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40 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers: AhaSlides on Tap #2 (Free Download!)

40 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers: AhaSlides on Tap #2 (Free Download!)

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Lawrence Haywood 10 Feb 2022 7 min read

Pub quizzes are no less than a worldwide institution. Beloved by all, but speaking from personal experience, an absolute pain in the backside to arrange.

That’s why we’re pouring out the trivia for you. Every week in our AhaSlides on Tap series we’re giving you 40 pub quiz questions and answers, all in one concise delivery, straight to your cellar hatch.

Here’s week 2. This round’s on us.

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What if we told you that you could get all 40 pub quiz questions and answers, and the means to host your quiz, instantly?

We’re talking about the future of pub quizzes here. No more paper waste, no dodgy handwriting, no ambiguous answers and no shady dealings when teams mark each other’s answers. We’re talking software that makes things smooth, transparent, super fun and hugely varied (think multiple choice, image, audio AND open-ended questions).

We’re talking AhaSlides.

How does it work? Easy – you ask quiz questions from your laptop and your players answer them with their phones.

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Your 40 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Got a fear of the new? Don’t sweat it. Below you’ll find all 40 pub quiz questions and answers in good old text form 👇

Please note that many of the questions in the quiz are image or audio-based, which means we’ve had to alter them to be able to write them here. You can check out the original questions on AhaSlides.

Round 1: Films 🎥

  1. Which film has this quote? “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” Good Will Hunting // Dead Poets Society // Ferris Bueller’s Day Off // The Breakfast Club
  2. Which 1993 film set in WWII, stars Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes? The English Patient // The Pianist // Schindler’s List // The Reader
  3. Which actor received Oscar nominations for Street Smart, Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption and Invictus? Morgan Freeman // Jessica Tandy // Matt Damon // Tim Robbins
  4. Which Hollywood director made his directorial debut with ‘Duel’ in 1971? George Lucas // Martin Scorcese // Steven Spielberg // Woody Allen
  5. In the film ‘Cars’, who voices the character Lightning McQueen? Tom Hanks // Owen Wilson // Ben Stiller // Matthew McConaughey
  6. Which film begins with this line – “After I killed him, I dropped the gun in the Thames, washed the residue off me hands in the bathroom of a Burger King, and walked home to await instructions.” In Bruges // The Man from U.N.C.L.E // Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy // Skyfall
  7. Which film won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Picture? The Hurt Locker // Argo // The King’s Speech // The Artist
  8. Which coming of age drama, set in the American Civil war, was an adaptation of a book by Louisa M. Alcott? Little Men // An Old Fashioned Girl // Eight cousins // Little Women
  9. Which French actress starred alongside Tom Hanks as Agent Sophie Neveu in the 2006 film The Da Vinci Code? Melanie Laurent // Audrey Tautou // Marion Cotillard // Eva Green
  10. Which film starred Harrison Ford, Sean Young, and Rutger Hauer? Blade Runner // Raiders of the Lost Ark // The Fugitive // Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Round 2: Harry Potter Beasts 🧙‍♂️🐉

  1. What type of animal is Hagrid’s pet, Buckbeak? Owl // Phoenix // Hippogriff // Vulture
  2. What’s the name of Hagrid’s 3-headed dog that protects the Philosopher’s Stone? Fluffy
  3. What was the name of the Black family’s house elf? Dobby // Winky // Kreacher // Hokey
  4. What is a thestral? A half-giant // An invisible winged horse // A shrunken head // A pixie
  5. What was the name of the animal that acted as the snitch in early Quidditch games? Golden Snackett // Golden Stonch // Golden Steen // Golden Snidget
  6. When unearthed, a mandrake will do what? Dance // Burp // Scream // Laugh
  7. Cedric Diggory faced what breed of dragon in the Triwizard Tournament? Swedish Short-Snout // Peruvian Vipertooth // Common Welsh Green // Norwegian Ridgeback
  8. The tears of which animal are the only known antidote to basilisk venom? Phoenix // Billywig // Hippogriff // Demiguise
  9. What’s the name of the gigantic spider that almost killed Harry, Ron and Fang in the Forbidden Forest? Shelob // Villeneueve // Aragog // Dennis
  10. Select all 4 centaurs named in the Harry Potter books. Bane // Firenze // Falco // Magorian // Alderman // Ronan // Lurius

