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40 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers: AhaSlides on Tap #4 (Free Download!)

40 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers: AhaSlides on Tap #4 (Free Download!)

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Lawrence Haywood 10 Feb 2022 7 min read

Pub quizzes are no less than a worldwide institution. Beloved by all, but speaking from personal experience, an absolute pain in the backside to arrange.

That’s why we’re pouring out the trivia for you. Every week in our AhaSlides on Tap series we’re giving you 40 pub quiz questions and answers, all in one concise delivery, straight to your cellar hatch.

Here’s week 4. This round’s on us.

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We’re talking about the future of pub quizzes here. No more paper waste, no dodgy handwriting, no ambiguous answers and no shady dealings when teams mark each other’s answers. We’re talking software that makes things smooth, transparent, super fun and hugely varied (think multiple choice, image, audio AND open-ended questions).

We’re talking AhaSlides.

How does it work? Easy – you ask quiz questions from your laptop and your players answer them with their phones.

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Your 40 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Got a fear of the new? Don’t sweat it. Below you’ll find all 40 pub quiz questions and answers in good old text form 👇

Please note that many of the questions in the quiz are image or audio-based, which means we’ve had to alter them to be able to write them here. You can check out the original questions on AhaSlides.

Round 1: Space 🪐

  1. What’s the only planet in the solar system that isn’t named after a Greek god or goddess? Earth
  2. Pluto’s reclassification as a dwarf planet happened in which year? 2001 // 2004 // 2006 // 2008
  3. How long does it take for the sun’s light to reach Earth? 8 seconds // 8 minutes // 8 hours // 8 days
  4. Which constellation is the closest to Earth? Hercules // Centaurus // Orion // Ursa Major
  5. Who was the first person to travel to space in 1961? Yuri Romanenko // Yuri Glaskov // Yuri Malyshev // Yuri Gagarin
  6. Which element makes up 92% of the sun? Hydrogen
  7. What is the name of the boundary around a black hole where light cannot escape the hole’s gravitational pull? Event horizon // Singularity // Accretion disk // Photon ring
  8. What is the name of the galaxy that is closest to the Milky Way? Whirlpool // Tadpole // Andromeda // Messier 83
  9. What is the name of the ‘cosmic doughnut’ of ice and rock that lies close to the orbit of Neptune? Oort Cloud // Quaoar Wall // Kuiper Belt // Torus Nebula
  10. Which nebula is closest to Earth? Orion // Crab // Horsehead // Cat Eye

Round 2: Friends (TV show) 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

  1. What instrument does Phoebe play? Guitar // Piano // Saxophone // Violin
  2. What is Monica’s job? Chef
  3. In the first episode, Rachel runs away from her wedding. What was the name of the man she was going to marry? Barry
  4. Which of these does Chandler consider way out of his league? Betty Boop // Jessica Rabbit // Linda Belcher // Lola Bunny
  5. Who was Monica’s first kiss? Richard // Chandler // Ross // Pete
  6. What was the show called before it was officially titled ‘Friends’? Sleepless Cafe // Amigo’s Cafe // Insomnia Cafe // Noisy Cafe
  7. Which of these jobs did Chandler NOT hold? Data analyst // IT procurements manager // Junior advertising copywriter // Online quality assurance and control
  8. How much of Joey’s heritage is Portuguese? 1/2 // 1/4 // 1/8 // 1/16
  9. Chandler claims that his last name is Gaelic for what? “Huzzah! The team has scored” // “Thy turkey’s done” // “Thou hast received a telegram” // “Let us search for thy answer
  10. What sweet treat do Ross and Rachel share in the pilot? Cupcake // Chips Ahoy // Oreo // Fudge Round

Round 3: Flags 🎌

  1. Which of these flags DOESN’T contain a crescent moon and star? Pakistan // Tunisia // Morocco // Turkey
  2. The flag of Russia has red, white and which other colour? Blue // Green // Black // Orange
  3. Which flag contains a dark blue circle at the centre that says ‘ordem e progresso’? Portugal // Cape Verde // Brazil // Suriname
  4. Which of these flags DOESN’T contain 3 horizontal stripes? Estonia // Hungary // Berlarus // Armenia
  5. What is the central colour in South Africa’s flag? Black // Yellow // Red // Green
  6. The flag of which British overseas territory contains a castle with a key? Cook Islands // Virgin Islands // Anguila // Gibraltar
  7. What is the central colour in Mongolia’s 3-stripe flag? Blue // Red // Yellow // White
  8. Which of these flags contains more than one star? Panama // Togo // North Korea // Malaysia
  9. Which flag features the most points on a star? Trindad & Tobago // Marshall Islands // Fiji // Solomon Islands
  10. Which two European islands feature a triskelion (3-pronged spiral) on their flag? Minorca and Svalbard // Isle of Man and Sicily // Faroe and Greenland // Orkney and Aaland

