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Does He Like Me Test | Free Quiz with 99% Accuracy!

Does He Like Me Test | Free Quiz with 99% Accuracy!

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Astrid Tran 28 Nov 2023 5 min read

Take the Quick Does He Like Me test and find your true lover in a minute!

Have you ever sat alone in the corner of your bed, removed all the petals from a flower, and wondered if the crush liked you or not? “How much does he like me?” Does he truly feel something about me, or is he a red flag? A dozen questions make you irritated, perplexed, and unable to act appropriately.

Forget it, there is a better option available now. Seek the answer with the free “Does He Like Me Test” with 10 questions. This quick test will unravel all your concerns.

Does He Like Me Test
Does He Like Me Test

Table of Contents:

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Does He Like Me Test 

1. Did he say he liked you?

a. Yes, he directly says like me

b. No, I am not sure about how he feels about me.

c. I’m not sure he said he was curious about me.

d. No, he told me that he’s not fascinated by me.

2. Has he introduced you to his friends?

a. We enjoyed dinner with a few of his friends, several of whom I know well.

b. I know one or two people.

c. When I unintentionally went out, I got to know a couple of his buddies.

d. I hardly knew anyone because he said he didn’t want to be bothered.

3. Does he offer a weekly invitation to go out or chat?

a. He constantly asks me out on his initiative, and even when he’s busy, we still talk every night by phone.

b. It’s split 50/50.

c. He has many reasons to be busy and sometimes invites me out.

c. Usually, I ask him to come hang out.

4. Do your friends believe he has feelings for you? 

a. Sure, they always tell me to ask him out!

b. They are not familiar enough with him to pass judgment. 

c. They simply fear that I’ll get my feelings wounded.

d. They felt he didn’t mean anything about me.

5. Does he often tag you in his stories on social media? 

a. Sure

b. No, but he hardly ever posts anything. 

c. He said he doesn’t like sharing personal information on social networks.

d. We don’t follow each other on social media.

Does He Like Me Test Questions
Does He Like Me Test Questions

6. Do you and he discuss plans for the future frequently?

a. We talk about it all the time.

b. Occasionally, but generally, don’t delve too far into this discussion

c. He said to focus on the present.

d. No, never.

7. Has he inquired about how you feel about him? 

a. He always asks me!

b. He also asked me a few times

c. Sporadically, but he never returned the favor.

d. My feelings don’t seem to be of any interest to him.

8. Does he find excuses to touch you?

a. He always throws an arm over my shoulder or brushes my hair out of my face.

b. He always hugs me when he greets me

c. Not too often, but perhaps once in a while.

d. Sadly, he doesn’t.

9. Does he subtly compliment you?

a. Yes, he always has something nice to say about my laugh or attire when we speak.

b. Last week, he spotted my new hairstyle. Does that qualify? 

c. Although it’s not very constant, he can be flattering.

d. I don’t recall him ever giving me praise.

10. He proactively picks you up when going out and is on time

a. Of course. He usually picks me up and doesn’t let me come home late alone.

b. Sometimes we go together,  it depends on his situation.

c. He picked me up a few times.

d. I usually take the initiative in riding my car and so does he.

Does He Like Me Test — Answers Reveal

  • Most of the answers are A meaning he is definitely into you. He cares about you every little bit. The topic that was introduced to you is a sign of a dangerous person and no other relationship.
  • Most of the answers are B meaning he likes you as well but you are not his priority. Don’t let that depress you, though; they just have a lot of other objectives that require more focus. Additionally, they can be thoughtless and immature at times. That is how a lot of guys are.
  • Most of the answers are C meaning though he’s not entirely sure if he’ll pursue a serious relationship with you, he might be keen on you. In reality, he doesn’t give a damn about you. You will have setbacks and hurts if he texts you sporadically, occasionally being proactive and other times not, and conceals relationships with you.
  • Most of the answers are D meaning he doesn’t have feelings for you. He doesn’t initiate conversations or contact. He avoids spending time with you so don’t seem too busy to hang out with you. 

Key Takeaways

How do you feel after finishing the Does He Like Me test? This fun quiz is not always 100% correct, so you might want to spend more time to understand someone you like. Remember, no matter what it is, you should love yourself more than anything else and respect your emotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sure signs that a guy likes you?

There are some clear signs that he is into you such as initiative texting and calling you in his free time, making an effort to go out with you every week, taking a look at you every time, and sometimes being shy when sitting with you.

What are some signs a guy shows if he secretly likes you but knows you two can’t be together?

A man might show certain behaviors if he is attracted to you but is aware that you are not suitable. He maintains contact with you, ready to help you and even secretly help you. He wants to touch you subtly and look at you with puppy eyes.

How do you tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it?

He may be trying to disguise his affection for you if he blushes, trembles, or perspires while you’re close to him. He can seem anxious, hesitate when talking, or behave strangely around you.