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14 Fall Wedding Color Themes To Fall In Love With for Any Location | 2024 Reveals


Jane Ng 22 April, 2024 8 min read

Planning a fall wedding? It’s time to start thinking about your color scheme! This blog post is your guide to choosing the perfect fall wedding color themes. We’ll cover trending color themes, tips for creating a cohesive look, and how to make those autumnal hues pop. Let’s get started!

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Tips For Better Engagement

Indoor Fall Wedding Color Themes

1/ Burgundy and Gold:

Fall Wedding Color Themes
Fall Wedding Color Themes | Image: What Nicole Wore

Want to give your guests a luxurious time-travel experience?  Imagine rich burgundy velvet on the tables with antique gold candlesticks and tons of flowers. It’ll feel like a fancy, old-fashioned feast!

  • Mood: Elegant and Warm
  • Tips: Gleaming gold cutlery, vintage candlesticks, and deep burgundy velvet table runners create a luxurious tablescape.
  • Best For: Evening weddings in venues with rich, dark woods or vintage decor, like historic mansions or wineries.

2/ Emerald Green and Ivory:

Fall Wedding Color Themes
Image: Pinterest

You can evoke a sense of timeless elegance. picture your bridesmaids in emerald green dresses, carrying lush bouquets of ivory flowers. Add in some touches of gold, and it’s super timeless. This look is gorgeous in a grand ballroom or a garden setting.

  • Mood: Timeless, elegant, and tranquil.
  • Tips: Use emerald green as your base color for bridesmaid dresses and table runners, complemented by ivory flowers and candles.
  • Best For: Classic weddings in grand settings like ballrooms or botanical gardens.

3/ Navy and Burnt Orange:

Fall Wedding Color Themes
Image: Flora Nova Design

Want a bold but cozy look? Picture this: navy tablecloths set with bright burnt orange centerpieces and pops of white. It’s perfect for a modern wedding!

  • Mood: Bold and Cozy
  • Tips: Incorporate navy table linens with burnt orange centerpieces, and add touches of white to brighten the space.
  • Best For: Modern indoor venues that feature lots of natural light.

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4/ Plum and Silver:

Fall Wedding Color Themes
Fall Wedding Color Themes | Image: Elegant Wedding

Achieve a touch of vintage glamour with tables draped in deep plum, sparkling with antique silver chargers and glasses. Add some overflowing flower arrangements in plum, and you’ve got an elegant, old-fashioned vibe for your evening reception.

  • Mood: Romantic and Glamorous
  • Tips: Silver accents like napkin rings, chargers, and cutlery can beautifully enhance plum table settings and floral arrangements.
  • Best For: Glamorous evening weddings with a touch of vintage charm.

5/ Copper and Teal:

Story pin image
Image: Francisca’s Bridal

Feeling a little artsy? This palette is super unique and perfect for an art gallery or loft wedding.

  • Mood: Unique and Vibrant
  • Tips: Use copper vases and teal table runners for a pop of color, and add geometric shapes for a modern twist.
  • Best For: Artistic or unconventional venues, like art galleries or renovated lofts.

6/ Mustard Yellow and Grey:

Fall Wedding Color Themes
Fall Wedding Color Themes | Image: Decor Fácil

Let’s create a cheerful yet sophisticated look. Add a playful touch with mustard yellow napkins or flowers against grey linens or suits. It’s a fresh and stylish way to do fall.

  • Mood: Cheerful and Sophisticated
  • Tips: Combine mustard yellow accents with grey suits or linens for a chic, autumnal feel.
  • Best For: Morning or afternoon weddings in modern spaces or historic homes.

7/ Chocolate Brown and Blush Pink:

Fall Wedding Color Themes | Image: Pinterest

If you are craving a cozy and intimate setting, go for rich, chocolate brown tablecloths topped with soft blush pink flowers. This makes a super welcoming space for a smaller wedding celebration.

