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How This Team Made Their Coronavirus Online Pub Quiz a Massive Hit Across Europe!

How This Team Made Their Coronavirus Online Pub Quiz a Massive Hit Across Europe!

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Mark Barnes 26 Aug 2022 4 min read

Yes we know. Self isolation has been excruciatingly boring. Pubs are shutdown. No more pints and banter with your mates. No more pub quiz. Coronavirus has seriously turned your world upside down, it’s not even funny anymore.

So close yet so far away… (photo by Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash)

Exceptional times call for exceptional measures. 2 weeks ago, Giordano Moro and his team at Job Wherever decided to move their Pub Quiz nights online, empowering AhaSlides‘s Quiz features and Youtube’s live streaming service. Their Quarantine Quiz series almost immediately gained traction far beyond their immediate friend circles in Ireland and became a viral hit. Over a thousand online players across Europe have joined the fray to battle it out for the title of Quarantine Quiz champion. Best of all, it’s raising money to tackle the Covid-19 crisis as it spreads like wildfire around the world.

AhaSlides and Youtube’s live stream – the perfect combo

It’s All For a Good Cause

“We decided to use our quiz to raise awareness about Coronavirus. And to motivate people to stay inside,” event co-founder, Giordano Moro from Job Wherever told IrishCentral. “We also encouraged participants to donate to the WHO to fight the virus during our event.”

This is how you run a Pub Quiz night in 2020

Moro started the event in Dublin with friends Alessandro Mazzoleni and Ennie Wolters. Quarantine Quiz contestants compete in a series of Covid-19 related questions and answer using their mobile phones. Participants can watch the event on Youtube live.

This is all be done from the comfort and safety of the participants’ own living rooms thanks to AhaSlides’ interactive software. All drinks are welcome!

Check out this kick-ass trailer from the Quarantine Quiz

“We’re glad to be a part of making this happen.”

“It really is a great event and a great way to use our technology. The team at Job Wherever are also awesome to work with,” said AhaSlides’ founder, Dave Bui.

The traditional pub quiz has all but been wiped-out as pub goers around the world are forced to hunker down in their homes. This has struck a sharp blow to nightlife and beer loving communities around the world. That said, the crew at Job Wherever have shown the world that there is still hope. With alcohol deliveries deemed essential in many places, and internet technology connecting people around the world, they’ve managed to put on a stellar event amidst this Covid-19 madness.

Quiz players from around the world have found a new way to come together and have fun using AhaSlides

The boys and girls at Job Wherever, however, are not alone. Around the world a number of organisations have utilised the AhaSlides platform to fill the quagmire of boredom quarantine has left them in. From Australia to the Netherlands to the USA, all sorts of online pub quizzes have popped up. The boundless reach of technology is really helping to make quarantine a much more entertaining and engaging experience.

Moro and his team

Get Involved!

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