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Public Opinion Examples | Best Tips to Create A Poll in 2024

Public Opinion Examples | Best Tips to Create A Poll in 2024


Astrid Tran 21 Mar 2024 6 min read

Every year, millions of public opinion polling have been conducted to see what people want, think, and feel about particular topics. It gives us a valuable opportunity to see how public opinions have changed over time.

To understand more profoundly what public opinion means to society and how to host public opinion polls effectively, check out top public opinion examples which you should use in 2024!


When did the term “public opinion” come from?in 1588 by Michel de Montaigne
Who wrote the public opinion book?by Walter Lippmann published in 1922
Who invented the opinion poll?George Horace Gallup

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What is Public Opinion?

Public opinion refers to the collective beliefs, attitudes, judgments, and sentiments held by a significant portion of a population about various issues, events, policies, and matters of societal importance.

It is the result of interactions and discussions among individuals within a society and can influence decision-making processes, policy formulation, and the overall direction of a community or nation.

 Public opinion definition
Public opinion definition | Image: Freepik

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Which Factors Influence Public Opinion?

There are several factors that directly or indirectly affect how public opinion is shaped. In this article, we put focus on five significant influencers that stand out: social media, mass media, celebrities, religion, and cultural and social context.

Social Media

In the digital age, social media platforms have emerged as powerful tools for shaping public opinion. Though there is a low presence of public opinion on social media platforms, the influence of social media in collecting public opinion is still undeniable. The ability to quickly connect with like-minded individuals and draw attention to important issues has redefined the way social change is achieved and how public opinions are shaped.

Mass media

Traditional mass media, including television, newspapers, and radio, remain influential sources of information. These platforms can shape public opinion by selecting and framing news stories, which can ultimately exploit the public’s perceptions of events and issues. The editorial choices made by mass media organizations play a significant role in determining what topics receive attention and how they are portrayed.


Celebrities, who often hold significant public attention and social influence, can sway public opinion through their endorsements, statements, and actions. People may admire and emulate the beliefs and behaviors of celebrities they look up to, leading to shifts in societal attitudes on matters ranging from social justice to consumer preferences.

Impact of media and celebrities on culture
Impact of media and celebrities on culture | Image: Alamy


Religious beliefs and institutions have long been drivers of public opinion, shaping values, morals, and viewpoints on a wide range of issues. Religious leaders and pedagogy can guide individuals’ perspectives on social, ethical, and political matters, sometimes leading to broad shifts in societal norms and behaviors.

Cultural and Societal Context

It is also crucial to note that public opinion is affected by the cultural and societal context in which individuals live. Historical events, social norms, economic conditions, and political climates all play a role in shaping collective attitudes and beliefs. Changes in these broader contexts can lead to shifts in public opinion over time, as new challenges and opportunities emerge.

What are Public Opinion Examples?

Public Opinions today are different from the past, as more and more people have the right to speak out and vote for what matters to them. Here are some public opinion examples that highlight these differences:

Public Opinion Examples — in Democracy

When we mention public opinion, we usually link it to democracy. No one can ignore the importance of public opinion toward the functioning and success of a democratic society. 

Public opinion is intricately intertwined with democracy, playing a pivotal role in various aspects.

  • Public opinion influences the formulation and implementation of policies. Government policies that align with public sentiment are more likely to be effective and well-received.
  • Public opinion helps safeguard individual and collective rights by preventing the government from overstepping its boundaries and infringing on civil liberties.
  • Public opinion contributes to shaping societal norms and values, influencing cultural shifts, and promoting inclusivity and equity.

Voting is the best descriptor of public opinion examples. Presidential elections in the United States have the involvement of citizens across the country casting their votes to select the candidate they believe best represents their values, policies, and vision for the country.

public opinion examples
American Votings is one of the best Public Opinion examples | Image: Shutterstock

Public Opinion Examples —in Education

There is also a close connection between Public opinion and Education. 

When policymakers observe widespread public support or concern for specific educational issues, they are more likely to consider and address those concerns in policy decisions. 

For instance, public sentiment about standardized testing, curriculum content, school funding, and teacher evaluations can drive changes in education policies.

In addition, Public opinions about what should be taught in schools can influence curriculum development. Controversial topics such as sex education, climate change, and history curriculum often spark debates influenced by public attitudes and values.

For example, public opinion from parents opposing sex education in school has forced the Florida government to ban lessons about sexual orientation and materials not deemed age appropriate for K-3rd graders.

Public Opinion Examples — in Business

Businesses are highly attentive to public opinion. Understanding public opinion is a crucial aspect of their operations. To gain insights into public views, many companies utilize techniques such as public opinion voting or polling.

For example, many fashion retailers often use online surveys to understand the latest fashion trends and gather insights into consumer preferences. 

Furthermore, online review platforms and e-commerce websites allow customers to rate and review products and services, influencing other potential buyers.

Whether through online surveys, social media polls, or direct feedback channels, these businesses harness public opinion to refine their offerings and stay attuned to their customer’s preferences.

Public Opinion Examples — in Society

Today, social media and digital platforms have empowered individuals and communities to mobilize around causes they care about. 

Movements like #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and environmental activism have gained momentum by harnessing the power of public opinion through online petitions, hashtags, and viral content.

More recently, public opinion has driven conversations about LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, and inclusion. Public opinion on immigration policies also earns people’s attention and can influence a society’s stance on accepting refugees and migrants.

how media influences us
How media influences us – The power of hashtag | Image: Alamy

How to Create Public Opinion Polling?

Pollings and surveys are the best way to examine public opinion. 

It is easy to create a poll on any medium of media, from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to dedicated polling websites. 

In social media platforms, you can use their built-in polling features to create interactive polls within their posts or stories. In meanwhile, dedicated polling websites and applications provide more comprehensive tools for businesses to conduct surveys and polls.

If you are looking for an innovative way to conduct public opinion polling, AhaSlides can be your best helper. It allows you to design interactive polls, and freely integrate detailed questionnaires with multiple-choice options, open-ended questions, and rating scales if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What best describes public opinion?

Public or popular opinion is the collective opinion on a specific topic or voting intention relevant to society. It is the people’s views on matters affecting them.

What is public opinion in one sentence?

Public opinion can be simply defined as a belief or sentiment shared by most people or the people’s voice.

What is the meaning of public opinion in England?

According to British Dictionary, the definitions for public opinion involve the attitude of the public, mostly as a main factor that forces the government to take action.

How is PR different from public opinion?

Public relations (PR) implicates forming a likable business image for the public and how that image affects public opinion. Public relations is one way that organizations aim to shape public opinion; others include promotion, marketing, and sales.