  • Mood: Cozy and Sweet
  • Tips: Use blush pink flowers and chocolate brown table settings for a cozy, inviting atmosphere.
  • Best For: Intimate weddings in venues with lots of natural materials like wood and stone.

8/ Charcoal and Dusty Blue:

Fall Wedding Color Themes
Fall Wedding Color Themes | Image: Wednova

Love a calm and elegant vibe? Mix charcoal grey elements with dusty blue accents. It’s simple, but sophisticated – perfect for a classy wedding in a minimalist space.

  • Mood: Calm and Elegant
  • Tips: Mix charcoal elements like suits or napkins with dusty blue decorations for a serene, sophisticated vibe.
  • Best For: Elegant affairs in sophisticated venues, like high-end restaurants or country clubs.

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Outdoor Fall Wedding Color Themes

1/ Olive Green and Cream:

Story pin image
Fall Wedding Color Themes| Image: Gladys Faniel

This combo is all about nature – think soft, earthy vibes. Use olive branches in your flowers and flowy cream-colored fabric to make it feel simple and organic. 

  • Mood: Earthy and Natural
  • Tips: Use olive branches in your floral arrangements and cream-colored drapes for a simple, organic look.
  • Best For: Weddings in a vineyard or a rustic outdoor setting where the natural scenery is the star.

2/ Pumpkin Spice and Sage:

Fall Wedding Color Themes
Fall Wedding Color Themes| Image: The Prettiest Pieces

Think pumpkins, sage green tablecloths, and sparkly little white lights for that super cozy vibe. It’s perfect for a backyard get-together or a cute farm wedding, especially later in the fall.

  • Mood: Warm and Inviting
  • Tips: Decorate with pumpkin accents, sage green linens, and soft, white fairy lights for a cozy vibe.
  • Best For: Backyard weddings or farm venues, especially in late September or October.

3/ Sunset Orange and Dusty Rose:

Fall Wedding Color Themes | Image: Junebug Weddings

Want something super romantic? Mix those warm sunset orange colors with soft, dusty rose flowers and decorations. It’ll feel dreamy and magical.

  • Mood: Romantic and Soft
  • Tips: Blend the warm tones of sunset orange with the gentle touch of dusty rose in your flowers and table settings for a dreamy atmosphere.
  • Best For: Beach or lakeside weddings during the fall, capturing the beautiful sunset hues.

4/ Cranberry and Taupe:

Fall Wedding Color Themes
Fall Wedding Color Themes| Image: 48fields

You can use cranberry flowers and dress your bridesmaid in a soft, brownish-grey color called taupe. Perfect for a fancy garden or estate wedding where you want an elegant vibe.

  • Mood: Elegant and Sophisticated
  • Tips: Use cranberry for your floral choices and taupe for the bridesmaids’ dresses and table linens for a refined look.
  • Best For: Estate or garden weddings where elegance is key.

5/ Charcoal Grey and Poppy Red:

Image: Erin Grams

If you want something dramatic, Go for charcoal grey and poppy red. It’s bold and modern, perfect for a mountain or cool industrial space.

  • Mood: Bold and Dramatic
  • Tips: Use charcoal grey for suits and linens with pops of poppy red in your bouquets and centerpieces for a dramatic effect.
  • Best For: Mountain weddings or outdoor events in modern spaces, where the bold colors can stand out against the natural landscape.

6/ Burgundy and Peach:

Fall Wedding Color Themes
Image: Hey Wedding Lady

This feels vibrant but warm! Perfect for an orchard wedding where the colors echo the fruits themselves.

  • Mood: Vibrant and Warm
  • Tips: Mix rich burgundy elements with soft peach details for a vibrant yet warm palette.
  • Best For: Orchard weddings, where the colors can mirror the season’s fruits.

Final Thoughts

As you finalize your beautiful fall wedding color theme, remember – these colors create the atmosphere for your magical day! Whether you love warm burgundy and gold, elegant emerald and ivory, or vibrant mustard and grey, your chosen palette will bring your vision to life.

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