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Free Christmas Music Quiz 2020 (40 Questions + Answers with Sound)

Free Christmas Music Quiz 2020 (40 Questions + Answers with Sound)

Lawrence Haywood 19 Oct 2021 5 min read

What’s better than Christmas music to get everyone in the Christmas mood? That’s not a rhetorical question, by the way, we have the answer: the light competition of a Christmas music quiz!

Below you’ll find a full and free Christmas music quiz with questions and answers, absolutely perfect for festive pub quizzes or virtual Christmas parties!

Your Christmas Music Quiz, Explained…

The 40-Question Christmas Music Quiz (Free Download!)

Check out this mega 40-question, free Christmas sound quiz, delivered to the prime spot right underneath your virtual tree:

Before you download, you can check out the 4 rounds of the quiz by scrolling through it in the preview above. Don’t worry if some of the questions aren’t totally suitable for your audience, you’ll have the power to change any part of the quiz yourself (check out how down here)!

How to download this free Christmas song quiz:

  1. Click the ‘sign up’ button in the bottom-right corner of the preview above.
  2. When prompted, create a free account on AhaSlides within minutes.
  3. Click ‘copy to account’ and then ‘go to presentations’.
  4. On your ‘My Presentations’ dashboard, select ‘Christmas Music Quiz’ to start editing!

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Don’t accuse us of grinching Christmas! We’ve got a whole library of free Christmas quizzes for you here, all downloadable and usable within minutes.

Please note that there’ll be some crossover between these quizzes. Still, there are plenty of unique rounds across our entire free Christmas quiz library to keep you entertained!

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How to Use and Adapt your Christmas Music Quiz on AhaSlides

Before you begin your hosting duties, you’ll want to make sure both you and your audience have everything they need to take part in a live quiz on AhaSlides:

  • 1 laptop or desktop for the quiz master.
  • 1 laptop, desktop, tablet or phone for each player.
  • Preferably some good quality speakers for the quiz master, but don’t worry if you don’t have any, as there’s a simple workaround.

That’s the beauty of this Christmas music quiz, it’s virtually effortless for both you and your guests! The quiz operates 100% online, but it also works perfectly in a live setting.

Adapting the Audio Playback

As a Christmas sound quiz, naturally there’s a lot of audio involved! No surprises there, but you may be surprised to learn that you don’t necessarily need to have decent speakers to host it.

That’s because there are two options when it comes to audio playback:

  • Host-operated playback – This option is for hosts with good speakers, as it puts you in control of the audio. Don’t worry if you’re hosting online; the sound will come through your speakers and will be heard over whatever video conferencing software you’re using with your guests.
  • Audience-operated playback – This option is for hosts without good speakers, as it hands control of the audio to each of your guests. Enabling this option means that audio will play out of your guests’ devices, meaning you don’t need working speakers at all!

Option 1 comes as default on this Christmas music quiz. Here’s how to enable option 2 instead:

How to choose audience-led audio playback on a Christmas music quiz on AhaSlides.
  1. Select a quiz slide and choose the audio tab in the top-right corner.
  2. Under ‘for the audience’, check the box that says playable on audience’s phones. Once you do, you’ll see checkbox options for showing the media controls on audiences members’ phones, enabling autoplay and enabling repeat playing.

Changing the Difficulty

Maybe you’re hosting your Christmas music quiz for a bunch of egg(nog)heads. On the flipside, maybe your audience doesn’t know their Bing Crosby from their Bill Cosby.

The good news is that it’s easy to change the difficulty of the questions.

Making it Harder

The best way to bump up the difficulty for those Navidad nerds is to take away the multiple choice answers:

How to change a pick answer quiz slide to a type answer quiz slide on AhaSlides.

To do this, simply select any Quiz: Pick Answer slide you think is too easy and change it to a Quiz: Type Answer slide. Once it’s changed, type in the correct answer and any other answer you will accept as correct.

Other ways you can make it harder…

  • Reduce the time limit on the questions so that players have to answer quicker.
  • Change multiple choice text answers to multiple choice image answers with a Quiz: Pick Image slide.
  • Add your own more difficult questions.

Making it Easier

A great way to make your Christmas song quiz easier is to remove the time constraints:

Altering the time requirements in the free Chrtistmas music quiz on AhaSlides

You can do this by lengthening the time limit and removing the need to answer quickly to get more points.

Other ways you can make it harder…

  • Turn any ‘type answer’ slide into a multiple choice slide.
  • Add easier questions.
  • Make it a team quiz – 4 heads are better than 1! Speaking of which…

Making it a Team Quiz

Team quizzes are a great way to encourage a bit of competitive festive spirit amongst your audience. Your Christmas music quiz is a solo affair by default, but setting up teamplay is a breeze.

Changing solo play to team play on AhaSlides
  • Click on Settings in the top tab and scroll down to Quiz Settings.
  • Check the box that says ‘play as teams’ , then fill out the team numbers and sizes and choose the team scoring rules.
  • Click on ‘set team names’ to open another window where you can write the team names.
Setting the team names for a Christmas music quiz on AhaSlides.

You can gather team names from your players and add them here before you begin the quiz. When players are joining your quiz, they’ll be prompted to choose a name, avatar and select the team to which they belong.

Inviting Participants

It’s no good having a Christmas music quiz if no one can join!

You’ll find the join code at the top of each slide. Players simply type that code into the address bar on their phone’s browser and they’re in!

The join code for the Christmas music quiz on AhaSlides.

Alternatively, you can click on the header bar containing the join code to reveal a QR code. If you’re hosting the quiz over Zoom, players can scan this code directly from your shared screen.

Using a QR code to enter a quiz on AhaSlides.

Download the Christmas Music Quiz for Free!

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