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12+ Presentation Software for Mac | 2024 Reveals | Tested and Approved By Experts


Leah Nguyen 17 April, 2024 15 min read

Hang tight because this is where all Mac users unite 💪 These are the best presentation software for Mac!!

As Mac users, we know it’s sometimes frustrating to find a compatible software that you prefer contrary to the sea of wonders Windows users can get. What would you do if your favourite presentation software refused to go along with your MacBook? Taking a huge load of Mac memory disk to install Windows system?


What is Apple’s PowerPoint called?Keynote
Is Keynote the same as PowerPoint?Yes, but some features are optimized only for Mac
Is Keynote free on Mac?Yes, free for all users
When was Keynote made?2010
Overview of Presentation Software for Mac

In fact, you don’t need to go through all that hassle since we’ve put together this handy list of Mac presentation software that is powerful, easy to use and runs perfectly on all Apple devices.

Ready to wow your audience with free presentation software for Mac? Let’s jump right in 👇

Table of Contents

  1. Keynote
  2. TouchCast Pitch
  3. FlowVella
  4. PowerPoint
  5. AhaSlides
  6. Canva
  7. Zoho Show
  8. Prezi
  9. Slidebean
  10. Adobe Express
  11. Powtoon
  12. Google Slides
  13. Frequently Asked Questions

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App-Based Presentation Software for Mac

There’s no place more convenient and friendly for Mac users than the default App Store. Explore some of the options without the hassle of going through the enormous app library we listed below:

#1 – Keynote for Mac

Top feature: Compatible with all Apple devices and has cross-platform sync.

Keynote for Mac is that popular face in your class that everyone knows, but not everyone is fully acquainted with.

Pre-installed as a complimentary on Mac computers, Keynote can be easily synced to iCloud and this compatibility makes transferring presentations between your Mac, iPad and iPhone incredibly simple.

If you are a pro Keynote presenter, you can also make your presentation come alive with illustrations and such with some doodling on the iPad. In other good news, Keynote is now exportable to PowerPoint, which allows for even more convenience and creativity.

screenshot of Keynote presentation layout
Image credit: Mac App Store

#2 – TouchCast Pitch for Mac

Top feature: Make live or pre-recorded presentations.  

TouchCast Pitch blesses us with many quintessential online meeting features, such as intelligent business templates, real-looking virtual sets and a personal teleprompter, which is super helpful to ensure we’re not leaving anything out.

And if you want to record your presentation without using a third-party recording app? TouchCast Pitch gives you the power to do that and polish it with their simple editing tool besides presenting live.

As with many other choices for presentation software for Mac, there are numerous templates to choose from. You can also create your presentation from scratch and show off your design skills.

You can make changes to your slides from anywhere, as this bit of kit is available to download straight from the App Store.

#3 – FlowVella for Mac

Top features: Mobile-friendly and Adobe Creative Cloud integrated with a multi-purpose template library.

If it’s a quick and rich presentation format that you’re looking for, then try FlowVella. Whether you’re presenting a pitch in front of investors or designing a lesson for the class, FlowVella lets you create embedded videos, links, galleries, PDFs and such at the touch of your fingertips. No need to pull out a laptop as everything is “drag-and-drop” simply on an iPad.

The interface for FlowVella on Mac isn’t quite perfect, some of the text is hard to read. But, it’s an intuitive system and if you’ve used any other kinds of software for presentations on Mac, you should be able to pick it up easily enough.

Also, thumbs up for their customer support. You can contact them via live chat or email and they’ll address your problems quick as lightning.

Highlighted features of FlowVella - a presentation software for Mac
Presentation software for Mac – Image credit: Mac App Store

#4 – PowerPoint for Mac

Top features: Familiar interface and file formats are widely compatible.

PowerPoint really is a staple for presentations, but to use it on your Mac, you will need to own a license for a Mac-compatible version of the presentation software. These licenses can be a bit pricey, but that doesn’t seem to deter people, as it’s estimated that around 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day.

Now, there is an online version that you can access for free. The limited features will be enough for most simple presentations. But, if you put diversity and engagement to the front, you are better off using one of the many alternatives to PowerPoint software for Mac.

screenshot of the PowerPoint for Mac interface with Ecuadorian coffee beans
Mac’s Version of Powerpoint – Presentation software for Mac – Image credit: Mac App Store

💡 Learn how to make your PowerPoint truly interactive for free. It’s an absolute audience favourite!

Web-Based Presentation Software for Mac

Although convenient, the app-based presentation software for Mac’s biggest weakness is they are only available to your own kind, which is a turn-off for any presenter who yearns for two-way interaction and lively engagement with their audience.

Our proposed solution is simple. Migrate your ordinary presentation to one of the best web-based presentation software for Mac below👇

#5 – AhaSlides

Top features: Interactive presentation slides all for free!

AhaSlides is a cloud-based interactive presentation software born from a group of tech guys who had experienced Death by PowerPoint firsthand

– a phenomenon caused by over exposure to boring, one-way PowerPoint presentations.

It gives you the means to create an interactive presentation with which your audience can respond to your questions using just their phones.

