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13 Best Online Tools for Trainers (2024 Updated!)


Astrid Tran 22 April, 2024 15 min read

Training has never been easy, but when it all moved online, it ushered in a whole new bunch of problems.

The biggest was engagement. The burning question for trainers everywhere was, and still is, how do I keep my trainees listening to what I’m saying?

Engaged learners pay attention better, learn more, retain more and are generally happier with their experience in your offline training session or webinar.

So, in this article, we’ve gathered 13 digital tools for trainers that can help you deliver the most effective training – online or offline.

Who is a trainer?A trainer is a person who teaches or coaches others about knowledge or skills in a particular field.
When did this word appear?1600.
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  1. AhaSlides
  2. Visme
  3. LucidPress
  4. LearnWorlds
  5. TalentCards
  6. EasyWebinar
  7. Plecto
  8. Mentimeter
  9. ReadyTech
  10. Absorb LMS
  11. Docebo
  12. Continu
  13. SkyPrep
  14. Final Thoughts

#1 – AhaSlides

💡 For interactive presentations, surveys and quizzes.

AhaSlides, one of the best

Tools for Trainers, an all-in-one presentation, education, and training tool. It’s all about helping you craft interactive content and having your audience respond to it in real time.

It’s all completely slide-based, so you can create a live poll, word cloud, brainstorm, Q&A or quiz and embed it directly within your presentation. Your participants just have to join your presentation using their phones and they can respond to every question you ask.

If you don’t have time for that, you can check out its full template library to grab interactive presentation ideas immediately.

tools for trainers
Tools for Trainers

Once you’ve hosted your presentation and your participants have left their responses, you can download the responses and review the audience engagement report to check the success of your presentation. This is especially useful for AhaSlides’ survey feature, which you can use to get direct, actionable feedback straight from the minds of your trainees.

AhaSlides is one of the best free training tools for trainers and has several flexible and value-based pricing plans, starting from free.

Check out:

Try AhaSlides to enjoy the great presentation experience!

#2 – Visme

💡 For presentations, infographics and visual content.

Visme is an all-in-one visual design tool that helps you create, store, and share engaging presentations with your audience. It includes hundreds of pre-designed templates, customisable icons, images, graphs, charts and more to create visual webinars.

You can stamp your brand on your documents, create compact and refined information according to your brand guidelines, and even build short videos and animations to drive your point across. Aside from being an infographic-maker, Visme also acts as a visual analytics tool through which it gives you an in-depth analysis of who viewed your content and for how long.

Its online collaboration dashboard allows participants to exchange ideas and opinions across everything delivered during the training session. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Visme is a great adition to the trainer’s toolbox for those who want to create an engaging deck for their learners.

An image of the dashboard of Visme
Tools for TrainersImage Source – Visme

💰 Check Visme’s pricing

#3 – LucidPress

💡 For graphic design, content management and branding.

LucidPress is an intuitive and easy-to-use visual design and brand templating platform that can be used by designers and non-designers alike. It empowers first-time creators to work on their visual materials quickly and without any hassle.

One of the primary features of Lucidpress is its lockable template. With lockable templates, you ensure that your course logos, fonts, and colours remain intact while you work on the minor design tweaks and customisation that your presentation demands. In fact, the simple drag and drop feature of Lucidpress, coupled with its huge repertoire of templates, makes the entire design process pretty straightforward.

You also have the power to control, and share required permissions for the presentations. You can chat with the attendees to discuss the topic and take down notes if any. You are free to use your finished design any way you want – post it on social media, publish it on the web, or upload it as an LMS course.

Click here if you want to know about its pricing.

💰 Check LucidPress’ pricing

#4 – LearnWorlds

💡 For eCommerce, online courses, education and employee engagement.

LearnWorlds is a lightweight yet powerful, white-label, cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS). It’s got advanced e-commerce-ready features that allow you to create your online school, market courses, and train your community seamlessly.

You can be an individual trainer trying to build an online academy from scratch, or a small business trying to create customised training modules for its employees. You can even be a huge conglomerate looking to build an employee training portal. LearnWorlds is a solution for everybody.

An image of features of LearnWorlds
Tools for Trainers – Image Source – LearnWorlds

You can use its course-building tools to create e-learning courses complete with customised videos, tests, questions, and branded digital certificates. LearnWorlds also has a report center through which you can track and analyse the performance of your courses and students. It is an all-in-one robust, safe, and secure training solution that enables school owners like you to focus on running the school instead of dealing with technology.

💰 Check LearnWorlds’ pricing

#5 – TalentCards

💡 For microlearning, mobile learning and employee training

TalentCards is a mobile learning app that delivers bite-sized learning in the palm of your hands, whenever you want and wherever you are.

It utilises the concept of micro-learning and delivers knowledge as small nuggets of information for easy understanding and retention. Unlike conventional LMSs and other free training tools for trainers, TalentCards is designed for people who are always on the move, such as frontline workers and deskless employees.

This platform enables you to build informative flashcards for smartphone users. You can add text, images, graphics, audio, video and hyperlinks for gamification and maximum employee engagement. However, the minimal space available on these flashcards ensures that there is no room for fluff, so learners get exposed to essential and memorable information only.

Users can simply download the app and enter a unique code to join the company portal.

💰 Check TalentCards’ pricing

#6 – EasyWebinar

💡 For live and automated presentation streaming.