Round 4: General Knowledge 🙋‍♀️

  1. In what year did the First World War end? 1918
  2. In which city might you find the Petronas Twin Towers? Singapore // Kuala Lumpur // Tokyo // Bangkok
  3. Which actor has portrayed James Bond in 8 movies, the most of anyone? Timothy Dalton // Piers Brosnan // Roger Moore // Sean Connery
  4. What 1960s’ American pop group was credited with creating the “surfin’ sound”? The Beach Boys // The B-52s // The Monkees // The Eagles
  5. Who scored the only goal in Chelsea’s 1-0 win over Man City in the 2021 Champions League Final? Mason Mount // N’golo Kante // Kai Havertz // Timo Werner
  6. What’s the biggest technology company in South Korea, according to the Fortune 500? Hyundai // Samsung // Huawei // Kia
  7. How many hearts does an octopus have? 3
  8. Select all of the playable characters in the board game ‘Cluedo’. Professor Plum // Lord Lime // Doctor Drip // Mrs Peacock // Colonel Mustard // Reverend Green
  9. Which metal was discovered by Hans Christian Oersted in 1825? Titanium // Nickel // Copper // Aluminium
  10. Which conceptual artist created ‘Mother and Child, Divided’ in 1993? Jonas Gerard // James Rosenquist // David Hockney // Damien Hurst

How to Use this Quiz on AhaSlides

Setting up and playing this pub quiz on AhaSlides is super simple. You can do it all in the 6 quick steps below:

Step #1 – Download the quiz for free

You can claim all 40 questions and answers for your pub quiz in just one click. There’s not even a sign-up necessary until you want to present your quiz at the pub.

Step #2 – Look through the questions

Scroll down through the left-hand column and check out all of the slides (headings, questions and leaderboard slides).

Checking the 40 quiz questions and answers on the AhaSlides editor before running a live quiz.

Once you select a slide, you’ll see the following information across the 3 columns of your screen:

  • Left column – Vertical list of all slides in the quiz.
  • Middle column – What the slide looks like.
  • Right column – All information and settings about the selected slide.

Step #3 – Change anything

Once you download all 40 pub quiz questions and answers – they’re 100% yours! You can change them to make them easier or harder, or even add your own from scratch.

Here are some ideas:

  • Change the question ‘type’ – You can convert any multiple choice question into an open-ended question in the ‘type’ tab in the right-hand column.
  • Change the time limit or scoring system – Both can be found in the ‘content’ tab in the right-hand column.
  • Add your own! – Click ‘new slide’ in the top left corner and create your own question.
  • Stick a break slide in – Insert a ‘heading’ slide when you want to give time for players to come to the bar.
Changing the content and rules in the 40 quiz questions an answers on AhaSlides.

Step #4 – Test it out

On a handful of devices, join your quiz using the unique URL at the top of each slide. Progress through a few questions and leaderboard slides on your laptop while you and your fellow testers answer on the other devices.

Step #5 – Set up the teams

On the night of your quiz, gather the names of each team that’s taking part.

  • Head to ‘settings’ ➟ ‘quiz settings’ ➟ check ‘play as team ➟ click ‘set up’.
  • Enter the number of teams and the maximum number of participants in each team (‘team size’).
  • Choose the team scoring rules.
  • Enter the team names.
Setting up the teams for a live pub quiz on the AhaSlides editor.

When the players are joining the quiz on their phones, they’ll be able to select the team they’re playing for from a dropdown list.

Step #6 – Showtime!

Time to get quizzical.

  • Invite all of your players to join your quiz room via your unique URL code.
  • Press the ‘present’ button.
  • Proceed through the questions with all the poise and charm that you have always brought to the quiz master role.

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