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Jane Ng 23 April, 2024 11 min read

Are you looking for minute to win it ideas? Minute to win it games is the best way to bring tons of laughter and excitement. Let's start with the top 21 questions as below!

A light warning to you that they are all super attractive games, not only to entertain you during weekend parties but also especially suitable for office challenges and team-building activities!

Check out top minute to win it questions as below! Let's get started!

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Minutes to win it games
Minutes to win it games. Image source: freepik


Who invented Minute To Win It Games?Derek Banner
When was Minute To Win It Games invented?2003
Original name of Minute to Win it Games?'You got one minute to win it'
Overview ofMinute To Win It Games

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What Are 'Minute To Win It Games'?

Inspired by NBC's Minute to Win It show, Minute to Win It games in real life were also created. In general, they are games that require players to complete challenges in just 60 seconds (or as quickly as possible) and then move on to another challenge.

These games are all fun and simple and don't take too much time or money to set up. They are sure to give the participants memorable laughs!

Best Minute To Win It Games

1/ Yummy Cookie Face

Get ready to train your facial muscles to enjoy the delicious taste of cookies. In this game, the simple things you need are just cookies (or Oreos) and a stopwatch (or smartphone).

This game goes like this: Each player has to put a cookie in the middle of their forehead, and slowly make the cake go into their mouth using only head and face movements. Absolutely do not use their hands or the help of others.

The player who drops the cake/doesn't eat the cake will be considered a failure or have to start over with a new cookie. Whoever gets the bite the fastest wins.

Oh, too hard to eat cookies. Image: Outscord

2/ Tower of Cups

Players or teams participating in this game will have one minute to stack 10 - 36 cups (the number of cups can vary depending on need) to form a pyramid/tower. And if the tower falls, the player will have to start over.

Whoever completes the tower the fastest, most solid, and does not fall will be the winner.

3/ Candy Toss

With this game, everyone will have to split into pairs to play. Each pair consists of one person holding the bowl and one throwing the candy. They will stand facing each other at a specified distance. The team that throws the most candy into the bowl first in a minute will be the winner.

(when playing this game, remember to choose candies that are covered to avoid waste if they fall to the ground).

4/ Egg Race

A classic game with a high level of difficulty. This game consists of eggs and plastic spoons as ingredients.

The player's task is to use the spoon as a means of bringing the egg to the finish line. The difficulty is that they have to hold the end of the spoon in their mouth without holding it with their hands. And then they run with the "spoon egg" duo to the finish line without dropping it.

The team that transports the most eggs within one minute will be the winner. (This is also can be played as a relay if you want).

5/ Back Flip - Challenge for golden hands

Want to be sure of your agility and dexterity? Try this game.

To start, you only need a box of unsharpened pencils. And as the name implies, you have to place two pencils on the back of your hand and flip them in the air. When these pencils fall, try to catch them and turn them over with more numbers.

Within a minute, whoever flips and catches the most pencils will be the winner.

Fun Minute To Win It Games

1/ Chopstick Race

Sounds like a simple minute to win it game for those who are proficient with chopsticks, right? But don't underestimate it. 

With this game, each player is given a pair of chopsticks to pick up something (like M&M or whatever is small, round, smooth, and harder to pick up) onto an empty plate.

In 60 seconds, whoever gets the most items on the plate will be the winner.

2/ Balloon Cup Stacking

Prepare 5-10 plastic cups and arrange them in a row on the table. The player will then be given an unblown balloon. 

Their task is to blow the balloon INSIDE the plastic cup so that it inflates enough to lift the cup. Thus, they will take turns using balloons to stack plastic cups into a stack. Whoever gets the stack in the shortest time will be the winner.

Another more popular version of this game is that instead of stacking, you can stack in a pyramid, like in the video below.

3/ Find Worms In Flour

Prepare a large tray filled with flour and "handy" hide the squishy worms (about 5 worms) in it. 

The player's task at this point is to use his mouth and face (completely not using his hands or other aids) to find the hidden worms. Players can blow, lick or do anything as long as they get the worm.

Whoever finds the most worms within 1 minute will be the winner.

4/ Feed Your Friend

This will be a game for you to understand how deep your friendship is (just kidding). With this game, everyone will play in pairs and receive a spoon, a box of ice cream, and a blindfold.

One of the two players will sit in the chair, and the other will be blindfolded and have to feed ice cream to his teammates (sounds interesting right?). The person sitting in the chair, in addition to the task of eating ice cream, can also instruct his friend to feed him as much as possible.

Then, the pair that eats the most ice cream in the allotted time will be the winner.

Easy Minute To Win It Games

1/ Delicious straws

Have some ring-shaped candies or simply cereals (10 - 20 pieces) and a small, long straw.

