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Texting 101: What Does TTYL Mean? + Fun Quiz to Master Texting Slang


Leah Nguyen 19 September, 2023 6 min read

These days our DMs, emails and comments are chock full of abbreviations, initialisms and Gen Z slang that we struggle to decode.

Acronyms like ‘ttyl’ that we’re not 100% sure what in the world that is but don’t wanna look obviously confused!

So, what does ttyl mean, and how to sneak it expertly in the messages? Keep scrolling for the full breakdown👇

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What Does TTYL Mean in Texting?

What does TTYL mean?
What does TTYL mean?

First, can you guess what ‘ttyl’ means?

  • Take the yellow lane
  • To take your love
  • Talk to you later
  • Think that you’re lame

If your answer is ‘Talk to you later’, then congrats! You have nailed another Internet slang🎉

TTYL stands for “Talk To You Later”. It’s a simple yet effective way to sign off a text, DM or online comment by letting the other person know you’re wrapping up the conversation for now but plan to chat again soon.

The Origin of TTYL

What does TTYL mean?
What does TTYL mean?

The term ‘TTYL’ originated way back in the early 90s with the rise of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), MSN and Yahoo Messenger.

Back in those pre-smartphone days, AIM was one of the main ways teens communicated online through messages. And ttyl became a common shorthand to use at the end of a conversation before logging off.

Since then, it’s persisted through different platforms. Fast forward and ttyl stays flexing relevance because it keeps the convo open-ended like ‘we’ll vibe l8r bro’.

Leaving the option to keep chat lit versus formally dipping sets the right vibes. Even now when swift swiping makes peacing seamless, ttyl delivers brevity with warmth.

‘TTYL’ was added to the Urban Dictionary in 2002, and later to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016 along with other mainstream internet initialisms.

When Not to Use TTYL

What does TTYL mean?
What does TTYL mean?

You thought you had ttyl on lock, but did you really know when NOT to drop those four letters bomb?

First lesson – ttyl is casual cash, not clutch for serious situationships.

If you’re venting feelings or slicing through drama, ttyl might give the wrong impression you’re just ghosting for now. The same goes for interviews, meetings and dates – keep it real with a proper and professional goodbye.

Also, we know you want to make it fast, but dropping your grandparents or your clueless uncle a ttyl text will have their faces like 🤔, which will result in you explaining to them what that means for a good 20 minutes.

Pro tip – ttyl isn’t the one for wrapping up forever. Like if the chat’s done, the event’s over or you exiting the group for good, resist the urge. We feel you, sometimes you want that door left ajar – but ttyl only works if more convo are on deck.

And last but not least, watch it with the ttyl if their vibes are bad vibes. Like if they cross your boundaries or you trying to keep your distance, resist the temptation to seem temporary about it.

How to Use TTYL

What does TTYL mean?
What does TTYL mean?

It’s easy to use ttyl in a sentence. You often place it at the end of the message, before signing off. Here are some common situations to use this term:

  • I need to do a grocery run, ttyl!
  • Gotta go pick up my kids – ttyl <3
  • ttyl the bell just rang
  • They had some feedback for the project, will discuss it in the meeting, ttyl.
  • ttyl, I love you💗

What Does TTYL Mean’ Quiz

Ready to know more about GenZ (or Alpha?) slang? Our fun quiz will not only keep you updated with knowledge about ttyl but also other common slang you’ve encountered at least once while texting/browsing social media👇

What does TTYL mean?
What does TTYL mean?

#1. Complete this sentence: ‘I have to go back to work now, ___”

  • ttyl
  • brb
  • lmk
  • g2g

#2. What’s a term similar to ttyl?

  • brb
  • ttfn
  • cya
  • atm

#3. What does ‘GOAT’ mean?

  • Umm…Billie the goat?
  • Greatest of All Time
  • Greatest of All Things
  • None of the above

#4. What does ‘LMIRL’ mean?

  • Let’s make it really lit
  • Let me in real love
  • Let’s meet in real life
  • None of the above

#5. What does ‘IMHO’ mean?

  • In my honest opinion
  • In my humble opinion
  • I may have opinions
  • I make him/her open

#6. What does ‘BTW’ mean?

  • Be the winner
  • Believe the word
  • By the way
  • Been to where

#7. What does ‘TMI’ mean?

  • To be honest
  • Too much information
  • To be hired
  • Too much intel

#8. What does ‘no cap’ mean?

  • No capital letters?
  • No caption
  • No captain
  • No lie

#9. Fill in the gap: __ if you’re free tomorrow.

  • ttyl
  • gtg
  • lmirl
  • lmk

#10. Fill in the gap: Jay is so lazy at work. I don’t like him __

  • tmi
  • tbh
  • tbc
  • ttyl

#11. What does ‘TGIF’ mean?

  • Thank God It’s Friday
  • Thank God It’s Free
  • That’s a Great Information
  • To Get Informed

💡 Answer:

  1. ttyl (talk to you later)
  2. cya (see you)
  3. Greatest of All Time
  4. Let’s meet in real life
  5. In my honest opinion or In my humble opinion; both are fine
  6. By the way
  7. To much information
  8. No lie
  9. lmk (let me know)
  10. tbh (to be honest)
  11. Thank God It’s Friday

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Key Takeaways

After decades of domination, the dirt is ttyl remains GOATed as a friendly and expedient sign-off. So next time you need a smooth and speedy exit, don’t forget this OG lingo legend is still the real MVP.

Feel free to use it yourself next time you need a casual goodbye in your virtual conversations. Lmk if you have any other abbreviations you’ve been dying to decode and ttyl!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does GTG Ttyl mean in texting?

GTG Tyyl means ‘Got to go, talk to you later’ in texting.

What is TTYL and BRB called?

TTYL is the acronym for ‘Talk To You Later” and BRB stands for ‘Be Right Back’.

What does IDK and Ttyl mean?

IDK means ‘I Don’t Know’ while Ttyl is ‘Talk to you later’.