, Portuguese, and social aspects are mainly affected by Catholicism.

What does Latin American mean in geography?

Geographically, Latin America includes countries in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. It spans from Mexico in North America to Argentina and Chile in South America and includes countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and many others.

Why is Latin America called a cultural region?

Most Latin American countries share similar cultures. These cultural elements include language, religion, traditions, values, customs, music, art, literature, and cuisine. Some of the most famous traditions are colorful festivals, dance forms like salsa and samba, and culinary traditions like tamales and feijoada, which further contribute to the cultural cohesion of Latin America.

What is the largest country in Latin America?

The largest country in Latin America, both in terms of land area and population, is Brazil. In addition, it is considered a powerful country in Latin America with the largest economy in the region and a member of the BRICS group of emerging economies.

Key Takeaways

If you are planning your next trip, and seeking a distinctive cultural experience, Latin American destinations are perfect for you. Whether you're strolling through the colonial streets of Cartagena in Colombia or hiking through the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia in Chile, you'll be immersed in a cultural mosaic that will leave a lasting impression.


And don't forget to find more information, learn some Spanish and take more Latin America quizzes before getting on your trip with AhaSlides. Share this quiz and have fun with your friends and examine whether they are also Latin lovers.

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