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Random Thing Picker Wheel | 20+ Ideas with Twist Of Fun | 2024 Reveal


Jane Ng 25 March, 2024 8 min read

Sometimes, you'll find yourself needing a little randomness or a few minutes of spontaneity to make life more alive and exciting. Whether it is embarking on an adventure, discovering a new restaurant, or simply trying random things to see how they affect your day, embracing randomness can be a refreshing change. 

So, if you often ignore new experiences and choose familiar things, why not take a chance and use the Random Thing Picker below to try something different?

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Random Thing Picker Wheel

A random thing picker wheel is a magic wheel that helps to randomly select items from a given list, you can create your own random thing picker within a minute, but we'll learn how in the following sections!

Why You Need A Random Item Wheel?

It sounds unbelievable but a random thing picker wheel can bring unexpected benefits to your life:


There is nothing fairer than a random thing picker wheel. With this wheel, each item on the entry list has an equal chance of being selected, which ensures fairness and transparency in the selection process. You also should use AhaSlides random team generator to divide your team fairly!


This wheel can help you save time and increase efficiency. Rather than spending time deliberating over each option, a random thing picker wheel can quickly and easily decide for you. (Those who can't make up their minds will appreciate this!)


Using a random thing picker wheel to select items can spark creativity and inspire new ideas. 

For example, if you're trying to come up with a mood board, using a random thing picker wheel to choose the materials can lead to some interesting and unexpected results. The best way to brainstorm is also to use an online quiz creator to maximize creativity!


A random thing picker wheel can help to add variety and diversity to a selection. 

For example, if you're choosing what to do on a weekend, using this wheel can help you try new activities that you might not have considered otherwise.


A random thing picker wheel removes personal biases and ensures that the decision is made objectively, based purely on chance. 

The outcome of this wheel is 100% random, and no one can change it.

random thing picket - There are a lot of random things waiting for you! Image: freepik

When To Use A Random Item Picker Wheel?

The Random Thing Picker Wheel can be useful in any situation where there are many options to choose from, and the decision needs to be fair and objective. By eliminating personal biases and relying solely on chance, the randomizer wheel can help ensure that all results are transparent.

Here are examples of when to use a random thing picker wheel:

Explore yourself

What do you think about letting the wheel choose one thing and doing whatever it takes to make/get it day by day?

  • For example, the wheel's selection is jogging, then jog even though you only practised Yoga before. Similarly, if it needs you to wear a purple sweater... why not buy one and wear it?

It may sound childish, but changing yourself every day with a random thing picker wheel will surely bring you joy and surprise about yourself. 

How will you know what you are not suitable for if you do not try? Right?

Stimulate creativity

The random thing picker wheel can help you stimulate creativity and generate new ideas. You can use the wheel to choose one or more options from a list of possibilities, then challenge yourself to innovative concepts linked to those items.

  • For example, if you spin the wheel and it stops at "purple" and "European travel", you can challenge yourself to come up with creative ideas for a travel blog with the next destination being Europe and having a purple theme. 
  • Or, if the wheel stops at "Indian food" and "wigs," you can challenge yourself to come up with creative ideas for a themed party that combines Indian cuisine and wigs.

With unexpected or unusual item combinations, you can challenge yourself to think outside the box and come up with new ideas. This can be a fun and stimulating exercise for anyone looking to improve their creative muscles and explore new possibilities.

Random Thing Picker - Let's think outside of the box! Image: freepik

Select an award

What do you think about awarding the best student or employee of the month with a random thing picker wheel? With this wheel, every award that a participant gets will be based entirely on luck. 

It doesn't require as much brainstorming and challenges as the two ways above. Selecting an award by the wheel is very simple and will surely bring a lot of laughs to you. It will bring moments of suspense and surprise as everyone holds their breath to watch where the wheel will stop. 

Although its purpose is to bring unexpected prizes, to make everyone completely enjoy, remember to consider making the items listed in the wheel not differ in value!

How To Use Random Thing Picker Wheel?

You can create your own random thing picker with the following steps:

  • In the centre of the wheel, press the 'play' button.
  • The wheel will spin until it lands on one of the random things.
  • The chosen one will appear on the big screen with confetti.

If you already have ideas in mind, you can create an entry list like this:

  • To add an entry – Move to this box, enter a new entry, and click ‘Add' to have it appear on the wheel.
  • To remove an entry – Find the item you do not want, hover over it, and click the trash symbol to delete.

And if you want to share your Random Thing Picker Wheel, then create a new wheel, save it, and share it.

  • New - Click this button to restart your wheel. You may enter all new entries yourself.
  • Save - Save your final wheel to your AhaSlides account. If you do not have one, you can make one for free!
  • Share - You will have a URL of the main spinner wheel to share with friends. Remember that your wheel from this page will not be saved.

Key Takeaways 

Whether you are looking to add some randomness and fun to your day, stimulate creativity, or select an award recipient fairly and impartially, the random thing picker wheel can help. Anyone can spin the wheel and discover new and unexpected possibilities. 

So why not give it a shot and see where it takes you? Who knows, you might just come up with your next great idea or discover a new favourite hobby or destination.

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What is Random Thing Picker Wheel?

A random thing picker wheel is a magic wheel that helps to randomly select items from a given list, you can create your own random thing picker within a minute, but we'll learn how in the following sections!

Why Do You Need A Random Item Wheel?

With the right random thing picker wheel, it will provide well fairness, super efficiency, creativity, variety and objectivity!

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