Then ask the players to use their mouths only, not their hands, to put candy into these straws. The person who can thread the most cereals in one minute will be the winner.

2/ Stuffed Marshmallows

This is a super simple game, but only for adults! As the name implies, you just need to prepare a lot of marshmallows. Then give the players a bag each and see how many marshmallows they can put in their mouths in 60 seconds.

In the end, the player with the fewest marshmallows left in the bag is the winner.


3/ Pick up cookies

Give the player a pair of chopsticks and a bowl of cookies. Their challenge is to use chopsticks to pick up cookies with THEIR MOUTHS. Yes, you did not hear wrong! Players will not be allowed to use chopsticks with their hands, but with their mouths.

Of course, the winner will be the one who picks up the most cookies.

Teambuilding Minute To Win It Games

1/ Wrap It Up

This game requires each team to have a minimum of 3 members. Teams will be given colored prizes or materials such as toilet paper and pens.

Within a minute, the teams will have to wrap one of their members with colored strips and toilet paper to make it as tight and beautiful as possible.

When the time is up, the judges will judge which team's "mummy" looks the best, and that team will be the winner.

2/ Name That Song

This game is for those who are confident with their musical knowledge. Because each participating team will hear a melody of a song (maximum 30 seconds) and have to guess what it is.

The team that guesses the most songs will be the winner. There will be no limit to the genres of music used in this game, it can be current hits but also movie soundtracks, symphonies, etc.

3/ Puddle Jumper

Players will sit in front of 5 plastic cups filled with water on the table and a ping pong ball. Their task is to breathe well, and take strength to ... blow the ball to help the ball jump from one "puddle" to another "puddle".

Players have one minute to "puddle" the ping-pong balls. And whoever successfully jumps over the most puddles wins.

4/ Hanging Donuts

Minute to Win it Games - Photo: marthastewart

The goal of this game is to eat the entire donut (or as much as you can) as it hangs in mid-air.

This game will be a bit more difficult than the above games because you have to take time to prepare the donuts and tie them to the dangling ropes (like hanging clothes). But don't hesitate because then you will surely have tears of laughter when you see the players struggling to eat these donuts.

Players will only be able to use their mouth, stand, kneel or jump to bite the cake and eat it for one minute without causing the cake to fall to the floor.

Of course, the person who finishes eating the cake the fastest will be the winner.

Minute To Win It Games For Adults

1/ Water Pong

Water Pong is a healthier version of beer pong. This game will be divided into two teams, each team will have 10 plastic cups filled with water and a ping pong ball. 

The team's mission is to throw the ping pong ball into the opposing team's cup within 60 seconds. The team that hits the ball the most wins.

2/ Rice Bowl

With just one hand, use chopsticks to move the grains of rice (note raw rice) from one bowl to another. Can you do it?

If you make it, congratulations! You are already the champion of this game! But only if you can transfer the most rice into the bowl within a minute!

3/ Cash Challenge

This is a game that will make everyone extremely nervous. Because the first ingredient you need for it is lots of cash, and the second is a straw.

Then place the cash on a plate. And players will have to use straws and mouths to move each bill to another empty plate.

Whoever carries the most money wins.

4/ Blowing Game

You will have an inflated balloon and a pyramid built out of 36 plastic cups. The player's challenge is to use the other balloon to knock down the pyramid of cups (as many as possible) within one minute.

The first person to knock down all of their cups, or have the fewest cups left after one minute) wins.

5/ Cereal Puzzles

Minute to Win it Games - Image: onegoodting

Collect cereal boxes (cardboard), cut them into squares, and shuffle them. Then give the players a minute to see who can solve the puzzle pieces to form a complete cardboard box.

Of course, the winner is the person who completes the task first or who gets to the finish line closest in one minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Minutes to Win it Games?

Under 60 seconds, the player must complete challenges continuously, and then move on to another challenge quickly. The more challenges they've completed, the better chance of winning they might gain.

Best Minute to Win it Activities in 2024?

Stack Attack, Ping Pong Madness, Cookie Face, Blow It Away, Junk in the Trunk, Stack 'Em Up, Spoon Frog, Cotton Ball Challenge, Chopstick Challenge, Face the Cookie, Paper Plane Precision, Suck It Up, Balloon Pop, Noodling Around and Nutstacker

When should I host a Minutes to Win it Game?

Any scenario, as it could be for high school or mid-school students, couples, large groups, for kids and for adults game session, etc...

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, with AhaSlides 21 Minute to Win It Games, you will have great entertainment moments. It is also a fun way to build close friendships and create memorable memories among friends, colleagues, and team members in general. In particular, you can also use these games in meetings as icebreakers.

And if you want to use Minute to Win It Games at parties or corporate events, plan ahead to ensure the space, as well as the necessary materials for them to avoid mistakes or unwarranted accident

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