Pub Quiz Round Ideas to Challenge Your Friends and Family in 2024

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Vincent Pham 10 April, 2024 4 min read

Pub Quiz Round Ideas are always fun, as the virtual pub quizzes have become a new trend on the internet, with friends and family competing over Zoom, Houseparty, Facebook, and any other video calling apps. If you are experiencing the same old quiz questions and are looking for new inspiration for the next one, our team at AhaSlides has put together an ultimate list of fun and popular pub quiz round ideas for you.

7 Pub Quiz Round Ideas to Challenge Your Friends and Family
Pub Quiz Round Ideas

How to Use These Pub Quiz Round Ideas Templates

All of the templates below are held on AhaSlides. You can download any template below for free, change it for free, and even host a live quiz online with under 8 participants for 100% free!

Better yet, there's no sign up required.

All you have to do is...

  • Click any of the buttons below to see the full pub quiz rounds in the AhaSlides editor.
  • Share the unique join code at the top of that quiz with your friends, who can play live on their phones while you host from your laptop.
  • Together, let's start to have some interesting funny quiz round ideas!!

👇 Here's an example of AhaSlides in action, to be one of the most popular quiz round themes; with our super popular Harry Potter quiz 👇

Host view (desktop) -Pub Quiz Round Ideas
Player view (phone) -Pub Quiz Round Ideas

Most Popular Quiz Rounds Ideas

Here are the 2 most popular pub quiz round ideas on AhaSlides: the general knowledge quiz and the Harry Potter quiz. Get 'em by clicking the banners below!

1. General Knowledge Quiz

The general knowledge quiz round is... well, broad and general. Expect questions regarding all facets of life. The most general questions tend to be the hardest.

Want more? You'll find 170 extra questions for a general knowledge pub quiz round right here!

2. Harry Potter Quiz

You're a quizzard, Harry. Separate the Muggles from the Potterheads with this magic-themed pub quiz round idea. Grab your wand and let's get started!

Banner heading to the Harry Potter Quiz on AhaSlides

Want more? You'll find all our Harry Potter quiz questions right here!

8 More Pub Quiz Round Ideas

Here are the rest of our ideas for an engaging pub quiz round, best to play with friends. Click the buttons below and these rounds will be yours!

3. Ultimate Pub Quiz

5 rounds and 40 questions of pure pub-friendly trivia.

4. Films Quiz

This quiz round is for every cinephile out there. Test your knowledge in film quotes, actors and actresses, directors, and more.

5. Friends TV Series Quiz

Step back into what TV producers thought friends got up to in the 90s.

Want more? Check out these 50 Friends Quiz Questions and Answers.

6. Football Quiz

Always a favourite pub quiz round, no matter where you're doing it.

7. Kids' Quiz

Your kids love knocking back the pints? Let them join in your pub quiz!

8. Name that Song Quiz

Guess the song as quickly as possible. 25 audio questions for music lovers!

9. Geography Quiz

Prove yourself a globetrotter with this geography quiz round. Best for family quiz ideas!

10. Marvel Universe Quiz

Step up and marvel at the franchise that just won't die!

Want more unique quiz round ideas? Check out these 50 Marvel Quiz Questions and Answers.

Psst, if you're looking for the ultimate bonus round, check out some of the top things you can do with our spinner wheel! Those are the best for online quiz for family, as a creative rounds for quiz

Alternative quiz ideas with AhaSlides

If you're looking for fun ideas for quiz nights, let's check out those few ideas