EasyWebinar is a robust cloud-based webinar platform designed to run live sessions and stream recorded presentations in real time.

It features high-quality webinars that support up to four presenters at one time, with the option of making any participant a presenter in the meeting room. It promises zero delays, no blurred screens, and no latency during the streaming session.

You can use the platform to share documents, presentations, video content, browser windows and more in perfect HD. You can also record and archive your webinars so that the learners can access them later.

EasyWebinar helps you collaborate with your audience. As such, you get valuable and actionable feedback on your sessions’ performance and your attendees’ engagement level. You can use the tool to engage with your learners via online polls, real-time Q&As, and chat, making it similar to AhaSlides!

It even includes an email notification system through which you can send notifications to your group of learners before or after the webinar.

💰 Check EasyWebinar’s pricing

#7 – Plecto

💡 For data visualisation, gamification and employee engagement

Plecto is an all-in-one business dashboard that helps you visualise your data in real time; by doing this, it encourages learners to perform better. These learners could be the employees of your organisation or students in your classroom.

The customisable dashboards show a real-time visual display of data, motivating the participants to stay productive even when they are on the move. You can set short-term and long-term goals during your sessions to encourage competitiveness within your team. Create alerts when someone reaches the goal and celebrate wins even from your remote workplace.

An image of the dashboard of Plecto
Image Source – Plecto

You can also use Plecto to gather data as the foundation for your next course. You can add and combine data from multiple sources like spreadsheets, databases, manual registrations and more for an in-depth insight into an employee’s engagement and performance.

But it’s not all about cold, complex data. Plecto applies gamification to engage your learners in fun and quirky activities. All of this help to motivate them and push them to compete for a spot on the podium.

💰 Check Plecto’s pricing

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#8. Mentimeter – The Best Online Tools for Trainers

One of the best virtual learning apps is Mentimeter, which has come out in a couple of years. It has made a massive change in the way people do remote learning and training. Through the platform, you can create unique and dynamic presentations that enable simple and user-friendly learner interaction from any time at any place. You are free to add different editing elements to your presentations that might energize your participants. Furthermore, you can edit the gamification feature so that it can keep everyone focused and engaged on the content, at the same time, stimulate healthy competition and positive interaction among workers.

Source: Mentimeter

#9. ReadyTech – The Best Online tools for trainers

Have you ever heard about ReadyTech? Navigate complexity – It is the motto of the Australian-based platform which attempts to assist different e-learning and training issues from work and education to government, justice systems and more. As one of suitable tools for online training and an ultimate course creation software for e-learning, it is all that you need. Its best practices include instructor-led and self-paced training designed for people of different backgrounds to get on with the job. Not to mention maintaining efficient key HR & payroll data up-to-date via self service solutions.

Source: ReadyTech

#10. Absorb LMS – The Best Online Tools for Trainers

Among many latest training and management software, Absorb LMS  might amaze you with support for creating and organizing different course content for all training seminars. Though it is costly, their beneficial features can satisfy your company’s demand. It can personalize the user account brand and then provide online course assembly with global resources. You also can schedule your reports to check the staff learning process from zero to master level. Additionally, the app cooperates with many big online platforms such as Microsoft Azure, PingFederate, Twitter and beyond to boost your learning more conveniently.

Source: Absorb LMS

#11. Docebo – The Best Online Tools for Trainers

It recommended online tools for trainers, Docebo, founded in 2005. It is one of the best learning management systems (LMS), compatible with the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) to facilitate cloud-hosted software as a third-party service platform. Its prominent feature is adopting artificial intelligence algorithms to specify learning motivation, aiming to support worldwide organizations to handle learning challenges and create a wonderful learning culture and experience.

Source: Docebo

#12. Continu – The Best Online Tools for Trainers

You can also refer to a modern learning platform like Continu with a versatile cloud-based interface to serve your upcoming activities. This virtual training tool will give you a new way to tailor your course training. Its advantages are impressive, such as designed quizzes and assessments for fulfilling staff skill gaps, a portal for micro-learning or a tracking and measurement function to evaluate the employee training progress. In addition, it is easy for personal trainers or third-party vendors to access the training they need through a beautiful user experience and interface.

Source: Continu

#13. SkyPrep – Best Online Tools for Trainers

SkyPrep is a standard LMS feature that offers many creative and resourceful training materials, built-in training templates, and SCORM content and training videos. Plus you can earn money by selling your customized courses, such as excel training courses via an eCommerce function. For organizational purposes, the platform syncs mobile and website databases, which help to manage, track, and optimize to employees, customers, and partners in their distance learning journeys. It also offers tailored services such as employee onboarding, compliance training, customer training and employee development courses.

Source: SkyPrep

Final thoughts

Now that you have updated some new and useful online tools for trainers that are suggested by many professionals and experts. Even though it is hard to judge what virtual platform is the No.1 learning app, each platform has both pros and cons and worth given a try. Depending on your budget and purposes, choosing the training tool that matches all of your needs is the most important factor. Choosing free apps or a free package or a paid package if it is what you need to achieve your goal better. 

In the digital economy, being equipped with digital skills besides word and excel skills is important too, in order to make sure you are not easily replaced or eliminated by the competitive labour market or make your life easier. The adoption of online trainer tools like AhaSlides is a smart movement that everyone should notice to enhance productivity and business performance.

Ref: Forbes