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14+ Excellent Interactive Games For Training Sessions | 2024 Reveals


Astrid Tran 08 January, 2024 10 min read

The workplace is changing rapidly. Employees now bring different expectations, priorities, and technological proficiencies. Millennial and Gen Z workers have grown up with learning is not limited to classroom lectures, they expect more innovations and creativities.

Thus, traditional training should be evolved as well to adapt to the of the young’s interest.

It is why incorporating interactive games for training sessions is an unavoidable trend. Let’s take a closer look at the best 14 interactive games for training sessions to increase employee’s engagement and satisfaction.

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Tips for Training Sessions

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The Importance of Interactive Games For Training Sessions

With budgets tight across sectors, no manager wants to pursue hip new trends without evidence behind it. Fortunately, data validates the positive impacts from adopting interactive games for training sessions.

Studies by researchers like Karl Kapp show interactive learning simulations and games improve recall by over 70% compared to lectures or textbooks. Trainees are also 85% more motivated to learn using gaming methods.

At technology giant Cisco, an interactive customer service game played by 2300 trainees increased knowledge retention by 9%, while cutting onboarding time nearly in half. L’Oréal saw similar results through branded role playing games introducing new cosmetic products, which lifted in-game sales conversion rates up to 167% higher than standard e-learning training.

14+ Best Interactive Games For Training Sessions

Ready to make a change in corporate training Equip your quest with these top interactive games for training sessions. Easy to set up and full of thrills.

Trivia Quizzes

Quiz is not new in training program, but the thing that make it become special is the employment of gamification elements. Gamified-based trivia quiz is the best choice for training game. It is fun and engaging, which can create a healthy competition among learners.

This approach transforms training into a dynamic and interactive journey, leaving participants motivated and eager to explore more. While you can use traditional way to host trivia, yet using interactive quiz templates like AhaSlides can be more effective and time-saving.

interactive games for training sessions
Interactive games for training sessions

Role-play Game

Utilizing role-play as a training game is also a great idea. It can help to enhance communication, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, negotiation, and more. And it is important to give feedback to the role play game because it is practical way to reinforce learning and guide participants toward improvement.

Human Knot

A good corporate training should involves physical activities. Rather sitting at one place, get the body moving with human knot game is excellent idea. The goal of the game is to promote teamwork and bondings. What makes it one of great interactive games for training sessions is everyone cannot let go of each other’s hands.

Helium Stick

To quickly break the ice and increase energy, helium stick is a great option. This training game is best for encourage laughter, interaction, and a positive group atmosphere. It is easy to set up, all you need is a long, lightweight pole (such as a PVC pipe) that the group will hold horizontally using only their index fingers. No gripping or pinching is allowed. If someone loses contact, the group must start over.

The Question Game

What are the best interactive games for training sessions? There are no better game than the question games like The 20 questions game, Would you rather…, Never have ever…, This or That, and more. The element of fun and the unexpected questions can bring laugh, joy, and connection to the whole group. Some great questions to start like:  “Would you rather go deep-sea diving or bungee jumping?”, or “Shoes or slippers?”, “Cookies or chips?”.

games to play in training sessions
Games to play in training session

“Find Two People”

The premise is straightforward: participants are given a list of characteristics or traits, and the goal is to find two people in the group who match each criterion. It not only promotes interaction and communication but also lays the foundation for a collaborative and interconnected group dynamic.

Scavenger Hunt

This is classic game for social events and educational program, and trainers can utilized it for the corporate training. It involves participants searching for specific items, solving clues, or completing tasks within a defined space. This game is good for both offline and online setting. For example, use Zoom and AhaSlides to create a Virtual Scavenger Hunt, where everyone can share their video feeds while they search for items or complete challenges.

The Hot Seat 

In “The Hot Seat,” a participant takes on the role of the interviewee while others ask spontaneous questions. This engaging activity promotes quick thinking, communication skills, and the ability to respond under pressure. It’s an excellent tool for team building, fostering a deeper understanding among participants as they explore different perspectives and personalities.

Question Balls

“Question Balls” involve participants tossing a ball to each other, with each catch requiring the catcher to answer a question found on the ball. It the a great combination of workout and the question game. The trainer can tailor the questions that align with training program or aims for get to know each others.

fun games for training
Fun games for training


In the “Telephone” game, participants form a line, and a message is whispered from person to person. The last person then reveals the message, often with humorous distortions. This classic icebreaker highlights the challenges of communication and the importance of clarity, making one of the best interactive games for training sessions.

Catchphrase Game

Old but gold! This parlor game shows not only how witty, logical and quick thinking abilities of players are, but also strengthen the harmony among team member. In this lively game, participants strive to convey a given word or phrase without using specific “taboo” words.

Mad Libs

Many training programs in recently appreciate mad libs game. This interactive training game is best for fostering creativity, enhancing communication skills, and injecting an element of fun into the learning experience. It is a traditionally word game where participants fill in the blanks with random words to create humorous stories. Explore customizable templates using interactive tools like AhaSlides. This is especially useful for virtual or remote training sessions.

Shoe Scrambler

Sometimes, it is great to loosen up and work with each other and it is why shoe scrambler is created for. In this game, participants remove their shoes and throw them into a pile. The shoes are then mixed up, and each participant randomly selects a pair that is not their own. The objective is to find the owner of the shoes they’ve picked by engaging in casual conversations. It breaks down barriers, encourages people to interact with colleagues they may not know well, and injects a sense of playfulness into the work environment.

Collaborative Word Cloud 

In recent years, the use of world cloud is not just about looking for the keyword density, but it is an interactive training game for making team collaboration. Whether learners excel in visual, auditory, or kinesthetic modes, the interactive nature of the word cloud ensures inclusivity and engagement for all participants.

interactive training games
Interactive games for training sessions

Key Takeaways

Gamification and interactivity represent the future of effective corporate training. Don’t limit corporate training with pens and lectures, adding interactive games in the virtual ways with AhaSlides. With personalized, branded games aligned tightly to real-world responsibilities, training become the reason for employee engagement, satisfaction and commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my training session more interactive?

Incorporate games like trivia, roleplaying, and hands-on challenges which force engagement and application of lessons. This interactivity cements knowledge better than passive lectures.

How do you make training sessions fun?  

Design interactive activities like competitive quizzes, simulations, and adventure games that build excitement and collaboration while teaching. This inherent fun drives participation organically.

How do you engage people in a training session?

Draw people into an experience like story-based games tailored to reinforcing skills, rather than forcing dry presentations on them. Interactive challenges spark deeper engagement.

How can I make computer training fun? 

Incorporate multiplayer quizzes, digital scavenger hunts, avatar roleplay, and quest-based lessons driven by friendly competition into eLearning for an adventurous game-like experience that amplifies engagement.

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