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40 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers: AhaSlides on Tap #1 (Free Download!)

40 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers: AhaSlides on Tap #1 (Free Download!)

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Lawrence Haywood 10 Feb 2022 7 min read

Pub quizzes are no less than a worldwide institution. Beloved by all, but speaking from personal experience, an absolute pain in the backside to arrange.

That’s why we’re pouring out the trivia for you. Every week in our AhaSlides on Tap series we’re giving you 40 pub quiz questions and answers, all in one concise delivery, straight to your cellar hatch.

We’re starting, as is traditional, with week 1.

This round’s on us.

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What if we told you that you could get all 40 pub quiz questions and answers, and the means to host a live quiz, instantly?

We’re talking about the future of pub quizzes here. No more paper waste, no dodgy handwriting, no ambiguous answers and no shady dealings when teams mark each other’s answers. We’re talking software that makes things smooth, transparent, super fun and hugely varied (think multiple choice, image, audio AND open-ended questions).

We’re talking AhaSlides.

How does it work? Easy – you ask quiz questions from your laptop and your players answer them with their phones.

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Want to try it out? Forget the taster – have a full free pint.
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This AhaSlides quiz is viewable and playable for free with up to 7 players. If you have more players, you’ll have to choose a plan from $2.95 (£2.10) per event – less than half a Carlsberg! Check out the plans on our pricing page.

Your 40 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Don’t want to embrace the new? No problem. We’ve got all 40 pub quiz questions and answers in old-school form right here 👇

Please note that many of the questions in the quiz are image or audio-based, which means we’ve had to alter them to be able to write them here. You can check out the original questions on AhaSlides.

Round 1: Flags 🎌

  1. What colour are the stars in the flag of New Zealand? White // Red // Blue // Yellow
  2. Which flag contains the Ashoka Chakhra, a 24-spoke wheel, at its centre? India // Sri Lanka // Bangladesh // Pakistan
  3. What’s the name of the iconic building on the Cambodian flag? Shwe Dagon Pagoda // Angkor Wat // Fushimi Inari Taisha // Yogyakarta
  4. Which country’s flag contains the largest star of all world flags? Central African Republic // Suriname // Myanmar // Yemen
  5. Which flag contains a black double-headed eagle against a red background? Albania
  6. The flag of which country is the only one in the world that isn’t a rectangle or square? Nepal
  7. Which is the only U.S state with a flag containing the Union Jack? New Hampshire // Rhode Island // Massachusetts // Hawaii
  8. Brunei’s flag contains yellow, white, red and what other colour? Black
  9. Which of these countries has the most stars on its flag? Uzbekistan (12 stars) // Papua New Guinea (5 stars) // China (5 stars)
  10. With 12 different colours, which country’s flag is the most colourful in the world? Belize // Seychelles // Bolivia // Dominica

Round 2: Music 🎵

  1. Which 2000s British boy band was named after a colour? Blue
  2. Which The Killers album featured their massive hit, ‘Mr. Brightside’? Sawdust // Day & Age // Hot Fuss // Sam’s Town
  3. Which woman has won 24 musical grammy awards, the most in history? Beyoncé // Adele // Aretha Franklin // Alison Krauss
  4. What is the name of Natasha Beddingfield’s singer brother? Daniel
  5. Ian McCulloch was the leader singer of which 70s alternative rock band? Joy Division // Talking Heads // The Cure // Echo and the Bunnymen

Note: Questions 5 – 10 are audio questions and can only be played on the quiz.

Round 3: Sports ⚽

  1. In pool, what is the number on the black ball? 8
  2. Which tennis player won the Monte Carlo Masters for 8 years in a row? Roger Federer // Fabio Fognini // Bjorn Borg // Rafael Nadal
  3. Who won the 2020 Super Bowl, their first such title in 50 years? San Francisco 49ers // Green Bay Packers // Baltimore Ravens // Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Which footballer currently holds the record for the highest number of assists in the Premier League? Frank Lampard // Ryan Giggs // Steven Gerrard // Cesc Fabregas
  5. Which city hosted the 2000 Olympic Games? Sydney
  6. Edgbaston is a cricket ground in which English city? Leeds // Birmingham // Nottingham // Durham
  7. Which national team has a 100% record in finals of the Rugby World Cup? South Africa // All Blacks // England // Australia
  8. Including the players and referees, how many people are on the ice during an ice hockey match? 16
  9. At what age did Chinese golfer Tianlang Guan make his first appearance in The Master’s Tournament? 12 // 14 // 16 // 18
  10. What is the name of the Swedish pole vaulter who currently holds the world record? Armand Duplantis