People playing the Christmas picture quiz on AhaSlides over Zoom
Presentation software for Mac – Playing a live quiz on AhaSlides.

From live quiz options with leaderboards to brainstorming tools perfect for gathering opinions and adding Q&As, there’s something for every type of presentation.

For presenters in business, you could try adding sliding scales and polls that will contribute to real-time graphics when your audience interacts via their smartphones. If you’re exhibiting at a show or presenting in front of large numbers of people, this can be a great tool for gathering opinions and encouraging focus. It’s great for any type of iOS device and it’s web-based – so it’s great for other systems tools!

#6 – Canva

So, Is there a Canva app for Mac? Of course, Yes!! 👏

Top features: Diverse templates and copyright-free images.

Canva is free presentation software for Mac that you’re after that’s all about design, then there are few options better than Canva. With a huge array of elements and copyright-free imagery available, you can drag and drop them straight into your presentation.

Canva prides itself on ease of use, so even if you’re not the most creative person in the world, you’re still able to create your slides on the go with Canva’s drag-and-drop functionality. There’s also a paid version if you want to access more templates and elements created by professional designers from around the world.

Even though Canva has the option to convert your presentation to PDF or PowerPoint, we recommend you present it straight from its website since we’ve encountered text overflow/errors in the designs while doing that.

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A screenshot of the Canva interface while creating the slide for a presentation.
Canva is one of the best bits of presentation software for Mac.

#7 – Zoho Show

Top features: Multi-platform integration, minimalist designs.

If you are a fan of minimalism, then Zoho Show is the place to go.

One of the key differences between Zoho Show and some of the other web-based presentation software is its compatibility features. With integration to sites like Giphy and Unsplash, Zoho makes adding graphics directly to your presentations easy.

It’s a great option if you’re already using some of the Zoho suites, and therefore probably most suitable as a free presentation option for businesses.

Still, like Canva, Zoho Show also encounters the same problem with its export to PDF/PowerPoint feature, which often results in blank or damaged files.

A screenshot of the Zoho Show interface
Presentation software for Mac – Image credit: Zoho Show

#8 – Prezi

Top features: Template library and animated elements.

Prezi is a bit of a unique option in this list. It’s one of the top bits of linear presentation software out there, meaning you can see your presentation as a whole and head to different sections in fun and imaginative ways. 

You can also present live and overlay your video on the slides just like TouchCast Pitch. Their huge template library is a great bonus for most presenters getting started, but you likely won’t be able to flex much creativity using Prezi’s free version.

A non-linear presentation on Prezi with an iceberg for navigation
Presentation software for Mac – Image credit: Prezi

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#9 – Slidebean

Top features: Business templates and a pitch deck design service.

Slidebean is designed mostly for businesses, but its functionality would be suitable for other uses. They provide pitch deck templates that you can reuse and repurpose for your own business. The designs are smart, and it’s no real surprise that they also offer a pitch deck design service.

It’s simple to use and simple in its offerings. If you’re keeping things simple, try it out!

A screenshot of the Slidebean interface with pitch deck template
Presentation software for Mac – Image credit: Slidebean

#10 – Adobe Express (Adobe Spark)

Top features: Stunning templates and team collaboration.

Adobe Express (formally Adobe Spark) is quite similar to Canva in its drag-and-drop feature to create graphics and other design elements. Being web-based, it is of course a compatible Mac presentation software and also offers integration with other Adobe Creative Suite programs which is useful if you create any elements with Photoshop or Illustrator.

However, with so many design assets going on, the website can run pretty slowly.

Adobe Express interface with 'Born Loser' as the slide being editing
Presentation software for Mac – The clean interface of Adobe Express.

#11 – Powtoon

Top features: Animated slides and one-click animation

You might know Powtoon from their video animation creation feature, but do you know that they also offer a different, creative way to design a presentation? With Powtoon, you can easily create video presentations with no skills from thousands of custom designs.

For some first-time users, Powtoon can be a bit confusing because of its overburdened interface. You’ll need a bit of time to get used to it.

Powtoon's interface while creating a short video presentation.
presentation software for Mac – Image credit: Powtoon

#12 – Google Slides

Top features: Free, accessible and collaborative.

With many features basically the same as PowerPoint, you won’t have much trouble creating a presentation on Google Slides.

Since it’s web-based, you and your team can seamlessly collaborate, comment or make suggestions for others. If you want to get interactive, Google Slides’ plugin library also has different, fun third-party apps to integrate directly into the slides.

Just a warning – sometimes the plugin can make your presentation VERY laggy, so use with caution.

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The layout of Google Slides presentation being used as an introductio for some person called Leah.
presentation software for Mac

So, now you have more than enough interactive presentation software options for Mac – all that’s left is to pick a template and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which presentation software is a free product that you can install on your Windows or Mac computer?

Microsoft PowerPoint and AhaSlides.

Why do you need to use AhaSlides together with traditional presentation software?

To gain better attention, along with interaction with the audience during gatherings, meetings and classes.

Can I convert Keynote to PowerPoint?

Yes, you can. Open Keynote presentation, then Choose File > Export To, and select the format.