Round 3: Geography 🌍

  1. What is the name of the longest mountain range in South America? Andes
  2. In which city is the famous Edvard Eriksen statute, The Little Mermaid? Oslo // Stockholm // Copenhagen // Helsinki
  3. What is the longest suspension bridge in the world? Golden Gate Bridge // Akashi Kaikyō Bridge // Xihoumen Bridge // Clifton Suspension Bridge
  4. The highest waterfall in Europe is in which country? Iceland // Finland // Sweden // Norway
  5. What is the largest city in the world in terms of population density? Beijing // Manila // Mumbai // New York
  6. Which city, translated to English, means ‘muddy confluence’? Singapore // Jakarta // Kuala Lumpur // Hong Kong
  7. The world’s shortest international border runs just 150m long and connects Zambia with which other country? Botswana // Uganda // Kenya // Angola
  8. Where is the Bridge of Sighs? Paris // Venice // Tokyo // San Francisco
  9. What is the capital city of Namibia? Ouagadougou // Accra // Windhoek // Kigali
  10. Which of these cities has the largest population? New Delhi // Mexico City // Shanghai // Sao Paulo

Round 4: General Knowledge 🙋

  1. If you add the titles of all 3 Adele albums together, what number do you end up with? 65
  2. From which port city in England did the Titanic leave in 1912? Dover // Liverpool // Southampton // Grimsby
  3. Which sign of the zodiac runs from 23rd August to 22nd September? Virgo
  4. ‘Which professional sport did bank robber John Dillinger play? Football // American football // Baseball // Basketball
  5. Which artist completed a piece titled ‘Self-Portait with Two Circles’ in 1669? Rembrandt // Claude Monet // Vincent van Gogh // Leondardo Da Vinci
  6. Which company launched the perfume ‘Eau Sauvage’ in 1966? Yves Saint Laurent // Christian Dior // Hermès // Gucci
  7. Who was the Vietnamese revolutionary leader responsible for leading Vietnam to independence against France, then the U.S? Ho Chi Minh
  8. What is the chemical symbol for gold? Au
  9. How many on-field players are there in an American football team? 9 // 11 // 13 // 15
  10. Select ALL of the nocturnal animals. Badger // Orangutan // Wolf // Poison dart frog // Flying squirrel // Weasel // Emu

How to Use this Quiz on AhaSlides

Setting up and playing this pub quiz on AhaSlides is super simple. You can do it all in the 6 quick steps below:

Step #1 – Download the quiz for free

You can claim all 40 questions and answers for your pub quiz in just one click. There’s not even a sign-up necessary until you want to present your quiz at the pub.

Step #2 – Look through the questions

Scroll down through the left-hand column and check out all of the slides (headings, questions and leaderboard slides).

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Once you select a slide, you’ll see the following information across the 3 columns of your screen:

  • Left column – Vertical list of all slides in the quiz.
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  • Right column – All information and settings about the selected slide.

Step #3 – Change anything

Once you download all 40 pub quiz questions and answers – they’re 100% yours! You can change them to make them easier or harder, or even add your own from scratch.

Here are some ideas:

  • Change the question ‘type’ – You can convert any multiple choice question into an open-ended question in the ‘type’ tab in the right-hand column.
  • Change the time limit or scoring system – Both can be found in the ‘content’ tab in the right-hand column.
  • Add your own! – Click ‘new slide’ in the top left corner and create your own question.
  • Stick a break slide in – Insert a ‘heading’ slide when you want to give time for players to come to the bar.
The AhaSlides editor - changing the content of a quiz question.

Step #4 – Test it out

On a handful of devices, join your quiz using the unique URL at the top of each slide. Progress through a few questions and leaderboard slides on your laptop while you and your fellow testers answer on the other devices.

Step #5 – Set up the teams

On the night of your quiz, gather the names of each team that’s taking part.

  • Head to ‘settings’ ➟ ‘quiz settings’ ➟ check ‘play as team ➟ click ‘set up’.
  • Enter the number of teams and the maximum number of participants in each team (‘team size’).
  • Choose the team scoring rules.
  • Enter the team names.
Setting up teams on the 40 pub quiz question and answer template from AhaSlides.

When the players are joining the quiz on their phones, they’ll be able to select the team they’re playing for from a dropdown list.

Step #6 – Showtime!

Time to get quizzical.

  • Invite all of your players to join your quiz room via your unique URL code.
  • Press the ‘present’ button.
  • Proceed through the questions with all the poise and charm that you have always brought to the quiz master role.

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