Round 4: The Animal Kingdom 🦊

  1. Which of these is NOT an animal of the Chinese Zodiac? Rooster // Monkey // Pig // Elephant
  2. What two animals make up Australian coat of arms? Wombat & wallaby // Snake & spider // Kangaroo & emu // Dragon & dingo
  3. When cooked, which animal becomes ‘fugu’, a delicacy in Japan? Shrimp // Pufferfish // Shark // Eel
  4. ‘Apiculture’ relates to the raising of which animals? Bees
  5. Ocelots live mainly on which continent? Africa // Asia // Europe // South America
  6. Someone with ‘musophobia’ suffers from a fear of which animal? Meerkats // Elephants // Mice // Ostriches
  7. ‘Entomology’ is the study of what kind of animals? Insects
  8. Which animal has the longest tongue in relation to its body length? Anteater // Chameleon // Sun bear // Hummingbird
  9. (Audio question – check the quiz to see it)
  10. What is the name of the world’s only flightless parrot, which lives in New Zealand? Kakapo

How to Use this Quiz on AhaSlides

Setting up and playing this pub quiz on AhaSlides is super simple. You can do it all in the 6 quick steps below:

Step #1 – Download the quiz for free

You can claim all 40 questions and answers for your pub quiz in just one click. There’s not even a sign-up necessary until you want to present your quiz at the pub.

Step #2 – Look through the questions

Scroll down through the left-hand column and check out all of the slides (headings, questions and leaderboard slides).

Looking through the questions of the downloadable 40 pub quiz questions and answers from AhaSlides.

Once you select a slide, you’ll see the following information across the 3 columns of your screen:

  • Left column – Vertical list of all slides in the quiz.
  • Middle column – What the slide looks like.
  • Right column – All information and settings about the selected slide.

Step #3 – Change anything

Once you download all 40 pub quiz questions and answers – they’re 100% yours! You can change them to make them easier or harder, or even add your own from scratch.

Here are some ideas:

  • Change the question ‘type’ – You can convert any multiple choice question into an open-ended question in the ‘type’ tab in the right-hand column.
  • Change the time limit or scoring system – Both can be found in the ‘content’ tab in the right-hand column.
  • Add your own! – Click ‘new slide’ in the top left corner and create your own question.
  • Stick a break slide in – Insert a ‘heading’ slide when you want to give time for players to come to the bar.
The AhaSlides quiz editor.

Step #4 – Test it out

On a handful of devices, join your quiz using the unique URL at the top of each slide. Progress through a few questions and leaderboard slides on your laptop while you and your fellow testers answer on the other devices.

Step #5 – Set up the Teams

On the night of your quiz, gather the names of each team that’s taking part.

  • Head to ‘settings’ ➟ ‘quiz settings’ ➟ check ‘play as team ➟ click ‘set up’.
  • Enter the number of teams and the maximum number of participants in each team (‘team size’).
  • Choose the team scoring rules.
  • Enter the team names.
Changing the team settings in the free downloadable 40 pub quiz questions and answers on AhaSlides.

When the players are joining the quiz on their phones, they’ll be able to select the team they’re playing for from a dropdown list.

Step #6 – Showtime!

Time to get quizzical.

  • Invite all of your players to join your quiz room via your unique URL code.
  • Press the ‘present’ button.
  • Proceed through the questions with all the poise and charm that you have always brought to the quiz master role.

Need some Inspiration? 💡

BeerBods, one of the biggest craft beer clubs in the UK, regularly attracted 3,000+ people to their online pub quizzes in 2020. Here’s a clip of them running their trivia nights on AhaSlides 👇

Click here to find out how Peter Bodor, a professional quiz master in Hungary, gained 4,000+ players with AhaSlides. You can also check out our top tips for hosting a virtual pub quiz right here.

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